A 49 year old man in Beibei, Chongqing was shot dead for assaulting a policeman

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“Shot dead after rescue!” According to the police of Beibei District, Chongqing, at 18:50 on May 30, the public security organ received the alarm and rushed to the gate of the large electric city of Longxi road port in Beibei District. When handling a police case, Weng, a 49 year old man, was dissatisfied with the results of the police, so he and his wife Chen attacked the police, and then the police injured Weng with a gun. After the ambulance arrived, Weng was rushed to the hospital for rescue, but unfortunately, Weng finally died due to ineffective rescue.
According to the live video, after the incident, his wife Chen still held a policeman in her hand. At present, the procuratorial organ has stepped in and is in the process of further investigation and handling.

In fact, when we are not satisfied with the results of the police, we should treat them rationally. That is, if they are not satisfied with the handling results of the police station, they can file an administrative reconsideration with the superior County Public Security Bureau or the county government. If the administrative reconsideration fails, an administrative lawsuit may be brought or directly brought in a people’s court.
It should be emphasized that if an administrative lawsuit is filed due to dissatisfaction with the result of administrative punishment, the burden of proof lies with the party who has made the specific administrative act.

Article 34 of the administrative procedure law stipulates that when the court hears administrative litigation cases, the individual or organization that has made a specific administrative act shall prove that the specific administrative act it has made is in line with the law, otherwise it will bear all adverse consequences.
In other words, if you disagree, just Sue. The party responsible for explanation and proof is the party who made the specific administrative act. They need to show evidence and legal basis to prove that their punishment decision is in line with the law. It should be emphasized that the administrative litigation case acceptance fee is 50 yuan.
If a party refuses to accept the punishment decision, and then makes an irrational decision, or even violently attacks the police, endangering the life safety of the police, the police can use weapons after the warning is invalid according to Article 9 of the regulations on the use of police weapons and weapons by the people’s police. If the police have no time to warn, or the warning may lead to more serious harmful consequences, the police can also directly use weapons.

Note that paragraph 2 of Article 12 of the above regulations also stipulates that when the police use weapons to cause casualties, they should immediately report to their public security organs, which should notify the procuratorate to conduct investigation and investigation in a timely manner.
Finally, I hope you can take a warning, that is, if you are dissatisfied with the results, you must solve the problem through legal means, and do not cause more serious consequences due to impulse.

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