A long planned strike!

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Author: Kafka is busy source: outsider’s horizon (id:hooyar_380097485)

How much will the Fed raise interest rates in July? In the previous blowing, the highest one has been called 1%.

This year, the Federal Reserve raised interest rates three times, the first time by 0.25%, the second time by 0.5%, and the third time by 0.75%. Up to now, the published CPI data is still so ugly.

I’m sure that even if the Federal Reserve makes a determined effort to raise interest rates by 5%, the CPI data will still be ugly, because the sharp rise in CPI in the United States is more due to problems in social governance. The supply chain that used to maintain a low price level has been messed up because of various actions of the U.S. government.

Retailers have to deal with the frequent zero yuan purchase and the possible shortage of goods at any time. How can they balance the cost without raising the price?

After all, in capitalist countries, the first important thing to open the door to do business is to ensure profits and produce beautiful financial statements, otherwise the business can’t be done and can only be closed.

Recently, truck drivers across the United States have been on strike, major ports have been reopened, and containers have been piled up in ports without transportation, which has cut the fragile U.S. supply chain again.

So can the CPI data look good next? According to the monetary theory of the Federal Reserve, raising interest rates can only be more ruthless.

In the final analysis, it is the Supreme Court of the United States that caused this wave of drivers to go on strike. Because the Supreme Court supported the California Labor Act assembly bill 5 (abbreviated to AB5 act).

AB5 act, also known as the “casual workers act”, requires freight enterprises to officially hire truck drivers, which seems to be granting employees welfare benefits. It seems that there is nothing bad, but the reality of the U.S. freight industry is that most truck drivers are freelancers, and freight companies can’t guarantee enough orders, so they are more willing to take orders by themselves, and receiving zero orders can make more money.

As soon as this law case comes out, truck drivers not only lose the freedom to receive orders, but also bear more expensive insurance premiums.

The original intention of California to implement this bill is actually to balance the huge losses caused by the indiscriminate welfare of the White left virgin, but the truck drivers are also a huge political force, so the lawsuit has been brought to the Supreme Court.

By June 30 this year, the Supreme Court’s judgment supported the AB5 act.

This is a mess. The truck Union warned before that if the bill was passed, there would be a general strike by truck drivers.

Therefore, this is simply the deliberate rectification of the Supreme Court. What is more unusual is that a bill proposed by the virgin of white left was finally supported by the so-called conservative justices of the United States who support the free market economy. How strange it is here.

This wave of bills is definitely not a wise decision under the collision of rationality and legal system. It is mostly a trick made by the Republican Party to win the mid-term election.

We might as well deduce that the global oil price began to fall slowly from June.

At this time, the prices of global commodities are falling, coupled with the high inventory of retailers in the United States, as long as there is no accident, the CPI of the United States is bound to fall.

Once prices are stabilized, the Democratic Party can fully hype the Biden Administration for decisively curbing inflation with radical monetary policy.

The main reason why Biden’s government support rate has fallen sharply is because of inflation. Now inflation is gone. It’s hard to say who will win the mid-term election after adjusting some of the black material of the Republican Party controlled by trump.

So you see, Trump’s control of the Supreme Court at a critical time has become a masterful hand.

The bill most hated by truck drivers in the United States is expected to enter into force, but it has not yet been finally promulgated and entered into force. At this critical time, truck drivers will certainly go on strike because of safeguarding their rights.

After the strike, the ports and highways are blocked, and there is nothing everywhere. Do you have to pay more if you want to buy something? So CPI will soar again?

This makes it difficult for the Biden government to ride the tiger and want to hype the iron hand to curb inflation and raise interest rates aggressively, but in the end, the market has no effect because of the lack of supply. On the contrary, the radical interest rate hike will cripple the already weak economy.

If the United States faces the double blow of inflation and unemployment at the same time, resulting in an economic recession, who will bear the blame?

Don’t say anything, only Biden put his pants on.

I have said before that raising interest rates will not solve the problem of inflation in the United States.

If some people want the United States to have bigger problems to achieve their goals, they must have various ways.

Recently, oil prices have been smashed, but they can’t be smashed after all. Do you think they will break $90 soon? It didn’t exist, and was soon stimulated by various news. You know, American oil traders are all the financiers of the Republican Party, and everyone should unanimously safeguard the interests of oil.

Together with the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, they are on the Republican side.

When party interests outweigh national interests, and this irreparable rift is known to the world, the United States can no longer appear as a completed interest body as before.

So you see, this leads to no longer that ally really takes the demands of the United States too seriously. If it is in their own interests, they encourage them to get on the shelves, and if it is not in their own interests, they try to prevaricate and fool.

So now it has become the most difficult for the Federal Reserve. If the radical interest rate hike did not make a difference in the end, but punctured the financial foam on Wall Street, there would be only a hard landing.

If you don’t want a hard landing, you have to start the dollar printing machine again.

But the problem is, in this Russian Ukrainian conflict, Russia directly showed its fangs, and simply gave you an energy de dollarization system. This system has big Ivan as its bodyguard. Moreover, Russia has long planned to break the pot, regardless of the so-called credibility of the international community you delineated.

In the view of the outside world, breaking the hegemony of the dollar depends on the effort of dripping water through the stone.

But you see, often the enemy is hidden within themselves, and both Democrats and Republicans have done a good job. One dares to use the black money to create a national riot to lame Trump’s re-election, and the other is not vague, instigating a rebellion to occupy Capitol Hill. Although it finally failed, it has fundamentally damaged the constitutional government.

Without turning back, everyone walked farther and farther on the road of pulling back.

The anti abortion judgment was used by the Democratic Party as a tool to stimulate the fear of women’s bodies being charged in the United States, triggering a wave of resistance. Turning around, the supreme law made another big move, directly bringing out an AB5 bill that had been pending for a long time, causing truck drivers in the United States to collectively go wild, so that the supply chain problem across the United States came again.

In short, the theme is that no one can have a good life.

Now that the party struggle has reached this stage, the country has completely finished, everything can be used, and both sides have lost the fundamental sense of responsibility for governing the country.

No one wants to be responsible to the people of the United States. All people think is, if it’s not up to me, let it be destroyed, and then it will really slowly go to destruction.

Unfortunately, there are still many domestic brawlers who still want to point out the country with the view that the United States will always be great. Recently, they are worried about the exchange rate, shouting the war to defend the exchange rate, and afraid of the decline of the assets of the rich, shouting to embrace the dollar wealth quickly.

I often look at the chaos in American politics today, and I can’t help but think of the party struggle at the end of the Ming Dynasty. Everyone who doesn’t pretend to be an honest man, wrapped his selfishness with righteousness, and finally killed the country. Future generations seem to regret it, but what about those who covet the wealth of the Ming Dynasty? I’m afraid I’m not full of happiness?

It is said that there are more people in the coffee market recently. There are many farewell guests in the airport every day.

The so-called gentleman doesn’t stand under the dangerous wall. He is in a hurry to run to a country that doesn’t hesitate to cause civil strife for the sake of party struggle. I really don’t know what he is trying to do?

U.S. stocks, a bounce will not reverse the downward trend, and the U.S. real estate is also collapsing. Look at the dilemma of the Federal Reserve, I’m afraid it will be difficult in the future.

In the second half of the year, before the mid-term elections, there will be more and more strange things in the United States. Never look up to the bottom line of the two groups of people who compete for power and profit.

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