51 broken “American dreams”!

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Original: Shenpeng source: official account: heihara has been authorized to reprint

On June 28, the death toll on trucks in Texas reached 51.

Among the dead, 22 were from Mexico, 7 from Guatemala and 2 from Honduras. The nationality of the rest remains to be confirmed. 48 people died on the spot and two died in the hospital.

Since June, the highest temperature in San Antonio, Texas has exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 degrees Celsius) for 17 consecutive days. On the 27th, the local temperature soared to 103 degrees Fahrenheit (39.4 degrees Celsius), but there was no air conditioning in the car.

The fireman was stunned and said, “we never thought that when we opened a truck, we would see piles of corpses.”

This is not 51 bodies. This is 51 broken American dreams.

Pitifully, he is still the man of the American dream.

In the 21st century, instead of dying in the flames of war, in the hospital bed, at home, or at the feet of the goddess of liberty, they died on the road in a tractor trailer. In 39 degrees weather, 51 people died in a dark carriage. What kind of hell is this?

The truck drivers in the United States will not feel guilty, the smugglers who sell human beings will not feel guilty, and the Latin American agents who cajole their compatriots to realize the American dream will not feel guilty. In their eyes, these are not people, just walking dollars. These people’s property has long been looted by them. They even signed a huge debt and wanted to be black slaves for half of their lives. These people live as value-added assets and die as negative assets. In short, they do not lose money.

This is not the first time. In 2003, the bodies of 19 immigrants were found in a sweltering truck in the southeast of San Antonio. In 2017, 10 immigrants were trapped in a truck parked in a Wal Mart in San Antonio and later died.

In 2021, US law enforcement agencies arrested about 1.7 million illegal immigrants at the US Mexico border, including 145000 children. The “separation of flesh and blood” policy enforced by the United States on immigrants has led to the forced separation of more than 2800 immigrant children from their parents, and even exposed the scandal that American immigration agencies have detained immigrants for a long time and removed their wombs.

Since Biden took office, the number of cross-border immigrants has increased dramatically. From 2017 to 2020, the average number of immigrants crossing the border every year was 751231, while in fy2021, it exceeded 1.95 million. In May this year, the customs and Border Protection Bureau recorded 239416 immigration crossings, more than 235478 in April But these people are only American “consumables” and have never been regarded as American “people”.

To some extent, it is no different for the people at the bottom to go to the United States and Myanmar; If you go to Burma and the United States to meet a kind businessman, you will have drugs hidden in your anus; If you meet a bad racist, you will be sent to a concentration camp to have your womb cut and sell your organs This kind of person who died in a tank car has actually been relieved in advance.

Martinez, an Israeli, said: “we (immigrants) came to this country to live a better life. Yesterday’s tragedy reminded many of us – some of us achieved it, but many more fell into tragedy.”

So, don’t always watch the three Tang monks and disciples go to the West heaven spirit mountain. They become Buddhas and become the ancestors of the arhat Bodhisattva. You should also see the countless creatures on the West Heaven Road, just counting the Liusha River, with the skeletons of the top ten Scripture readers floating in it; Don’t always look at Songjiang and lujunyi, who were appointed as pacifiers and managers of troops and horses after the imperial edict was put in place. You should also look at zhangshun, Zhangqing, Shixiu and Dongping, who died without a place to bury Even Song Jiang and Lu Junyi, how can they avoid a cup of poisonous wine (concentration camp) when the rabbit dies and the dog cooks?


In fact, I don’t object to “moistening”. Some people think that the third world in their hometown is poor and hard. The air in the outside world is sweet and can be moistened as much as possible. Some people have power and power, but they are not free in their hometown. They can’t be masters. They can be moistened as much as possible; Some people have money and assets, but they can’t be domineering in their hometown, so they can make money It’s all right. It’s your own choice whether you go out to work for the United States or get sucked by the American leeks. But you bastards who fool the working people at the bottom to do “illegal immigration” and illegal work every day are shameless, obscene, insane and deserve to die.

The vast majority of people, in fact, can’t afford to pay the immigration fees. They spend all their lives to make money. In fact, they are making cattle and horses for intermediary snakes, owe a lifetime of debt, do illegal and criminal business for them, wash dishes and do black work. The most terrible thing is that men become slaves, piglets, drug trafficking tools, women sell their bodies and sell their wombs That is doom and gloom.

At the peak of the United States, there was a famous nickname called “national melting pot”. When you come to the United States, you are Americans, and everyone can realize the “American Dream”. In fact, this “national melting pot” means that you blacks, Mexicans and yellow people are dry firewood. If you send them to the United States to burn them, you can make the American bourgeoisie live better.

In the future, the United States will perish. When we dig every railway, airport and building in the United States, we should see the white bones of blacks, Indians, Latinos and yellow people When we revise the general history of the United States in the future, we must tell these stories clearly.


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