A generation of oil legends died suddenly!

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Original: Gu Ziming authorized to reprint this article to wechat official account: zhengshitang plus2019


History has proved countless times that when a politician who is active on the international political stage suddenly comes to an end, it will have a huge impact on the direction of the world.

On the 5th, at the opening ceremony of the 21st oil and Gas Conference and exhibition held in Nigeria, OPEC Secretary General valjindo delivered a speech on the stage and met with a large number of dignitaries such as the president of the country.

But at 11 o’clock that night, the powerful global energy giant suddenly died. Immediately, the international oil price plummeted, plummeted by more than 10% and WTI fell below the 100 mark.

This valjindo from Nigeria is not an Arab tyrant or a Russian oligarch, but he is like valjindo among the hobbits. During the period of taking charge of OPEC, he encouraged a group of political dwarfs, witnessed one energy war after another, and wrote one immortal legend after another.


He first promoted the establishment of the opec+ alliance, including Russia and other non OPEC members, and formed the world’s largest monopoly organization, directly doubling the oil price, taking advantage of the unexpected election of the U.S. new trump over Hillary Clinton, the nomination of secretary of state Tillerson, and his visit to the Middle East when the international oil price plummeted in 2016.


Then, on the occasion of the “negative oil price” in 2020, we turned the tide over and reached the largest oil production reduction agreement in history by using the conflict between trump and the US deepstate and the game within the Republican Party, rapidly pushing the international oil price from the lowest point in history to an unimaginable height.


Manipulating oil prices is just a piece of cake for him. Since this year, he has used the influence of opec+ to deeply intervene in the global political pattern.

At the time of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in 2022, he took advantage of the contradiction between the United States and Europe to block the pressure of Europe and the United States on OPEC to increase production, and refused to dismiss Russia from opec+.


More skillfully, he used war and inflation pressure to win over western countries at the just concluded G7 summit, forcing the G7 to lift the financing ban on petrochemical energy.


Although from the perspective of Western progressives, baljindo almost pushed up global inflation, accelerated global warming, provided a steady stream of funds for the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and displaced countless people due to war.

But on the other hand, uncle Hei from Nigeria is also the most powerful diplomat of this era. He took advantage of the contradictions between big powers to give full play to the interests of OPEC and forced the global ruling group to compromise.

Moreover, the fate of many energy countries that should have been harvested has also changed with the establishment of opec+ led by him.

At the beginning of his appointment as OPEC secretary general, Russia’s economy was in negative growth and had to move closer to the eastern countries to build gas transmission pipelines. Saudi Arabia was on the verge of debt crisis and had to sell Aramco shares to the eastern countries, not to mention the domestic crises of other oil producing countries, such as the drama of Saudi brothers’ wall.

But under his helm, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela With the financial revenue brought by high oil prices, all major oil countries have swept away the domestic opposition and established a strong ruling authority. Russia and Saudi Arabia have sufficient funds to expand their overseas influence.

Now, baljindo’s sudden and unexpected death will certainly hit the opec+ organization he created, and the loose alliance will be unsustainable.

As for the victory over Putin in Lugansk just now, he was suddenly thrown a basin of cold water.

Compared with the pro Russian Nigeria, the new secretary general from the pro american Kuwait will certainly no longer support Russia and maintain high oil prices under Western pressure like baljindo.

Oil price is not only the source of military expenditure for Russia to maintain the war, but also the most important chip in the game with NATO. Once it is lost, the consequences will be unimaginable.

It was originally planned that baljindo would leave office at the end of this month, and the leaders of opec+ would gather in Vienna to bid farewell to this great hero. However, less than a month before leaving office, before the decisive battle between Russia and Ukraine, a generation of legends suddenly passed away strangely.

Whether this death is fishy or not, we have no evidence, but what is certain is that this death will have an extremely far-reaching impact on Biden’s meeting with leaders of overseas countries ten days later


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