a badly frightened person!

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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been authorized to reprint

Geng Lei and the king of Wei were under the platform of the capital, looking up at the birds. Geng Lei called the king of Wei and said, “my minister drew a bow for the king and let the bird fly.” The king of Wei said, “but can we shoot here?” Geng Lei said, “yes.” At one time, the wild geese came from the East, and even more so, they came down with empty hair. The king of Wei said, “but can we shoot here?” Geng Lei said, “this evil is also true.” Wang said, “how can you know that, sir?” He said to them: ‘he flies slowly and cries sadly. If you fly slowly, you will feel sore; Those who cry out for sorrow will lose the group for a long time, so the sores will not rest, and the heart will not be shocked. When you hear the string sound, you will fly high, so you will fall.

I won’t translate this paragraph. The origin of the Warring States policy: startled birds.


At 1 a.m. local time on May 29, a boxing match was being held at the Barclays center in New York. [after checking, it seems that this center is the home stadium of the New Jersey Nets, and it is estimated that it has also attached some venues for other competitions, such as boxing, which Americans like very much.] Although COVID-19 is still raging, monkeypox epidemic is ready to start again. However, this did not stop the American “heart of freedom”. In the late night competition hall, there were still a lot of spectators and cries. The punching on the stage was like the wind, the eyes and lips were cracked, and the blood flowed like a flood, which further stimulated the audience’s wild return. Suddenly, I don’t know who shouted “there are active gunmen here!” The sound may not be very loud, but it is as if the sky was breaking. The audience left the audience and ran away. For a time, the strong man crowded out the beautiful woman, the aunt bumped into the young man, and what’s more, the strong trampled on the weak, and the bee pupae passed by. After the sound of the string, 16 people were injured and fell to the ground in the stampede. However, according to the police investigation afterwards, there were no so-called active gunmen in the competition.

After I saw this stampede news, I didn’t have my first reaction to this startled scene, but became interested in some active gunmen. Shooter? Can it be divided into active and dormant? What kind of people will be identified as active gunmen? After checking the Internet, I learned that this is the special definition of the FBI. It refers to one or more gunmen shooting or trying to hurt people in a crowded place. In this way, I know that it’s OK for you to take a gun to a crowd gathering place, as long as you don’t try to kill or start to kill. We can make this definition clear at the beginning of wounding, because you have a gun in your hand and have strafed the crowd. Then you are an active gunman. As for how the police or federal agents define whether a person who has a gun but hasn’t shot is an active gunman. The probability should be judged from the skin color of this person. For example, the white youth in Buffalo, even though he had killed ten people, the police still showed mercy on him and persuaded him to lay down his arms and wait for life imprisonment. Of course, it may also become a killer of a secret department in the United States to atone for his crimes. However, when a Chinese American aunt in New York confronted the heavily armed police with a kitchen knife in her hand, the police were rude, shot down and never gave her a chance to survive. If a black man is suspected to be an active gunman, the police should be more decisive in dealing with him.

I guess privately that the definition of the so-called active gunman must be the same as that of the FBI, the American Rifle Association. Because in the view of the rifle association, only the whole people holding guns can make them gain the maximum benefit, and only when they can hold guns in all occasions can more people buy guns. Therefore, in any densely populated area, there is no restriction on the entry of guns, as long as you are a dormant gunman rather than an active gunman. But the change from dormant gunmen to active gunmen is probably just a quarrel, which can be caused by a collision. What’s more, since people can carry guns in densely populated areas, it will undoubtedly give those who are interested in mass shooting more and better mobile phones.

Naturally, these have little to do with the American upper class. Even if they watch the boxing match in Barclays center, they have a better position to prevent the gunmen from being hurt and avoid being crowded and trampled by others when retreating. Like the Texas elementary school shooting, the children who died were all students in public schools. As for the descendants of those politicians and the rich, they all attend private schools with abundant resources and strict security. The young gunman named El Salvador, let alone breaking into such a private school to commit murder, would be identified as an active gunman if he walked around the school, and then shot down. Therefore, the injuries caused by the proliferation of guns are mainly those ordinary people, the real power holders and the rich, who are very uncomfortable to be hurt by such shootings. Then we can imagine what they would say about their attitude towards banning guns.

Of course, the sadness of American society will not have much impact on us. We are not the Virgin Mary. Even if we want to do compassion and help, it is also aimed at the Bodhisattva heart of the Chinese people, not the kind of pretentious, right and wrong bitch virgin. However, the stampede incident showed not sadness, but panic. Because there are too many mass shootings in the United States during this period of time, the so-called active gunmen are also frequent, which is the root cause of this stampede. As I said in the so-called omen that I wrote the other day. The repeated shootings have resonated with the American people’s concern about such incidents. So as long as there is a panic, they will be all soldiers. If there were no foreshadowing for the previous shootings, at least the “fearless” American people would have to hear the gunshots before running and trampling, rather than listening to the wind or rain.

This kind of frightened mentality will soon be reflected in the US foreign policy. With the steady progress of Russia in Ukraine. [it is said that Russia has adopted the method of eating one piece and digesting the other. As long as one town is down here, the Russian flag will be raised, Russian identity cards will be issued and Russian passports will be signed. Those who are willing to be Russian citizens will be warmly welcomed, and those who are not willing to be Russian citizens will also be sent out. That is to say, I know this land and the people loyal to Russia on this land, otherwise, get out of here. Of course If you don’t get out of here, you can’t guarantee your safety in the future. The Russian army will certainly be friendly to each other, but no one can control whether the Donbas armed forces will be liquidated in the future. After all, they have been tortured by the Ukrainian government and killed many people by the Nazi armed forces in the Asian speed camp. When the time comes, who can stop them? ” This way of steady progress has completely demonstrated to the Ukrainian government and European and American countries that Russia is not afraid of a protracted war. And they are willing to develop the economy while fighting. You Americans and Europeans don’t play with me. I have someone to play with.

In the case that economic sanctions can not make Russia collapse, Russia’s step-by-step progress has made Europe very nervous and the United States very anxious. It is said that Putin talked with Vucic of Serbia on the phone yesterday and promised to continue to supply affordable natural gas and energy to Serbia indefinitely. The price is very cheap. Compared with before, it can make other European countries drool with envy, such as Bulgaria, Serbia’s neighbor. In recent days, Bulgarian people began to take to the streets to ask the government to solve the problem of high priced energy. Although the weather is getting warmer and people’s demand for heat supply is decreasing, Bulgaria can’t even pay the electricity bill. One reason is that the electricity bill is too expensive, and the other is that the power supply is tight. The reason is that the price of natural gas is too high. In this way, the Bulgarian government will either turn or be ousted by the common people. Three months and half a year may be enough. If the war between Russia and Ukraine lasts for three or five years, people in many European countries will have to gnaw at the soil.

However, according to Russia’s current playing method, the problem may not be solved in three or five years. This is not a war. It is simply sucking the marrow out of Europe. Next, we must be able to see that European countries begin to change their attitudes one by one. Even if they do not show kindness to Russia, they will not speak harshly to Russia any more. As long as Russia can fight the War slowly and steadily, the prestige and control of the United States over the world will be eroded a little. And the United States, which feels this, will eventually cultivate its own frightened bird mentality.

In fact, this has already happened. The summit between China and the South Pacific island countries is about to open. [this time, the foreign minister paid a visit to the South Pacific island countries that have established diplomatic relations with us. It can be said that he did everything in every detail]. Twenty five countries in Latin America said they would not attend the Latin American Summit hosted by the United States. Today, the United States is surrounded by its own hard core countries, such as Japan, South Korea and Australia, and European countries. The former Latin America, South Pacific and other Asian, African and Latin American countries. Although the United States does not attach importance to them, who dares to disrespect them at a glance? But today… The good play begins.

A similar scenario is bound to follow in Europe. The happy life of the Serbian people is an example, and the roar of the Bulgarian people is a signal. The suffering of this brick of Europe has just begun. Once there is an anti American wave in Europe, a stampede similar to the Barclays center should also happen. On that day. We will find that the world changes faster than we can imagine.

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