50km Taohuawu 2 Dong Xuan stresses that she is single. Has Dong Xuan and Su Xiaoding broken up

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There are very big changes on the guests of the 50km peach blossom dock 2. Only wangsulong is retained on the male guests, while there are few changes on the female guests. The only new female guests this time are Dongxuan, songyanfei and Han Yu. Dongxuan emphasizes that she is single. Have Dongxuan and suxiaoding broken up? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Dong Xuan emphasizes that she is single

Dong Xuan had a marriage history before. I believe many gourd eaters know her and gaoyunxiang very well, and everyone feels sorry for Dong Xuan. I thought Dong Xuan would have a happy marriage if she met a good man, but she paid a bad man by mistake. After Dong Xuan and gaoyunxiang divorced, they got to know Su Xiaoding for acting in a drama. Dongxuan and suxiaoding have also been photographed dating privately for many times. Dongxuan often takes suxiaoding to dinner with her friends.

Originally, I thought that Dong Xuan and suxiaoding had a stable relationship. However, recently, Dong Xuan took part in the 50km Taohuawu 2, but claimed that she was an older single woman. In addition, Song Dandan and Dong Xuan talked about emotional issues in the program. Dong Xuan also said that she was 40 years old and had to talk about her boyfriend, showing her desire for a new relationship. If Dongxuan and suxiaoding are still dating, there is no need to deliberately mention that they are single at present, so nine times out of ten she and suxiaoding broke up.

Did Dong Xuan and Su Xiaoding break up

Suxiaoding is not well-known in the entertainment industry, and his appearance is not very outstanding. He is 11 years younger than Dong Xuan. Although Dong Xuan divorced with a daughter, people still feel that Su Xiaoding is not worthy of Dong Xuan. Dong Xuan is still in good shape in the 50km Taohuawu 2. Even if she breaks up, I believe many men will pursue Dong Xuan. Of course, fans still hope that Dong Xuan can make a good career and fall in love in her spare time.

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