A gift from Russia!

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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been authorized to reprint

North of the Black Sea, south of Ukraine, Odessa.

Canterfield and summer looked at all this with novel eyes and felt that everything was so fresh. The air blown by the sea breeze of the Black Sea is different from that on the Atlantic, and even from that on the Mediterranean. Canterfield was particularly certain of this, because he was an Italian American born in Sicily. The headquarters of CNN is located in Atlanta. It is only 400 kilometers from Atlanta to Taixi island on the Atlantic coast. For many weekends, canterfield took his girlfriend to the island of Taixi to fish. He was very familiar with the taste of the sea breeze there.

But today, the Odessa sea breeze has lost the familiar fishy smell that the sea should have, but it can feel a strong smell of blood. This is a city of killing. Cantefei mused that as a seasoned front-line reporter, he had smelled this smell in Tripoli, Libya, Aleppo, Syria, and even Kabul, Afghanistan. Bloody, thick bloody, canterfield frowned and his heart throbbed.

“Are you two big CNN reporters?” Fourorfive armed men with rifles in their hands came over. These are the men of the camp of Azov, who have come to meet them. Cantefy explained to shammer, who entered Ukraine for the first time. This time, he came to Ukraine with a group of five people, including summer, in preparation for shooting a documentary about Ukrainians being hurt by Russia in the war. This is a shooting activity sponsored by an international NGO of lockmartin company called Edin global war victims in action. Canterfield has always found this NGO a bit funny. The funds for their global activities are provided by one of the world’s largest arms companies, but they want to engage in activities in which war victims are in action. Is this an atonement for the war victims? Or is it making the world more war victims? Needless to think, canterfield knew it was the latter. However, it is ironic that it is precisely these largest war makers who are active in the world as saviors of war disasters. Aren’t the weapons in the hands of these guys in the Asian speed camp precisely the aid from the United States?

“Yes, we are CNN.” Summer was excited when she first came to the battlefield. She was an important figure in this shooting. As a female reporter, she will show the audience how the Russians treated the local people cruelly and how they destroyed Odessa’s civilian hospital with guided bombs. The excited and compassionate tone of women will make most of the audience unable to extricate themselves from it, resulting in heartfelt hatred for Russia. Cantefei is very familiar with this technique. He has partnered with several CNN female anchors and successfully made Saddam, Bashar and Gaddafi tyrants and demons in the eyes of western people. Today, their target is Putin.

“Welcome welcome, my name is Yakov, a glorious Ukrainian major. Now, everything is ready for you.” Major Yakov of the Azov battalion grinned and looked very friendly.

“Ready? Aren’t you going to the scene of the bombed hospital?” Summer is a little strange. After all, this is her first time to participate in such a mission.

“No, no, no, dear American lady, everything is up to us to prepare. You just need to expose the atrocities of Russia. You know, the scene of the bombing is not suitable for shooting, because it can not show the shock we need. Therefore, we have prepared a scene with better shooting conditions for you. But dear lady, all atrocities exist, but we need to better show it.” Yakov grinned and explained that he was still very kind and friendly.

“Summer, just do as they arrange.” Canterfield, who has been in battle for a long time, doesn’t think much of it. As a field reporter of CNN, he has cooperated with white hat in Syria. He has never seen any kind of studio. It seems that the cooperation between the Asian speed camp and CNN has not exceeded this model. However, I’m afraid the newcomer will be shocked. Canterfield thought.

In the northwest corner of Odessa, a village was bombed into ruins, and in the center of the ruins, the outline of a hospital could be seen faintly. Because there are many hospital equipment and hospital signs scattered on the ruins. But even the newcomer, summer, can see that these things are placed.

“What do you think?” Yakov asked proudly.

“But it’s too fake.” Asked summer.

“No, no, no, no, summer, it will be very lifelike after shooting with the camera lens, and we still have to do the later stage. Local and selective display is the way for us American news media to survive.” canterfield is good at this, and naturally wants to teach experience to summer, a newcomer.

“The elderly staggering in the hospital, the children with some blood stains on their faces, the tired nurses and doctors, and the food in the charred warehouse next to the hospital…” Canterfield is very satisfied with his masterpiece. This documentary will not be inferior to any BBC masterpiece, or he can become famous in the future. In particular, summer, a new anchor, has no resistance to those injured children who are choking from time to time. She interprets a female anchor full of love and anger incisively and vividly. Before this documentary is made into a film, canterfield will use these videos to make news material first. The content of that news has been well thought out: the Russian attack on Odessa has caused many civilian deaths and injuries. Under the global food crisis, the food that Ukrainians have worked hard to grow has been deliberately burned by the Russians

The G-7 summit and NATO summit held in Germany at the end of this month need these things to support the scene, so that those big shots can have something to say, and make Russia a heinous and evil country from the public opinion. This is also a necessary work for CNN to obtain project funds from Congress.

Russian Defense Minister shoy Gu stooped down from the helicopter. This was his first visit to the eastern front of Uzbekistan after the outbreak of the war. Both he and Putin are dissatisfied with the current stalemate in the war. In particular, the progress of the campaign against Wudong was slow. After the recovery of Mariupol, Odessa was put on the agenda by the Kremlin. However, the current situation is obviously inappropriate to attack Odessa. He came here this time to see the real situation of the front line, so as to make a reference for the future decision-making of the Kremlin.

“Mr. Minister, according to our information, a CNN shooting team is currently in Odessa and has set up a large-scale studio there. I’m afraid it is to plant it on us. Do you want to send them some bloody material?” After reporting on the front line, a staff officer suddenly mentioned the CNN shooting team.

“CNN is not the only news team from Europe and the United States stationed in Ukraine. There is no need to be serious with them. Our main goal now is to win the war. As for public opinion, when we win, there will be some.” Shaugu thought that his staff officer was a little strange. How could he raise such a small matter in front of him.

“Mr. Minister, what you said is naturally reasonable. However, the seven nation summit and NATO summit to be held in the west at the end of this month will certainly impose a more strict and cruel ban on us, and even provide more advanced weapons for the Ukrainians. For example, the haimas rocket system. The operation of these weapon systems is not possible for Ukrainians. Therefore, I heard that the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States recently recruited The recruitment of retired US servicemen is obviously to involve US servicemen who are familiar with US weapons in the war. These videos taken by US media in Ukraine will greatly promote the recruitment of the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States. Therefore, I think it is still necessary to provide these media with some more realistic videos to let Americans know the cruelty of the battlefield. “

“You’re right. It’s useless to argue with them that these videos are fake. It’s better to make their shooting more real and cruel, so that those who think that war is as simple as pulling the trigger can feel the awe of death. In that case, we don’t want to bomb Odessa. It will become a port for us in the future, so we’d better protect it as much as possible. In this way, I’ll Go and discuss with the president and directly launch a round of bombing in Kiev. In addition, the commander of the Ukrainian front line will be beheaded. Before the NATO summit, teach them a lesson so that they can understand that no matter how many sanctions and advanced weapons are, they are just a potato in front of our iron fist in Russia, and will eventually become our Chinese meal. ” Shaugu felt that the staff officer had made a very insightful statement, so he simply made things bigger. Moreover, after the bombing of Kiev, the leaders of western countries who want to show up in Kiev after a meeting in Germany can have some scruples. To tell the truth, due to the full support of the west, Ukrainians’ determination to resist has always remained high. It’s time to give these people some color. The NATO politicians must like this gift very much.

“Cantefy, we have real material this time. The Russians bombed Kiev. It is said that the scene was very shocking. How about we go.” Summer said excitedly to canterfield.

“Silly girl, what are we going to do in Kiev? The scene there is not suitable for our theme. Besides, our task has been completed. Next, we are going to Berlin to show our materials at the NATO summit. That is the right thing. As for the Russian bombing? Does it really have anything to do with us?” Canterfield smiled.

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