A brief summary of Liu Bei’s difficult entrepreneurial process (why Liu Bei was successful)

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Liu Bei, a kind-hearted man in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, has won the hearts of the people. However, his entrepreneurial path is extremely tortuous. For the first half of his life, Liu Bei was basically a guest general under the supervision of others. If he could not stay here, he would change to another place. Liu Bei’s hard work has inspired many of us today.

It’s not reliable to eat old money

Liu Bei claimed everywhere that he was a Han family relative after King Jing of Zhongshan. Someone really bought his account, such as Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. These two heroes are the huge capital of Liu Bei’s opening.



However, in the era of the decline of the Han Dynasty, Emperor Han Xiandi himself had been controlled by powerful officials. The emperor doesn’t always keep his word. How useful is it to give Liu Bei the name of the emperor’s uncle?

Later, how much of Liu Bei’s popularity came from the recognition of his character, and how much came from the false name of Uncle Huang? There are so many Han clansmen, and Liu Biao and Liu Zhang are also Liu family members. Therefore, it is better to do practical things than to seek fame.

If you want to succeed, gather people

The false name should not be too high, and the heart is the key, which is an important factor for Liu Bei’s final success. Liu Bei was generally recognized by local leaders and people everywhere he went.

When Cao Cao attacked Xuzhou, Tao Qian turned to Kong Rong in the North Sea for help. Kong Rong recommended Liu Bei to help. Liu Bei was duty-bound to lead the troops to Xuzhou. Tao Qian was moved to tears when he saw Liu Bei’s sacrifice for help. Later, Tao Qian repeatedly asked that Xuzhou be entrusted to Liu Bei for governance to avoid falling into the hands of Cao Cao. Liu Bei’s humility is his future popularity and invisible asset.

Later, Liu Bei turned to Liu Biao in Jingzhou. Liu Biao also valued Liu Bei very much. Before he died, he also wanted to entrust Liu Bei with the territory. However, the situation in Jingzhou is not better than that in Xuzhou. The Cai family in Jingzhou is powerful. How Liu Bei accepts Liu Biao’s entrustment is bound to be a disaster. This time, I really can only push it off. This push is another courtesy.

Don’t be rude when you meet a talent

Zhuge Liang’s rise decided the turning point of Liu Bei’s career. However, how to move Zhuge Liang may be a major issue for Liu Bei.

Before Kongming came out of the mountains, he worked hard in Nanyang, but always paid attention to national affairs. He knows Dong Zhuo’s national history like the palm of his hand. How could he not know Liu Bei’s personality? Presumably, Kong Ming has already mastered this information, and has long felt that Liu Bei is a Ming master.

Kongming’s rise should not only be attributed to Liu Bei’s sincerity, but also to Liu Bei’s past conduct and the great goal of rejuvenating the Han family. The scholar died for his bosom friend, and their three views were consistent, so Kongming was willing to follow Liu Bei through life and death. Even though Liu Bei’s “middle way collapsed”, Kong Ming still assisted Liu Bei’s son until he died at work. Kongming’s dedication lies in his respect for Liu Bei’s personality charm.


Liu Bei’s success was full of bitterness, blood and tears, and full of humiliation. Liu Bei, first of all, overcame his own desire and abandoned the wrong route of being eager for success. Instead, he took personal reputation as a brand for long-term operation.

Fame has been cultivated for a long time, not by acquiring one city and one place. Why hasn’t Liu Bei ever been discouraged? When drinking with Liu Biao, he suddenly felt that the leg was reborn, but he did nothing. The brief melancholy and gaffe failed to stop Liu Bei’s patience. The so-called late success of a great achievement is not achieved overnight.

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