A mouse that eats gold

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Zhangsan and Lisi are neighbors. One day, Zhang San said to Li Si, “I’m going out to do business. You should look after my gold.” Lisishuang quickly agreed. After a few days, Zhangsan came back. Say to Li Si; “Where is my gold?” Lisi lowered his head and said, “your gold has been eaten by rats.” Without saying anything, Zhang San turned and left. At night, Zhang San stole Li Si’s horse. The next morning, Li Si said to Zhang San, “my horse was stolen.” Zhang San smiled and said, “last night, I saw an owl carrying a horse flying away.” Lisi said, “it’s impossible. How can an owl carry a horse?” Zhang San smiled and said, “rats can eat gold. Can’t an owl carry a horse?” Lisi was very ashamed. The next day, Li Si returned the gold to Zhang San, who also returned the horse to Li Si.

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