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The recent incident of Bentley sister in Shenzhen is still fermenting.

It is estimated that everyone is already very familiar with the plot, so we will not repeat the original story, but only discuss the social phenomenon behind the incident.

Although some public opinions began to focus on the “shortage of parking spaces in Shenzhen” and “hatred of the rich”, in fact, people do not care about the “shortage of parking spaces” and are not “hatred of the rich” in this matter. It is impossible to solve the shortage of parking spaces in Shenzhen at this stage. Shenzhen people have accepted their fate and have to park for half an hour in any shopping mall. They are used to it and feel numb.

As for Qiu Fu, there are so many rich people in Shenzhen that they need to start with 10million yuan for any suite. People in Shenzhen are very calm. It’s your family’s business to have 50 Bentleys. Don’t worry about your family.

Saying that “Shenzhen is short of parking spaces” and “hate the rich” is a diversion of contradictions. Everyone knows that the people doubt whether there is corruption here. What they hate is whether the people who control public resources are collaborating with others to steal public resources.

Secretary Zhang and his girlfriend, sister Bentley, acted so strangely that people had to doubt.

The weirdest thing is that the two people hold a banquet but don’t get a certificate.

This trend has been popular among China’s rich people for many years, and has begun to become morbid.

There are some rich people in China. After having money, they have been desperately trying to marry more people and have more children because they have no spiritual pursuit.

There are two simple ways to marry more:

One is to marry one, get a license, have a child, divorce, get a license with the next, have another child, divorce, and cycle in turn. Before each marriage, write a prenuptial agreement and protect most of your property.

The other is to hold a wedding banquet with all the women, but all of them don’t get a license. They protect their property under their own name and pay the living expenses to these wives on a monthly basis.

There are also two ways to deal with the relationship between your wives after marriage. One is that everyone lives far away and generally does not communicate with each other. They will sit at a table and give out red envelopes on New Year’s Eve; The other is to build a large house, or a large manor, a wife and a separate villa, to keep her wife and her family together and match each other’s sisters.

In fact, it is a variant of restoring the ancient three wives and four concubines without violating the law.

Two of them are the most representative.

One is a 73 year old boss in Hunan who returned to his hometown to build a private manor after making money from real estate in Shenzhen. He raised ten lovers in the manor. The youngest lover was born in 2000. His lover gave him 11 children and lived a life of turning over the brand every day.

The other is the boss of a game company in Guangzhou, who is full of greasy smell of steamed buns after making money. He publicly recruited women under the age of 23 to give birth to their children on Weibo, constantly challenging the public bottom line.

There are some wealthy groups in China. They have more money than they can spend for several generations. They are not satisfied with the rules of ordinary people. They have already lived a luxurious life of going out by private plane, building a large manor at home and raising sevenoreight wives. These people have returned to the Republic of China and are completely cut off from the lives of ordinary people.

But legally speaking, they did not break the law, they just violated morality.

What makes people feel most wrong about sister Bentley is that Secretary Zhang and sister Bentley only have a banquet instead of getting married.

This is the play of the private rich, but a member of the Party committee and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of a state-owned enterprise also played like this. He publicly put out wine and wrote “happy wedding” on the banquet, but did not register for marriage. What do you mean?

This can not help but make people have bad associations. Has secretary Zhang ever had a drink with other women? But they don’t register for marriage?

Don’t mention the grievance of secretary Zhang. The owners of real estate companies and game companies play like this, and the law can’t control him. But you are a party member and a manager of public resources. Your natural moral standards must be higher than others, and you must accept the public’s inquiries.

There are still a few confusing points.

Secretary Zhang, with an annual salary of 375000 yuan, is 57 years old. It is impossible to afford Bentley. The cheapest Bentley also costs nearly threemillion yuan. The Bentley owner, sister Ouyang, is 40 years old. She owns the Baoneng city residence and Bentley car. It is said that she is worth more than 100 million yuan.

I just don’t understand why sister Ouyang thinks that her income is so much lower than her own. Is this half a hundred old man who is 17 years older trying to get a minimum living allowance?

In a word, this matter is full of irrationality, but some people just want to explain it as reasonable.

However, the omnipotent economic chain analysis method tells us that behind any unreasonable thing, there must be a specific economic chain that directs the occurrence of logic.

Let’s let go of secretary Zhang and sister Bentley. Let’s assume that they are really in great love. They are a 40 year old and billionaire sister who lives in a 12.5-million-square-meter house and falls in love with an old man with an annual salary of 370000 and nearly 60 years old. Let’s assume that this is indeed an epic love story.

But can we also find some laws from them. The local tyrants can avoid all the ways of bigamy, create seven wives and eight concubines in the new era, and then use the legal rules to return to the Republic of China. Will a secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of state-owned enterprises who knows the rules also avoid all the clues that can be verified and create a new era of corruption?

Maybe he didn’t involve himself in some things, but he has the influence of tens of billions of state-owned enterprises. Is it a problem if he only relies on influence rather than directly interfering in interests?

This has brought new difficulties to the governance of the party and the country, and we should plug the loopholes in time.

No matter whether people are in love forever or not, there are problems in the system at a glance. In the new era, there are problems in the new era. In the new era, there must also be ways to solve problems in the new era.

Finally, once again, the common people do not hate the rich. They only hate those who challenge the public bottom line in public after they become rich. They also hate those who master public resources and cooperate with others to steal public resources.

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