37 year old actor Ji dongran dies, revealing the cause of Ji dongran’s death

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Although Ji dongran has been popular for several years, he has always been in the 18th tier in the entertainment industry and has little popularity. If Liu Ruilin hadn’t sent a Weibo to mourn him, it is estimated that many people would not know that Ji dongran has left the world forever. Ji dongran, a 37 year old actor, died. Ji dongran is only 37 years old this year and is still very young. Why did he suddenly die? Today, I’ll reveal the cause of Ji dongran’s death.

37 year old actor Ji dongran died

Liu Ruilin recently suddenly posted: “ Second brother, I miss you so much. We are still brothers in the afterlife ”. Netizens immediately asked Liu Ruilin what happened. Liu Ruilin then sent a long article explaining his relationship with Ji dongran, praising Ji dongran as a refreshing and sunny person, but also sadly told everyone the bad news that Ji dongran had died. Liu Ruilin said that when he finished his work, he would go to Ji dongran’s tomb to worship, drink some wine with his good friends, and let Ji dongran sleep peacefully. Everyone is still brothers in the afterlife.

Liu Ruilin and Ji dongran met in the film “remember the song of youth 1969”, and then they became good friends. In fact, Ji dongran has starred in many works, such as sparrow, ancient sword, Qi Tan Er, antique Bureau in the middle of the Bureau, Mo Xun porcelain, storm dance, Yunnan insect Valley, win or lose and so on. Unfortunately, he plays very small roles in these plays, which are not well known by the audience. So his departure did not attract everyone’s attention quietly.

Uncover the cause of Ji dongran’s death

After the news of Ji dongran’s death was spread, it appeared on the Internet that Ji dongran chose suicide because of depression. However, Ji dongran’s sister has denied this rumor. Ji dongran’s sister revealed that Ji dongran died of heart disease on May 16. Ji dongran has passed away. I hope some netizens don’t make rumors again. I hope Ji dongran can rest in peace.

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