A fatuous emperor who killed all his flesh and blood to please his lover

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Portrait of Liu Ao, Emperor Cheng of Han Dynasty

In human sexual orientation, the sexual orientation that actively attracts people of both sexes is called bisexuality. The emperors of the Han Dynasty are famous for their lust. Since the founding emperor Liu Bang, almost every emperor has a record of being a good man. According to historical records, they favor men even more than women. For example, Deng Tong, the male pet of Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty, was given a copper mountain to mint coins for his own expenses, thus becoming the richest person in the world. At the time of Emperor Hanwu, Han Yan, his favorite, took the golden pill and beat birds around, followed by a group of children picking up the golden pill every day. But strictly speaking, these emperors are not standard bisexuals. The Han Dynasty was an era of men’s style, and the emperors were basically entertaining for a while. It was a passive fashion behavior, and there was neither persistence nor real love. To say the real first bisexual emperor, it was Emperor Cheng of Han Dynasty Liu Ao. He liked two people most in his life: Hou Zhang Fang of Fuping and Zhao Hede, the sister of empress Zhao Feiyan. Liu Ao did not simply favor these two people, but moved the truth. He and Zhang fangqianli handed a love letter and fell in love until death. In order to please Zhao Hede, he even killed all his bones and flesh with his own hands, resulting in the death of the empress, and finally had to pass the throne to Liu Xin, the adopted son of Han AI emperor.

Liu Ao, Emperor Cheng of the Han Dynasty, was born in the second year of Ganlu, Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty (52 BC), and was the son of Liu Yu, emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty. The name “Ao” was given by his grandfather emperor Xuandi of Han Dynasty, which means that he hopes to be a thousand mile horse among emperors and gallop around the world. As a result, after a lot of “efforts”, he really became a Qianlima – the Qianlima of the faint king. After his grandfather carefully managed and prospered, the Empire of the Great Han Dynasty finally faded under his mess, laying the foundation for Wang Mang’s usurpation of the Han Dynasty in the future. Although Liu Ao is not a competent emperor, he is definitely a competent lover. If someone is loved by him, he will never give a discount for a lifetime.

The first person he loved was Zhang Fang, who lived in the Marquis Fuping. The rank of ancient titles from high to low is gonghou Bozi male, ranking second, which shows the noble status of Zhang Fang. Zhang Fang was a beautiful boy when he was young, and he was smart – he was very beautiful and sensitive. Liu Ao liked him very much, and he was also infatuated with Liu Ao, so the two fell in love. In order to express his sincerity, Liu Ao gave him a love object, the “niece” of Queen Xu, and let this “girl” who is related to the royal family become his wife to elevate his identity. On the wedding day, the scene was extremely extravagant, and Liu Ao’s reward alone reached tens of millions of dollars.

After accepting the pledge, Zhang Fang is even more determined to Liu Ao. He often wears casual clothes and disguises as common people with Liu Ao, travels together, and helps Liu Ao find beautiful women intentionally or unintentionally. Liu Ao was also extremely fond of him. At that time, he had many palace beauties such as Queen Xu and ban Jieyu, but he had no love for them at all. Zhang Fang, on the other hand, often “gets up on his back and dotes on him extremely”, which is almost a queen.

People always eat by looking at others’ bowls. Zhang Fang is so popular with a pretty face that the Queen Mother’s family can’t see it. They fanned the flames in front of the old empress dowager and jointly found a charge to drive Zhang Fang out of the capital. Liu Ao had limited power and could do nothing about the Empress Dowager. On the day of parting, he could only hug Zhang Fang and cry bitterly. Since then, Liu Ao turned his deep longing for Zhang Fang into an abuse of power, that is, he was promoted and promoted again and again to console himself. There are fewer opportunities to meet, so they have to keep in touch through letters and bury their thoughts between the lines.

Of course, Zhang Fang is not the only one who can enjoy Liu Ao’s deep love. As a true bisexual, Liu Ao’s love for the opposite sex is also beyond ordinary people. At first, the woman he doted on was empress Xu. Later, he moved on and began to dote on ban Jieyu. In the first year of Hongjia (20 BC), Liu Ao passed Princess Yang’a’s house while going out for fun. The princess entertained and arranged the best entertainment at that time – song and dance. Liu Ao originally only wanted to have a meal, but he didn’t think there was a peerless beauty hidden in the group of dancers in front of him. She wants to have a figure and dance skills. She is the best woman Liu Ao has never seen before. This person is Zhao Feiyan. Liu Ao liked it so much that he discussed with Princess Yang a that since the meal was all rubbed, he simply rubbed it with Zhao Feiyan. Where dare the princess say no, Liu Ao happily took the great beauty back to Chang’an. Zhao Feiyan was crowned Queen soon after entering the palace. In order to increase her support, she recommended her sister Zhao Hede to Liu Ao. Zhao Hede is better than Zhao Feiyan in two aspects: her appearance is more delicate than Zhao Feiyan, and her skin is white and smooth; Gentle in character. Liu Ao is infatuated with her arms and calls her “gentle hometown”. Soon, Liu Ao’s love for Zhao Hede surpassed that of Zhao Feiyan. But Zhao Hede was very protective of his sister, and Liu aocai didn’t abolish Zhao Feiyan’s empress because of his friendship. Since then, the sisters have monopolized half of Liu Ao’s love. During this period, the correspondence between Liu AO and Zhang Fang continued. In his heart, love has been divided into two equal parts, one is stored in Zhang Fang forever, and the other is given to Zhao Hede and Zhao Feiyan in front of him.

However, although Zhao Hede got the emperor’s love, he did not get the crystallization of love with the emperor. For more than ten years, neither she nor her sister had a son and a half. Although they worked hard, Liu Ao also cooperated very well. In this case, Zhao Hede had the same idea as Wan Guifei of emperor Xianzong of Ming Dynasty: I don’t have a son, and none of you want to have one! The difference is that wanguifei’s doing so is a furtive conspiracy, while Zhao Hede is a brazen conspiracy. In order to please Zhao Hede, the criminal Liu Ao promised to help her get rid of her own flesh and blood. For example, a palace maid named Cao Weineng “unfortunately” was pregnant with Liu Ao’s flesh and blood. After Zhao Hede knew it, he sent someone to force Cao Wei to commit suicide with the edict written by Liu Ao when she was giving birth, and even the six palace maids who served her were not spared. As for Liu Ao’s son, he was tortured to death before he took a bite of breast milk. After another period of time, another beauty Xu was also pregnant with Liu Ao’s Dragon seed and gave birth to a son smoothly. This time Zhao Hede didn’t do it himself, but adopted the traditional tactics of women – crying, making trouble and hanging himself, which almost drove the emperor crazy. Who made Liu Ao love her? There was no way. He sent someone to put his son in a basket made of reeds, and then brought him to Zhao Hede and strangled him himself. It seems that it’s just a piece of meat, which has nothing to do with yourself at all.

Love needs physical strength, especially two peerless beauties. Liu Ao’s health is getting worse and worse. Her mother, Empress Dowager Wang, has not seen him for a long time. She was scared by his sick face and cried. Zhao Hede and Zhao Feiyan were also worried about the emperor’s husband’s body, so they refined an aphrodisiac according to the prescription in a medical book. It is said that this medicine has powerful effect. Putting it in the water can immediately make the water boil. Liu Ao’s poor little body naturally can’t bear it any more. In March of the second year of Suihe (seventh year BC), a few months after meeting Zhang Fang, Liu Ao suddenly died in Zhao Hede’s gentle Township because of an overdose of aphrodisiac. Zhang Fang was still looking forward to the next reunion between the two people, even returning to Chang’an with Liu Ao, but he didn’t want to be separated by birth into death. Because he was too sad, “he yearned and cried to death”. The lover is dead. For Zhang Fang, life is just a kind of redundancy. Ms. Zhao Hede, another beloved of Liu Ao, was “treated by the queen mother and the great Sima Wang Mang about the emperor’s daily illness”, and had to commit suicide.

Love is about objects. The tragedy of Zhang Fang and Zhao Hede is that they fell in love with the unique person in the world – the emperor, and wanted to take it as their own. As everyone knows, the emperor belongs to all the people in the world. If you want to take it as your own, you have to make enemies with all the people in the world, and it is inevitable to pay a painful price. Therefore, love must consider the object, not everyone can bear your love.

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