A generation of female prime minister Shangguan Waner was so smart, why did she end up being tortured by tsingy?

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Shangguan Waner was a famous talented girl in the Tang Dynasty. She was born in a famous family and was the granddaughter of prime minister shangguanyi. However, her grandfather shangguanyi, who drafted an imperial edict for Lizhi, Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty to abolish Empress Wu Zetian’s status, angered Wu Zetian and was killed by Wu Zetian. Shangguan Waner was also implicated, which led to Shangguan Waner and her mother Zheng being taken into custody in yeting.
When she was a slave in yeting, Zheng taught Shangguan Waner to read and write, making Shangguan Waner a little talented woman. When Shangguan Waner was 14 years old, Wu Zetian discovered her talent. Then she was taken by Wu Zetian to take charge of imperial edicts in the palace. From then on, she began her legendary life.

After Wu Zetian became emperor, she trusted Shangguan Wan’er very much. Many imperial edicts were written by Wan’er, who can be said to be Wu Zetian’s right and left hand. In fact, Wan’er had never been a prime minister. Because of her special status, people in the palace called her “inner sacrificial person”, that is, the “inner Prime Minister”. How could shangguanwaner, who was so favored, be tortured by tsingy?
Tsingy punishment, also known as ink punishment and stabbing words, was the longest used corporal punishment in ancient Chinese feudal society. In fact, it is to prick words on the face of the criminal, and then paint it with ink charcoal, indicating the sign of crime. It can’t be wiped off. It can be said that the tsingy punishment used on a woman’s face is equivalent to disfigurement. Shangguan Waner was Wu Zetian’s right-hand man. How could she be punished with tsingy?
In the first year of guangzhai, Wu Zetian abolished Li Xian, the newly crowned emperor of the Tang Dynasty, and made Li Dan emperor, while Wu Zetian himself called the emperor. That’s right. Wu Zetian is making her own small calculation. She wants to further claim herself emperor and establish her own great Zhou Dynasty. And this will certainly cause dissatisfaction among ministers loyal to the Tang Dynasty.

Li Jingye, the grandson of the British Duke Li Ji, who was not the founding father of the country, namely Xu Jingye, was very dissatisfied with this. At that time, Luobin was his guest. Therefore, when Xu Jingye started his campaign against Wu Zetian in Yangzhou, King Luobin drafted a “call for military support for Xu Jingye” for him, waving flags and shouting for Xu Jingye in the rear.
This article written by luobinwang is full of literary talent, well grounded, and is an excellent work. However, this article listed many of Wu Zetian’s crimes, pushed Wu Zetian to the dock, and also played a role in publicizing and encouraging the army to fight against Wu Zetian. Shangguan Waner managed to get this article. She was deeply moved by luobinwang’s humanistic talent. Therefore, Shangguan Waner said in her communication with Wu Zetian that she should “love talents” and so on to protect luobinwang.
Wu Zetian was in a hurry because of this. However, Shangguan Waner took king Luobin’s literary talents regardless of their importance to ask herself to forgive him. This made Wu Zetian very angry. King Luobin dared to fight against him despite the monarchy, and Shangguan Waner advised him to cherish his talent.
Wu Zetian thought that Shangguan Waner really felt that she had great power and took herself too seriously. So Wu Zetian was so angry that she wanted to execute Shangguan Waner. But later, because she cherished Shangguan Waner’s talent, she granted a special pardon, only to be sentenced to tsingy.

At that time, Wu Zetian raised many male pets, and all the male pets under her command were amazing in appearance. At that time, Shangguan Waner was talented, but she was just a young woman in love. Because she followed Wu Zetian every day, she was fascinated by Zhang Zongchang, Wu Zetian’s favorite. This was gradually discovered by Wu Zetian. However, Wu Zetian was too old to attack at the beginning. But one day, three years after long live, Shangguan Waner had dinner with Wu Zetian and zhangzongchang.
Shangguan Waner glanced at zhangzongchang while eating. Wu Zetian was so annoyed when she saw Shangguan Waner making eyes at her male pet in front of her.
Wu Zetian thought that she had been generous enough not to say a word before she knew about you two, but now she dares to flirt under her own nose. It’s a bold act. So Wu Zetian directly threw a knife at Shangguan Waner. And this one hit Shangguan Waner’s forehead directly. So Shangguan Waner had to cover her forehead with her hands and kneel down to Wu Zetian to beg for mercy.
Wu Zetian wanted to put Wan’er to death and ordered her to be put in prison. But after thinking about it, Wan’er was in high spirits. She helped her make the imperial edict at any time. She hardly had to worry about it. She was her right-hand man. However, if she didn’t kill her, Wu Zetian couldn’t swallow the evil spirit, so she decided to punish Wan’er with tsingy, so that she could never be deviant. This is the reason why Shangguan Waner was tortured by tsingy.
However, when the eunuch tattooed Shangguan Wan’er with vermilion, a small scar was left in the middle of Wan’er’s forehead. However, she chose a plum blossom on the scar with originality. Unexpectedly, it became a fashion in the palace. This is the origin of “plum blossom makeup” in the Tang Dynasty.

Since then, Shangguan Waner has served Wu Zetian wholeheartedly and catered to Wu Zetian, so she has won Wu Zetian’s favor. Later, Wu Zetian began to ask her to help her deal with all kinds of playing lists and participate in government affairs. Shangguan Waner’s power grew stronger and stronger. After Wu Zetian died, Wan’er was dependent on Princess Taiping. Later, however, Princess Taiping made trouble with empress Wei. Li Longji led his troops to the palace to kill empress Wei and her followers. Shangguan Waner was also killed in the mutiny.
However, in the second year after her death, lilongji recovered her status as Shangguan Zhaorong, and was posthumously named “Huiwen”. She read her literary talent and made extensive evidence of her works, which was compiled into 20 volumes of anthologies to commemorate her.
In fact, Shangguan Waner’s being sentenced to tsingy was nothing more than touching the bottom line of Wu Zetian. She should not touch Wu Zetian’s rights, let alone her “personal belongings”.
After all, Empress Wu is the supreme leader of a country. How can her things be coveted by others. Fortunately, Shangguan Wan’er saw her identity clearly and only served Wu Zetian wholeheartedly. Wu Zetian had no other thoughts, so she trusted Shangguan Wan’er more and more later.

It can also be seen from the above that in real work, we must not touch the scales of our superiors. Don’t think you are excellent and your boss appreciates you, so you don’t think you can do anything, but touch the bottom line of your boss.
You know, the boss is the boss. How can he tolerate his subordinates to do things that touch his bottom line? No matter whether it is your favorite employee or not, as long as it hurts you, you will definitely punish the employee.
Slight punishment, severe demotion and dismissal. So it is good for employees to do their own work well in the company. Do not touch the bottom line of your boss because your boss dotes on you, otherwise you will only suffer!

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