700 million tons of rare earth ore found in Turkey! Will it overturn China’s rare earth power?

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Author: north wind source: beifengxuelin (id:beifengxuelin)

Rare earth metals, or rare earth metals, are known as “vitamins for modern industry”, “land of Almighty” and “treasure house of new materials in the 21st century”.

In addition to core industrial industries such as solar and wind power plants, smart phones, televisions, and new energy vehicles, rare earth plays an irreplaceable role in military fields such as spray paint engines and rocket guidance, making rare earth not only an economic resource, but also a strategic resource for national security.


In today’s world, China’s rare earth reserves, output and export volume are the first among the faults. It is one of the few mineral resources that occupy a “monopoly” in the world.

During the period of the most serious tariff sanctions and high-tech containment imposed by the United States on China in the past few years, the most consensus appeal among the people is to hope that the country will use the “rare earth export control” to fight against the United States and running dog Japan.

It can be seen that China’s “global strong position of rare earth” has the strategic value of “nuclear deterrence in peacetime”.

Today, 692million tons of rare earth mines were discovered in Turkey, and the news that rare earth resources are enough for the world for 1000 years suddenly rushed to the forefront of the hot search.

Such terrible rare earth reserves have directly overturned the status of “China’s first rare earth in the world”.

You know, “rare earth resources” is not only a business for China, but also a strategic resource for us to compete with the United States, Europe and Japan.

Turkey’s rare earth not only impacts our “rare earth business”, but also our killer mace against the United States, Japan and South Korea. Therefore, it is normal to rush into hot search.

This is too big, so I also tried my best to check the reports of all parties, and found that the large users of rare earth in the United States, Japan, Europe and other countries were particularly calm.

The news of “the discovery of super rare earth mines in Turkey” was only reported by Turkish domestic media, which was reprinted casually by Russian media, but finally “continuously reprinted and fermented” in China, which almost became a panic.

In the impact of Turkey’s rare earth mines on the domestic public opinion field, I found that although the vast majority of citizens regard “rare earth as a strategic weapon”, they do not really understand rare earth and China’s rare earth strategy.

With the help of Turkey’s large satellite of “692 million tons of rare earth mines”, we can talk to you about the strength of China’s “rare earth yangmou”.

I. what is the pattern of rare earth in China and the world?

Before talking about the global rare earth reserves and the market patterns of various countries, we must first understand what is rare earth?

I don’t think the name of “rare earth” is accurate, and I strongly recommend changing it to “rare gold”.

Rare earth is not a rare soil, but scandium, yttrium and 15 lanthanides in the periodic table of elements.

Because rare earth is the general name of 17 “rare metal elements”, I propose to rename it “rare gold”, which not only highlights its rarity and rarity, but also represents the “essence of metal”.


Another characteristic of rare earth is that “the reserves of these 17 metal elements in the world are not rare”. Among them, the content of Cerium with the highest abundance is even close to the content of copper we most commonly use.

Among the 17 elements, even lutetium with the lowest abundance is 200 times higher than gold in the earth’s crust.

Therefore, only in terms of “crustal content abundance”, 17 rare earth elements are not “rare”.

The reason why they are called rare earth is that they rarely “exist independently” in nature. Therefore, the most important thing in the rare earth industry is not to find “minerals rich in rare earth elements”, but to separate rare earth elements from “multi-element alloy ores”.

In today’s world, before today’s news of “Turkish Super Rare Earth Mine”, China ranks first in the world with 44 million tons of rare earth reserves, and accounts for 38% of the world’s proven reserves of 125 million tons.

The global market pattern of rare earth reserves is very concentrated. In addition to China, Brazil, Vietnam, Russia, India and other countries rank first.

Among them, Brazil, Vietnam and Russia have reserves of about 20million tons, so the top four rare earth reserves account for 86% of the world, and the concentration is very high.


Some friends will doubt that China’s rare earth reserves account for 38%. Looking at the world, it is not an “absolute monopoly”. If a few countries are added together, they can surpass China’s reserves.

Where is China’s confidence in the “rare earth choking” of Europe, America, Japan and South Korea?

The first is the abundance of rare earth mineral resources in China. As mentioned earlier, rare earth is the general term of 17 elements, and China is the only country in the world with a large number of mineral resources of 17 elements.

17 rare earth elements are located in different positions of the periodic table of elements, so there are light rare earth elements and heavy rare earth elements.

Light rare earth elements are widely used in the world, involving a wide range of industrial categories and in great demand. However, there are many light rare earth mineral deposits in northern China, with low mining costs and large-scale production.

Heavy rare earth elements have more strategic value because they play an “irreplaceable role” in “military industry”, new energy and other fields. However, Jiangxi and other places in the south of China are represented by mineral deposits rich in “high rare earth elements”, which have higher economic value and strategic value.

Because of China’s unique “all element” attribute, China’s annual rare earth output exceeds 60% of the world’s total reserves by 38%.

Taking 2021 data as an example, the global output of “rare earth” finished products in 2021 was 280000 tons, of which China’s output was 168000 tons.

Second, how about the “quality” of 692 million tons of rare earth mines in Turkey?

Why did the news of “692million tons of rare earth mines in Turkey” explode in China today?

In the past, when we talked about global reserves, we found 120 million tons. China is recognized as the first country in the world for decades. The country is so vast that the total reserves are only 44 million tons.

As a result, the reserves of a mineral deposit discovered in Turkey reached an astonishing 692 million tons, which certainly shocked all countries in the world for decades of exploration and mining.

However, after carefully reading the original report of Turkish media, we can find that there is a strong “satellite atmosphere”, and several data are contradictory.

The main points of media reports are as follows:

1? The rare earth content of this mineral deposit in Turkey is 692 million tons, enough for human use for 1000 years.

2? This mineral deposit is the second largest rare earth mine in the world. The largest mine is located in China, with a rare earth content of 800 million tons.

3? After years of exploration, this rare earth mine contains 10 rare earth elements.

4? This mineral deposit will significantly increase local employment and bring billions of dollars in income.

The inconsistency of this report is that if there are 692million tons of “rare earth” in this mineral deposit in Turkey, it is six times the existing reserves in the world, and it is the first overlord to crush the existing pattern.

However, in the news, Turkey called itself “the second after China” and also made a “super large mine” rich in 800 million tons for China.


What’s more contradictory is that the super large mines discovered in Turkey can only bring “billions of dollars” of income?

To solve the reporting contradiction of “Turkish media”, I think that compared with some people’s judgment of “mindless satellite”, I think some “media liberal arts students” intentionally or unintentionally made a mistake in “unit”.

Rare earth ore reserves and the globally recognized “rare earth oxide” reserves are two completely different concepts.

As I mentioned earlier, ores rich in rare earth elements are not uncommon, so the reserves of “rare earth mines” are often amazing.

Just because “rare earth ores” are rich in rare earth oxides, different mineral deposits have different proportions, some are a few thousandths, some are 2% to 5%.

Recently, Turkish media also reported that the Turkish energy minister attended the foundation laying ceremony of the local mine. The production capacity of the mine is predicted to be “570000 tons of ore will be mined annually, and 10000 tons of rare earth oxide will be finally produced”.

From this, we can judge that the proportion of rare earth oxide in this mineral deposit in Turkey is close to 2%. According to 692 million tons of mineral deposit, the reserve of rare earth oxide in the whole vein is about 12million tons.

This data is not outstanding compared with some provinces in China that are “rich in rare earth minerals”.

Of course, looking at the world, Turkey proudly ranks among the “top ten rare earth players”.

Third, where is China’s [rare earth yangmou] strong?

This time, whether Turkey’s rare earth mines are “a super satellite of theoretical reserves” or really make Turkey become the world’s top 10 with 12million tons of rare earth reserves, they do no harm to China’s rare earth strategy.

Because China’s rare earth industry accounts for 38% of reserves and 60% of rare earth mining output. The more terrifying data is that 90% of the world’s rare earth terminal products account for.

Rare earth elements are not rare. What makes them rare is the “extremely difficult metal separation and extraction technology”.


Unlike countries with “resource endowments” in oil and iron ore such as the Middle East, Russia and Australia, our “rare earth resource power” is not only based on “the world’s largest reserves”.

China has topped the world’s largest reserves for many years, and the annual import of rare earth raw materials is more than the export of rare earth terminal products.

China, which ranks first in rare earth reserves and applications in the world, has unexpectedly become a “rare earth importer”.

The fundamental reason is that in today’s world, no country except China can build a one-stop technological industrial chain of rare earth mining, extraction, separation and refining.

Therefore, rare earth reserves are only the foundation. The high threshold mining, extraction, separation and refining industrial chain of the rare earth industry is the real card of China’s “rare earth yangmou”!

With the non reproducible rare earth elements, the whole industry chain is here, and the “super rare earth mines” excavated all over the world will eventually be transported to my use!

Therefore, when we mention the “rare earth strategy”, we should not only be grateful for the geographical endowment of the first rare earth reserves, but also for the efforts of the “rare earth separation and extraction” scientific research team.

Technology is always the first productive force and the first deterrent!

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