A little judgment of the situation!

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Author: yelihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

Now the pressure inside the United States is very high, and the pressure cooker has reached the critical value.

The Democratic Party is in civil strife, the five major factions are fighting within each other, and the Republicans are united. They are closely around trump. The result of the parliamentary transition is not conducive to the Democratic Party. At the same time, the supreme law is conservative, and there is a political tendency. This is the pressure cooker of political issues.

Serious inflation, soaring oil prices and commodity prices, the risk of instability in the stock market, the deteriorating economic situation at the bottom of the United States, and the declining trend of the middle class are the pressure cooker of economic problems.

Social contradictions have become prominent, lone wolf attacks have occurred frequently, and the number of organized civilian armed forces has increased, which is a pressure cooker for social problems.

The East Ukraine war is beneficial to Russia, Thailand in Southeast Asia is cheap to me, and the geopolitics of the South Pacific is prized by me. This is the pressure cooker of geopolitics.

Long covid, the sequelae of the new crown, has become increasingly prominent. The number of sequelae, symptoms and unexplained hepatitis have gradually broken out. The recovery of social productivity is in doubt. Workers have sequelae, their labor efficiency has decreased, and the social stamina is insufficient. This is the pressure cooker for future problems.

Now the five major pressure cookers in the United States have reached a critical value and are facing the big problem of implosion without pressure relief. Silence in the United States is dangerous. Silence does not necessarily mean death, but may also mean outbreak.

Eyes turned to Europe. Europe is now seriously eccentric and facing division.

Some countries desperately need Russian natural gas, and some countries do not need it. This is the division of the energy issue.

Some countries are tough on the NATO issue, while others are disgusted with it. This is the division of the military issue.

Some countries cut seats with Russia on the Ukrainian issue, while others hang high on the Ukrainian issue, which is a division of geographical issues.

Some countries have turned to conservatism, while others are still talking about universal values. This is the division of social problems.

At present, the only chain that maintains European unity is political unity. At present, European political figures are at least united, although they are suspected of being undercover by Americans or even being suspected of being undercover by China.

The unity of Europe has been shaken. Politically, if all countries can work together, there is a possibility of bridging division and unity. Politically, if the last chain is broken, there is no final glory.

Therefore, the main issue in Europe at present is to find a breakthrough that can unite everyone politically.

It is our judgment that the United States should export contradictions and Europe should find the topic of political unity. The question before us is, how should these two forces choose?

There are two choices before the United States. The first is to export contradictions to Europe, detonate Europe with economic means, split Europe, wipe out Europe’s wealth, and alleviate domestic social, political, geographical, economic and development problems.

The second is to export contradictions to Russia and China, cripple us with economic or other means, wipe out our wealth and alleviate domestic problems in the United States.

There are two choices ahead of Europe. The first is to establish unity on European independence, which is bound to be anti American. With anti American independence as the topic, we should unite to bridge social, geographical, energy and military divisions.

The second is to look for topics from Russia and me. I don’t know what topics they are looking for to build their unity.

In this process, Japan, caught in the tripartite camp, is bound to become the first victim. Whether the United States detonates Europe by economic means or Japan by other means, Japan must sacrifice. Japan’s attitude is not a big problem. It will die anyway, just because the loss is so small.

Other Middle Easterners caught in the tripartite camp will welcome countless olive branches. No matter who needs them, the attitude of all parties in the Middle East is not a problem. They will win anyway, just how to win bigger.

Only India’s bias will have a greater impact on the situation. However, India has a close relationship with Russia, and India’s consideration is not a big problem. The probability should be based on the best of both worlds and ultimately favor the Russian position.

The only problem is our internal affairs.

We must eliminate all factors detrimental to unity as soon as possible in the future.

Some people have hit the muzzle of a gun recently, so don’t blame your life

Only by doing our internal affairs well and impeccable, can we create a game of prisoners in Europe and the United States. The United States is trying to detonate Europe and Europe is trying to oppose the United States. We are in the middle. We have two peaches and three talents.

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