A girl’s struggle history in Shanghai: when confused, do a good job at present

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A girl’s struggle history in Shanghai: when confused, do a good job at present

Wen / yangxiaomi

I have been in Shanghai for more than 3 years. I have changed a lot in recent years. This reminds me of the first year of my life in Shanghai in October, 2013, when great changes took place.

Why did I come to Shanghai from my hometown two years after I graduated from university?

Official answer: unwilling to be ordinary in small cities.

This is indeed a very important reason, but there is another reason, which promotes the early arrival of this event. That is, I am lovelorn and have no face to stay.


The reason for this is that my ex boyfriend is in Beijing. I have decided to resign and go to him. My colleagues and friends knew this at that time. After resigning, my friend and I went on a trip first. But on the way, we broke up.

At this time, I was in a dilemma. If I returned to my original company, I would be embarrassed; If I go to Beijing, I can’t make it through emotionally. It happened that my good friend Tommy was in Shanghai. He was acting as an agent for youmi. Com and asked me to do it together. I had no better choice, so I switched from Beijing to Shanghai.

I originally planned to leave the small city where I live. For two years, I have been making up my mind every day, but because my work is highly valued and my salary is good, I naturally have no motivation. But a relationship can be. Anyway, things are going on like this.


In my first month in Shanghai, I did some chores for Tommy, but my ability didn’t meet the requirements and I knew nothing about the Internet. The positive significance of this month is that I listened carefully to the courses on youmi.com and learned some things.

In november2013, by chance, when Tommy and I were having dinner together, I met his former colleague Mr. Xu. Mr. Xu started his own business and started a tutorial class. He felt it was too difficult to do it in the urban area, so he went to a small town under Nanhui, Shanghai. He rented a rough room and repaired it himself.

He designed a single page by himself and went to the school gate to issue a single page and recruit students. Mr. Xu understands Shanghai dialect, which is a big advantage. At that time, in Nicheng, his enrollment was very good, so he wanted to open another tutorial class in Nanhui. In order to save costs, he still rented a duplex blank room, which needed to be renovated.

Mr. Xu is a very sincere and persuasive person. He told me: “ You can work from Monday to Friday nights and on Saturdays and Sundays. You have free time and can do what you like. You also get a lot of salary, which is much more stressful than your life in the urban area& rdquo;

In this way, I moved to Nanhui from the neighborhood of 800 partners in Pudong. The rent is 500 yuan a month, and the conditions are OK. I have a basic salary of 1500 yuan, 30 yuan an hour for a class, and a commission on the sales part.

At the beginning, there were no students. I couldn’t get 2000 yuan a month, but the living expenses were enough. Later, my performance became better and better. I could get more than 3000 yuan a month. When nothing else happened, I could better support myself.


At first, when I saw the blank room, I was a little desperate, but I felt there was no way out. I followed Mr. Xu to the market to buy planks, partition the house, and then stared at others’ decoration. On Taobao, we buy wallpapers and paste them all by ourselves. The leaflet page was designed by someone for 30-50 yuan on Taobao, and then printed by someone on Taobao. Anyway, in order to save money, we have brought the role of universal Taobao into full play. At the same time of decoration, we began to recruit students.

It was winter at that time, and the weather was already very cold. We rode an electric car to sweep the buildings every day, and issued a single page for each building. However, I am quite confident. I met a man in the stairs. I communicated with him for a few minutes and left contact information with each other. He is the father of my first student.

The next day, the student’s mother called me, because it had not been renovated. For the first time, I chatted with the student and her mother in a coffee shop for a long time& ldquo; Miss Yang, if you take care of our children in person, I believe you& rdquo;

In this way, I had my first student. She was an active member of the class and brought me a lot of students. This is normal operation. Mr. Xu is responsible for the Nicheng campus. I am here in Nanhui and a colleague from Shanghai. He teaches mathematics and I teach Chinese and English.

In fact, I am better at math, but I have no choice but to bite the bullet and pick up English. I was afraid of harming people’s children. I bought a lot of New Oriental books and courses to study, and integrated the psychological method into teaching. According to each student’s weak points, I made targeted tutoring.

My English pronunciation is not standard enough. I am really afraid to mislead them. I frankly admitted this to them, and they said: “ Teacher, you only teach us how to read by ourselves& rdquo; In order to make up for it, I bought a lot of listening exercises so that they wouldn’t be delayed.


At that time, it was very cold in winter without air conditioning. The students never complained. After class, they went to the cafe with air conditioning below to do their homework. In this way, I also began to write in the coffee shop. I contributed my extra money every month to the coffee shop because there was air conditioning, so I could write all afternoon. From there until now, I have persisted for 3 years.

In fact, although I didn’t earn much money during this period, it wasn’t bitter. I have classes in the evening, on Saturdays and Sundays. I have free time during the day. The price level in Nanhui is very low. Three meals a day are very regular. I have no special pursuit of eating. I feel that it is OK.

And those lovely students gave me the courage to stay. They study very hard. There is a student in grade two. Under my supervision, they have learned all the words and grammar in grade three. They can get 98 points in English with 100 points, and their grades are also mentioned in the top three of the grade.

In all this work, the only thing I don’t want to do is to distribute leaflets. I can’t speak Shanghainese. It’s a little difficult to communicate with parents at the gate of the school every time. I can only make parents speak Mandarin. Also, if I go to the community, I often get kicked out by security guards.

In this way, during the winter vacation, Mr. Xu’s business in the Nicheng campus was particularly good. Other teachers have gone home for the new year. I went to teach a student who was left unattended. In this way, I get up at 5 o’clock in the morning and take the bus for more than an hour. I often have no time to have lunch and then come back to class.

In 2013, the winter was very cold. I was very afraid of getting sick. I thought that after getting sick, I had no savings, which could only increase the burden on my parents. At that time, there was another helpless thing. My college friend was getting married. How I wanted to witness her happiness, but I couldn’t even afford a round-trip ticket. I refused her on the grounds of busy work.

At this time, I feel very depressed and will magnify the current difficulties. When writing an article, I would also advise myself: “ The reality is that a person is broken little by little, and there is no bones left& rdquo;


Reading may not teach a person to make money, but it can really give a person spiritual support and let me live with dignity. At that time, I prepared my lessons in the morning. When I was free in the afternoon, I wrote and read books, and thought about the way out in the future. At that time, the only way out was to take the postgraduate entrance examination while working.

When I had already put in my third review for the postgraduate entrance examination, Tommy called me: “ I know a sister who is going to start a business and is recruiting people. I think you must have a common language& rdquo; That sister is my boss, sister Yu.

We first added wechat, and a month later we made an appointment to have coffee in the square near our home. At the first meeting, sister Yu said later that she was not very satisfied with me. According to past judgment, she might be able to do something.

She assigned me some tasks, such as reading trout’s “positioning” and writing soft articles on the industry of confinement. It took me two days to finish reading the book positioning. Although I can’t write soft articles, I quickly bought books on this subject, learned basic methods, and wrote 2 articles for her. As a result, she was not very satisfied, but she felt that I had a very positive attitude, was willing to learn, and should be able to train.

After this meeting, I went to work with sister Yu during the day and gave classes to students at night and on weekends. I live in the suburbs. It takes me 4 hours to take the subway back and forth from the city. I catch the first subway to the city in the morning and come back in the evening to give classes to the students. In order not to delay preparing lessons, I had to get up at 4 o’clock in the morning to prepare lessons and write lesson plans.

At that time, I didn’t feel bitter at all. I was very motivated because I saw hope. About two months later, sister Yu won her second consulting case, and the company’s business was stable. I became sister Yu’s first employee and assistant, and then grew up with a start-up company.

It happens that the summer vacation is coming, and the students have finished a semester, which can be regarded as a formal handover. At this time, I met Mr. Liu. Mr. Xu always understood me very well. He felt that he should go to the city when he met such a good boyfriend.


When I came to the city, the first thing I did was rent a house. At that time, I needed 12000 yuan plus a deposit. I have no money, but I’m sorry to borrow Mr. Liu’s. I called my high school classmate Li Min to borrow money. He asked how much money he wanted. I said 10000. Then, I negotiated with the landlord that I would pay the rent for two months in advance and three months from next quarter.

The landlord agreed. In this way, in my first year in Shanghai, I finally settled down in the urban area, got a job, a boyfriend, and owed a foreign debt of 10000. In addition, there are nearly 100 articles I wrote in QQ space. One year later, in 2015, I published the 100 articles and the articles written in 2014 on the simple book after they were modified and integrated with my growing vision, so I was a little popular.

No doubt, I was very lucky. From coming to Shanghai to meeting Miss Xu and sister Yu, it was all because of my friend Tommy. Tommy is my junior in college. He is one level lower than me. Whenever I thank him, he always says: “ Sister, you are still polite to me. At every node of my university, you enlighten me and support me. We are mutual& rdquo; Anyway, you should be warm-hearted, because you will never think how much surprise your inadvertent actions will bring to you.

When we go through some things, we find nothing when we look back. It turns out that time dilutes our memories in this way. This year, I went from the urban area to the suburbs, and then back to the urban area. I was a little tossed, but my life was OK. At least I was in the mood to date and find a boyfriend.

Let me summarize:

In any case, we must have a job that can support ourselves, and survival comes first; When you don’t know where the future lies, do your current job well, which will give you a certain sense of value; In my spare time, I do something I am interested in. If I have a chance, I will grasp it. If I have no chance, I will improve myself.

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