A 90 year old man donated $1.65 billion to the trump group, and the Democratic media went crazy!

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In early August, the Democratic Party asked the FBI to copy Trump’s home, saying that it had found many confidential documents that the former president could not bring out of the white house according to regulations, and that trump should be convicted.

It is obvious that this is the beginning of the Democratic Party’s whole life. It wants to deal with trump to the death and eliminate the possibility of Trump’s participation in the next election.

Trump, of course, would not sit back and launch a counterattack immediately.

The way of counterattack is to play a tragic card of persecution with this incident and call on “patriotic people” to donate money to themselves.

Donation is not only money, but also a way of support rate. As long as you are willing to open your wallet and donate to trump, even if it is only $1, you will probably choose trump when voting in the future.

In order to build momentum for Trump’s call for donations, the Republican Party threw a “King bomb” in the past two days, which directly blinded the Democratic media and plunged them into madness.

Republican media said that a 90 year old man donated US $1.65 billion to the conservative political groups supporting trump, setting the largest single person political donation record in the history of the United States.

The donor was 90 year old Russian Jewish businessman Barry Syed, born in the United States in 1932, who served as the chairman and CEO of Tripp Lite, a Chicago electrical equipment manufacturer, for 50 years.

This old man has no descendants, and he supports the political forces of the Conservatives very much. He is extremely disgusted with the leftists who are now in power in the United States.

At the end of 2020, the side and his wife donated all their inheritance to the Federalist society, a conservative political group, all of which were the shares of Tripp Lite. Then the Federalist society transferred these shares to the “marble free trust” for management, and gradually sold them in 2021, with a total income of $1.65 billion. This matter has been kept secret. The donation of side has been kept secret.

In 2022, when trump was surrounded by the Democratic Party, the Republican Party threw out the news. At that time, the Democratic Party was in chaos, and Trump’s momentum soared.

That is US $1.65 billion, more than 10 billion yuan, which is an astronomical wealth in any country. Now, someone has donated it to the conservative political groups supporting trump.

How much do you think this person has to hate the political correctness of the Democratic Party to do this?

When such a rich person takes the lead in being the first brother on the list, the atmosphere naturally becomes full.

In order to remedy the disadvantage and offset the bad influence of this news, the Democratic Party’s media firepower was fully opened, and the donation behavior of said was madly smeared.

Democratic media unanimously believe that the act of seide donating US $1.65 billion to political groups supporting trump proves that the political donation system of the United States is “ineffective”. The existing system of the United States is unable to prevent “black gold” from disturbing normal politics. The donation of US $1.65 billion seriously damaged the democratic system of the United States and opened the “torrent” of black gold capital interfering in the US election.

You are right. It is not the Chinese media criticizing the political donation system of the United States, but the media of the Democratic Party of the United States criticizing it. They unanimously believe that the political donation system of the United States has great defects and that black money uses this system to disrupt the American election…

The largest amount of political cash since the founding of the United States has instantly become “black money” for political activities in the mouth of the Democratic media.

The Democratic Party used this method to counteract the impact and denounce the political donation system in the United States. Is it really not afraid of killing the enemy and damaging itself?

In addition, the Democratic Party also accuses Sid of donating stocks instead of cash at the beginning, so that when political groups sell, they can be exempted from tax according to the system. If Sid sold stocks first and then donated, it would be $400 million less according to the tax law.

Although it belongs to legal tax avoidance and does not violate the tax law, the Democratic media still crazily accuses Sid of deliberately bypassing the tax law by donating all his inheritance. At the same time, they try their best to reduce the amount donated by Sid from US $1.65 billion to US $1.25 billion.

It seems that the democratic party really attaches great importance to the record set by this amount, otherwise it would not care so much…

However, even if it is exposed that the US tax bureau can’t find fault with the behavior, the media of the Democratic Party are clamoring about it. Legal is legal, and legal tax avoidance is also legal. Since the law allows this, of course, it can be done. US $1.65 billion is US $1.65 billion.

We can’t do anything that is allowed by the law. Has the Democratic Party been so bewildered that we think it is inappropriate to change the tax law. If we don’t change the tax law, we still accuse others of doing what is allowed by the tax law. How can we be so reasonable.

What is trump doing while the Democratic Party is frantically attacking?

Trump is playing the patriotic card…

After the FBI searched the Haihu manor, trump made the following remarks:

“I will fight for the great American people”

“Every patriotic American stands up at this time.”

“Please come to donate money immediately and stand with me openly to oppose this endless witch hunt.”

In short, trump thinks that if you love the United States, you should oppose the Democratic Party and support trump.

It sounds funny, but trump has really been carrying out the patriotic ideology and frantically promoting that Americans should love the United States. This is also part of his American priority ideological system, and also the reason why trump is deeply loved by the red necks at the bottom of the United States.

Who is the best for everyone to love America? Of course, it is most beneficial to the bottom Americans.

The elites of any country can move to any country at will. The top elites are welcome to move to any country, but the bottom people can’t go anywhere and can only stay at home.

Therefore, the top elites are often unpatriotic because they have a large choice, while the bottom people are generally crazy patriotic because they have no choice.

Of course, there are patriotic elites. This is usually because their interests are deeply bound with their own country, and they cannot change their country. Therefore, patriotism can maximize their own interests.

Trump is an American elite, but he is extremely patriotic and often accuses other American elites of being unpatriotic.

For those people who say that the United States is not good or bad every day, trump has directly opened up in public.

You hate America so much that you can go now.

If you don’t love America and don’t like here, please leave.

Trump is a standard patriot. He has been promoting the idea of loving the United States for many years. Therefore, it is normal for him to promote his patriotism in his donation this time.

Some people who have come to live in the United States say that there are only two kinds of people who talk about patriotism, one is a liar without a bottom line, and the other is a very excited fool.

Trump did not approve of this sentence. Trump said that unpatriotic people should leave the United States now.

Of course, if you just don’t love China and love the United States crazily, you can stay in the United States.

Trump crazy propagandizes patriotism, and transnational capital hates it very much, because transnational capital really hates patriotism and especially hopes to dilute the difference between national boundaries.

The final competition depends on whether the influence of transnational capital is greater or the influence of Americanism supported by the red necks at the bottom of the United States.

In the past six months, Trump’s support rate has been rising continuously, and the support rate that fell madly due to the epidemic has returned.

This round of donation of US $1.65 billion has directly raised Trump’s support rate to a new level. As high as 60% of Republican voters believe that trump should run for president again, which has almost been internally determined as the candidate of the Republican Party in the next presidential election.

Since the founding of the United States, only one person has been successful in re-election after leaving the presidency, and the vast majority of people have no chance of re-election as long as they leave the presidency.

The reason is also very simple. If you do well, it is impossible to step down. If you step down, it is difficult to turn over in four years. Only Grover Cleveland, the 22nd and 24th president of the United States, has achieved this miracle.

Judging from the current momentum, trump may become the second miracle in the history of the United States and become the president again after stepping down.

The reputation is really too high. After stepping down, even if they are blocked, they can make a wave of big news every few months. The support rate has been rising without stopping. It is simply outrageous.

In 2024, trump will most likely represent the Republican Party in the presidential election and fight Biden again.

Although it is said that whoever comes to power is the same to China, trump can do things, and every time he does things that meet the aesthetic needs of the Chinese people who eat melons, Biden is bored. He has been in power for more than a year and there is nothing for us to eat melons and watch plays.

Isn’t it lovely to have an American president who publicizes patriotism in public every day, making the public face don’t know where to put it, and what he likes to do every day is to expose the political correctness of the United States?

I think it’s fun.

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