A meeting was held in Beijing. He fought with the ambassadors of the United States, Britain and France to China alone. The scene was hot!

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Original: steady progress source: Jiulong micro (id:jiuloog)

From July 2 to 5, the 10th World Peace Forum was held in Beijing. A conference held on the morning of the 4th attracted the most attention from Chinese and foreign media.

The meeting on the 4th was chaired by Yan Xuetong, Secretary General of the forum and professor of Tsinghua University. The guests were Denisov, Russian ambassador to China, Jia Qingguo, Professor of Peking University, burns, American ambassador to China, Wu Ruolan, British ambassador to China, and Luo Liang, French ambassador to China.

China, the United States, Russia, Britain, France and the five permanent members of the United Nations are all here.

The original theme of the meeting was “the United Nations and the global order”. Finally, China took the stage, and the other four permanent members fought on the stage. The ambassadors of the four countries to China had a fierce confrontation on the scene, which was full of gunpowder.


At the scene of the meeting on the 4th, in order to prevent “conflict”, the seats are very exquisite. From left to right, they are: the host, the Russian ambassador to China, the professor of Peking University, the American ambassador to China, the British ambassador to China, and the French ambassador to China.


Before the meeting, the U.S. and Russian ambassadors shook hands politely.

At the beginning of the meeting, the US ambassador to China took the lead in firing. Burns condemned Russia’s war against Ukraine, saying that “without any threat, Russia crossed the border with armed forces to fight against Ukraine, resulting in innocent civilian casualties, which violates the Charter of the United Nations.”

Burns also said that Russia’s military blockade of Ukrainian ports has brought a food crisis to the world. And accused Russia of being the biggest threat to the international order.

Then, the Russian ambassador to China hit back. Denisov’s first sentence was “I don’t agree with everything the American ambassador said”.

As soon as the voice changed, Denisov said, “but for diplomatic etiquette, I would like to congratulate the U.S. ambassador and the Americans present for a happy National Day (July 4 is American Independence Day).” The Russian ambassador’s words won applause from the audience.

Denisov continued to retort, “the U.S. ambassador said that Russia is not threatened. I want to remind you how much resistance our country has encountered in its efforts to promote the Minsk agreement after 2014.” “The American ambassador mentioned civilian casualties. What I want to say is that civilian casualties have started since 2014.”

Denisov stressed, “Russia has not blocked Ukrainian ports to hinder food exports. NATO is essentially fighting a proxy war with Russia through Ukraine.”

Finally, Denisov said, “I want to quote Chairman Mao’s words. Everything has two sides. Please let us see the other side of things… I was born in Ukraine, and my mother is also Ukrainian. I feel more pain about this tragedy than everyone here who constantly attacks my country.”

Judging from the opening performance of the United States and Russia, the U.S. ambassador was always American arrogant and wanted to point fingers at others from the height of the “teacher”. On the contrary, the Russian ambassador’s speech was reasonable and restrained without losing ground.

Next, British ambassador to China Wu Ruolan came to the stage to continue the attack. Her speech was almost a supplement to the position of the United States.

She then said that NATO was a “pure defense alliance” and did not pose a threat to Russia The global food crisis was caused by Russia’s blockade of Ukrainian ports, not by Western sanctions against Russia, because Russian food exports were “exempted”. Wu Ruolan also accused Russia of “making false news”.

Wu Ruolan can speak Chinese. At the end of her speech, she said that she hoped everyone would consider the above “facts” and quote in Chinese the famous sentence in Qu Yuan’s Lisao – “the road is long, I will seek it up and down” to criticize Russia for creating a Russian Ukrainian crisis.



The Russian ambassador to China hit back again. On fake news, Denisov said, “I suggest you take a look at the statement made by the Russian representative at the United Nations on June 28, which provides a very detailed situation of fake news in the Russian Ukrainian conflict.”

On the food crisis, Denisov sneered, “the British ambassador said that Russia’s food exports are exempted. I thank you, you are so friendly!”

Next, it’s the French ambassador to China’s turn to speak. Luo Liang mainly said two points: first, France supports the position of the United States; 2? He stressed that French President macron has made a lot of efforts in the Russian Ukrainian crisis.

As a result, Denisov, the Russian ambassador to China, was rebuffed by France for unilaterally divulging the contents of macron’s and Putin’s talks.

The first round of confrontation ended, followed by a brief second round of confrontation. The U.S. ambassador to China repeatedly accused Russia of being an “invader”, and the British ambassador to China has always emphasized “safeguarding sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

The Russian ambassador to China retorted, “who are the aggressors in Libya and Syria?” “When I hear about safeguarding ‘sovereignty and territorial integrity’, I want to say a place name – Kosovo.”

Generally speaking, the United States, Britain and France are in the same team, but the French ambassador to China has no sense of existence. If the unreasonable American ambassador didn’t have the British ambassador behind him to help fill the platform, he would almost be despised by the Russian ambassador.

There were few topics about China mentioned at the meeting. Instead, the U.S. ambassador to China said in response to a Bloomberg reporter’s question about China’s role in the Ukrainian crisis that he hoped China would not provide material support to Russia. He hoped that the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs would stop accusing NATO of initiating the Russian Ukrainian conflict, and hoped that China would stop telling lies about the establishment of a biological laboratory in Ukraine by the United States.

The three points put forward by the U.S. ambassador to China show that we are right. We should not only talk about it, but also talk about it in a big way. We will strengthen the offensive in these three areas in the future!

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