A few things just happened. The signal is unusual!

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Author: Xia Feijun Source: Feijunsixianghui (ID: feijunsixianghui)

The general trend is always contained in the details and hidden between the lines of the message.

Today, I will write a short article to sort out and analyze a group of information that I think is important.

Main contents:

1. This decision of Iraq is extraordinary

2. Behind Yellen’s “soft talk”

3. Australia’s attitude towards China is a little interesting

4. Soros’s speech at the Muan meeting was very “frank”

?1? This decision of Iraq is extraordinary!

The Central Bank of Iraq recently announced measures to improve foreign exchange reserves and announced that it would directly settle trade with China in RMB.


The economic adviser of the Iraqi government, Mudir Saleh, told the media that this was the first time that Iraq allowed the settlement of import trade from China in RMB. Previously, the trade between Iraq and China had been settled in USD.

Iraqi economist Mashhadani said: “The acceptance of RMB settlement will be high because many businessmen want to get rid of the control of the dollar and the shackles of the Federal Reserve.”


The news is interesting. Saddam Hussein died because of challenging the hegemony of the United States dollar, and now there are American troops in Iraq. Considering the history and reality, this decision of Iraq is extraordinary, which also proves that the authority of the United States in the Middle East is indeed no longer valid.

Look at it for a long time.

At the beginning of December last year, when leaders visited Saudi Arabia, China and Saudi Arabia signed 34 investment agreements, involving multiple RMB settlement and application scenarios. Not only the Middle East, but also America’s “backyard” Latin America.

On February 7, we signed a memorandum of cooperation with Brazil on the establishment of RMB clearing arrangements in Brazil. On February 21, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Brazil) Co., Ltd. authorized to act as the Brazilian RMB clearing bank.

As the largest economy in Latin America, Brazil signed RMB settlement with us this time, which is equivalent to taking Brazil as the anchor point to launch the front of RMB internationalization in Latin America, and also plays a good exemplary role. In addition, the move of the largest country in the backyard of the United States is also a blow to the prestige of the United States, which will drive more countries in other regions to de-dollarize and accelerate the process of RMB internationalization.

This list is still very long, so I won’t list it one by one.

What we saw were official announcements and news, but what we could not see was the struggle between the two sides. I believe that the United States must have carried out various threats and inducements to these countries, but it was still unable to stop them.

What is the general trend? This is the general trend.

It is also worth considering the recent tit-for-tat between the diplomatic teams of both sides and our clear-cut and unassuming statements.

Some people summed up the recent actions as “dragon rise” and announced strategic determination in a high profile, which is very appropriate.

?2? Behind Yellen’s “soft talk”

On the 23rd, when the eastern powers continued to sell US debt, US Treasury Secretary Yellen said that the US hoped to resume economic dialogue with China “at an appropriate time”.

On the 24th, the meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors of the G20 was held in India. Yellen said: “I think it is very important to resume the dialogue, and I am certainly open to these dialogues.” “Good communication between the two countries is crucial for the domestic and global macroeconomic and financial situation of the two countries.”

In the previous article, I mentioned that the top priority of the United States at present is to peddle treasury bond and raise the debt ceiling, because the United States debt is almost impossible to sell.

Now not only the big eastern countries and Japan are selling US bonds, but also the European Central Bank is selling. As you can see, the US treasury bond has exceeded 31 trillion yuan, and the interest alone is astronomical. All countries want to avoid this big thunder and reduce losses as much as possible, so they sell off in succession.

Therefore, the United States is also anxious. All the leaders and key departments have been busy selling treasury bond.

This is my view on the US debt and the US routine.

When the US debt reaches a limit and the interest cost is too high, the US will not repay it. In the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the United States directly frozen Russian assets to aid Ukraine, which is tantamount to robbing Russian assets directly. In name, it is aiding Ukraine. In fact, it is using Russian assets to buy American weapons, raising the purchase price of American weapons several times, and then Russian assets were washed away.

If the United States can treat Russia like this, won’t it treat other countries like this? The probability is very high. We must be vigilant against its repetition of the Russian-Uzbekistan scene in the Taiwan Strait. We must respond early.

Of course, it has no certainty of winning against us, so it creates all kinds of conflict crises, and then pulls us into the game, and then through strengthening NATO or alliance relations, and pulling other countries to fight in groups. In the Russia-Ukraine conflict, this intention and operation become more and more obvious.

In the East, can it be staged again? Let’s take a look at the attitude of Aobao.

?3? The attitude of “kangaroo” is interesting

On the 20th, the Australian ABC television station invited four military strategists of the country to conduct the analysis and deduction of the so-called “Sino-US War”.


These four people are:

Hugh White, former Deputy Minister of Strategy and Intelligence of Australia’s Ministry of Defense,

Chris Barry, retired Australian admiral and former commander of the National Defense Force,

Alan Bem, former director of the Department of International Policy and Strategy of the Australian Ministry of Defence,

Clinton Fernandez, former Australian military intelligence officer.

These four people are not keyboard men and empty mouth critics, but rather senior and professional military commentators in Australia. The above four people have different views on many issues, but they all agree that the United States cannot win the war against China with or without the participation of Australia, and the war will plunge all Australians into poverty.

Chris Barry, retired Australian admiral and former commander of the Australian Defense Forces, made it clear:

“For Australia, whether we join the war or not, the conflict will be devastating. Our economy will be paralyzed because all trade with China and other major East Asian partners will stop and may not recover for a long time. The consequences for us will be very serious.” “If there is a war with China, it will have an impact on all Australians. In terms of economy, finance and individuals, it may cause us to fall into poverty”.

ABC Australia is not a pro-Chinese media, it is a very anti-Chinese media.

Recently, the turn of Australia Bag is very interesting and worthy of study and attention.

The Five-Eye Alliance is an Anglo-Saxon country, so many people say that the alliance is very strong and cannot be underestimated. Is it true?

As a standard Anglo-Saxon country and a very pure one, Australia’s bag has changed rapidly in the past year, which is surprising. Although there are reasons such as dependence on our exports, I prefer to understand it from the perspective of “pirate characteristics”.

The Anglo-Saxon people are pirates in their bones. Pirates are highly pragmatic and flexible. “Either kill you or cooperate to kill others”. When things go wrong, they should leave the right place immediately.

In fact, this can be said from the beginning of the history of the British people. Due to the limited space, it will not be expanded today.

In short, we often refer to the so-called “Anglo-American special relationship”, “Five-eye alliance”, and “Anglo-Saxon group”, as if Anglo-Saxon is really very united. In fact, to use our common saying, “reach Anglo-Saxon alliance, poor dog bites dog”.

There has always been a cruel and realistic game of interests between countries, and Anglia, the same language, is no exception. Any article that analyzes and predicts the behavior of the state from the perspective of culture, race and ideology need not be read. From this point of view, when the hegemony of the United States ceases, its close allies and Anglo-Saxon cousins will “betray” faster than other countries.

?4? Soros’s speech at the Muan meeting was very “frank”

At the just concluded Munich Security Conference, Soros’s statement may have been ignored by many people. In fact, he said the most real intention of the financial giants – whether the free will be cooked or not is only a superficial, and the ultimate goal of the Soros (deep government) is to open up financial and monetary sovereignty and let the dollar manipulate.

The essence of the great powers’ wrestling is to break the arm in the financial market. Either we puncture the dollar foam or the United States puts us into the dollar trap.

Some of the top elites in the United States have been working to make other countries fall into the dollar trap, and it is a complete set of operations and a ubiquitous layout.

The core of the great change that hasn’t happened in a hundred years can be said to be the great financial change. Because finance is the top law governing the world, and the core of financial governance is currency. The international monetary system is the most important aspect of today’s international economic activities.

Geopolitics is important, but it is geoeconomy that determines geopolitics.

The current economic problems of countries along the the Belt and Road are rooted in the US dollar hegemony trap.

The US dollar hegemony has two foundations, or two powerful tools to control other countries. One is the floating exchange rate, and the other is the free flow of financial capital. The Federal Reserve controls these two sharp tools. Through interest rate and exchange rate tools, the Federal Reserve drives financial capital to move in and out of some countries, controls its finances, destabilizes its economy and loots its wealth.

If this trap is not solved, mines are everywhere. To build a community with a shared future for mankind, we must first clear the mine.

What should we do? In the base areas and liberated areas of the new monetary system, we should build one, succeed one, stabilize one, and then spread to the surrounding areas, one by one to operate and one by one to consolidate. Our currency liberated area will eventually submerge the dollar hegemony white area.

Once the United States dollar loses its credibility, the military and technological strength of the United States will become water without a source and a tree without roots. Only when the big flag of the US dollar falls can western politics, economy and ideology take on a ridiculous and naive form. Only then can we really have the right to speak in the world.

In a word, finance is the key to win or lose.

On February 23, the relevant departments published a very important article, “Determined to win the protracted battle against corruption”. In this article with more than 3500 words, finance was named for 16 times, and it was mentioned that “the wrong ideas such as” the theory of financial elites “and” the theory of western alignment “should be eliminated”. Such articles with extremely specific and clear signal meanings are rare.

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