50 year old security guards counter attack postgraduate entrance examination: people who work hard will live up to you

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50 year old security guards counter attack postgraduate entrance examination: people who work hard will live up to you

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Recently, a video on the Internet became popular and inspired countless people:

A 50-year-old court security guard, after four years of hard work, finally passed the judicial examination and became a lawyer.

When zhaochuanzhu, the protagonist of the story, was working as a security guard, he saw the in and out parties, had a lot of feelings about the law, and came up with the idea of becoming a lawyer.

So he didn’t graduate from high school. He read all kinds of law books carefully, made no less than 10000 sets of test papers, and never slept before two o’clock in the middle of the night. Such efforts lasted four years. Finally, he passed the judicial examination and became a lawyer.

He said he wanted to be a public welfare lawyer and provide legal aid for those who could not afford to file a lawsuit.

Netizens exclaimed:

Looking at the eyes are red, people with dreams are great!

I was preparing to take the French test. I didn’t have the will to fight. I have to work hard after watching uncle fight like this!

Why don’t we work hard and struggle?!

It is such an ordinary person’s way to realize his dream, but it has touched countless people.

In fact, many of us have ambitions and aspirations to realize our ideals, but as time goes by, these aspirations are destroyed in daily trivialities.

But life is a journey waiting for landing. If you don’t try to land, you will float on the endless sea forever.


Looking up at the stars in the gutter

Li Mingyong, a migrant worker, worked from morning to night on the construction site before graduating from junior high school. Later, he had a chance to be a guard at the University.

Li Mingyong was exposed to all kinds of knowledge. He was particularly interested in aesthetics. At first, he just liked to watch and listen to others. Later, he got out of control and fell deeply in love with this subject about beauty.

He began to work and study at the same time. After a few years of schooling, he was admitted to graduate school by himself. Later, he became a university teacher majoring in aesthetics.

The students spoke of him with great admiration: “ Mr. Li is not teaching us with rigid scholarship, but with great flexibility. He has taught us with what he has experienced. We see an endless power in him& rdquo;

Some time ago, a video of a middle-aged station attendant serving in Japanese at a subway station also became popular on the Internet.

Her name is wangweilin. Because she loves language, she has taught herself 8 foreign languages in her spare time. When she works in the subway station, she will pay attention to learning foreign languages when she meets foreign passengers.

Now she has mastered basic conversational skills in 8 languages, and can communicate fluently in foreign languages when meeting foreigners.

The security guard can study the law and become a just lawyer;

Migrant workers can study aesthetics hard and become excellent university teachers;

Subway station attendants can learn their own language and become competent speakers of 8 foreign languages &hellip& hellip;

We all live in the gutter, but some people still look up to the stars.

As ordinary people, we may have no talent, no tentacles to get, and no wisdom that can match our ideals at the beginning. Life itself alone has left us in a quandary.

Yes, we were born ordinary. A little wind and rain in reality may make us fall down, but God can’t slow us down for a long time.

But life is always difficult and difficult, and it will not be easy for you to give up the love in your heart.

In that case, why don’t we protect our dreams in the huge waves of life, seriously make a wish, work hard, struggle and realize it.

Because in the stormy life, it will become the anchor of the ship and firmly hold your life.


Love this hard and hard day

In August this year, iqiyi platform quietly released a documentary called junior.

It records the real process of an ordinary person to realize his dream.

The hero of the documentary is called “ Junior ”, Chifeng, a native of Inner Mongolia, is the third in his family. His two brothers died in a car accident, so he has an irresistible fear of roads and vehicles. In addition, his height is only 1.1 meters, and his body is extremely fragile, so he hardly has the opportunity to go out.

But he always had a wish to see Tibet, the Potala Palace and Mount Everest. And, in the middle of his life, he decided to do it himself.

In order to realize this dream, the junior took out all his savings and even wrote a suicide note before he set out. It took four years and with the determination to break through all obstacles, he finally reached Tibet and stood on the top of Mount Everest.

??“ I love this hard, and try my best every day& rdquo;

This is the true feeling of the junior when he realized his dream, and it is also the most moving place in this film.

Refusing to accept our destiny and admit defeat is the determination we should have when we take the first step to realize our ideals.

Perhaps because of our own conditions and environmental constraints, we have to pay 10 times or even 100 times more efforts than others, but this can not be a reason to block our progress.

If we don’t try our best to dream, we won’t really love each other.


Use others’ sleeping time to run desperately

Sometimes, when we are at the bottom of our life, we will always complain and grievance:

Why is it that someone can reach for what they want as soon as they reach out, but I have to pay so much effort and effort?

Ordinary as me, can I really go to the distance I want to go?

Life is indeed an unfair race. Some people stand at the end of the race at the beginning, and some even have to run far to the starting point.

The only fair thing is that life gives us equal time and the right to choose to become better.

Recently, I know there is a hot post on the website, which embodies almost all ordinary people’s efforts to pursue their dreams. The name of the post is “ How terrible can one’s efforts be& rdquo;

There are young girls who are suffering from serious diseases and are still fighting tenaciously against the disease;

There are young people from poor backgrounds who are committed to changing their destiny and who have been admitted to university through unremitting efforts and self-discipline;

There are single mothers who work day and night to raise children;

There are also entrepreneurs who stand up and start over after major failures &hellip& hellip;

In this world, there are always people who quietly accumulate strength and spend your sleeping time running desperately where you can’t see them.


In life, there are many people who are dusty and hard to get out of the mud, and few people who are spotless and can talk and laugh.

Those who get what they want are still watering their ordinary and great souls with warm blood after watching countless late nights and dawn.

Life is in a hurry. 2018 has passed, and 2019 has already appeared in front of us.

If you have a dream in your heart that has not yet been realized, put aside all distractions and hesitations and throw your whole body and mind on it. You will find that it has really come true after you have insisted for a long time.

Instead of being at a loss at the moment and repeatedly counting your regrets late at night, you might as well try to do it.

Believe that there is also a heroic dream in the ordinary. As long as you are willing to fight, life will not be far away.

I hope that many years later, when we count our ordinary lives, we can still proudly say:

??“ I also loved dreams& rdquo;

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