A “new force” that can resist the west is looming!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

At present, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is being held in Russia. More than 90 countries and regions, including China, Egypt and Kazakhstan, have attended the forum;

Russia’s recent moves make people feel that a new force against the west is forming.

1. Russia Ukraine war

Needless to say, it is basically a direct challenge to the West. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov made it clear on April 11 that it is to end the world order dominated by the United States.

2. St. Petersburg Economic Forum vs Davos Forum

Despite the special period of the Russian Ukrainian war, more than 90 countries attended the St. Petersburg Economic Forum this year, almost half of the world’s countries, which shows that only a few anti Russian countries.

At the same time, this figure also embarrasses the West. It shows that without the existence of the United States and the participation of the west, the earth will still turn.

On May 24, just after the world Davos forum was held, Russia held an economic forum. The array is still very large and has the flavor of competing with the West.


? screenshot of St. Petersburg Economic Forum

3. Central security organization vs NATO

In the military direction, Russia leads the central security organization, and the West has NATO. These two groups are also in a state of confrontation.

4. Russia’s new intention to establish a new “G8”

Volokin, chairman of the Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament), said on the 11th that the GDP of China, India, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Iran and Turkey in terms of purchasing power parity has exceeded 24.4% of the G7 group, and a new G8 can be established. In the future, the new G8 will not only focus on economic alliance, but also build defense integration.

Some Russian experts said that if the new G8 is finally built successfully, the United States will completely lose its hegemony.

Look at the above actions. Whether it is the Russian Ukrainian war, the St. Petersburg forum, the collective security organization, or the new G8 in the idea, there is a smell that “new forces” are emerging, and a taste that they want to compete with the West.

It is not surprising that time has come to this day. There are two reasons:

1? When one star shines alone, the stars shine brightly

As the West has almost eaten its old capital, and new revolutionary technologies have not yet emerged, it is difficult for the west to ride the dust as before.

Although the absolute power of the west is still there, it is an indisputable fact that it has declined relatively, including the United States.

On the other hand, emerging countries are rising collectively, including China, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia and so on.

It used to be that the United States (or the West) had only one bright star, but now there are many bright stars.

The rise of new forces will certainly not be completely subject to old forces.

Second, Russia has no choice

Russia has two special points to the West:

First, it is huge and adjacent to Europe, which determines that it has a natural threat to Europe, and this threat is also the most fundamental existential threat. With this in mind, no matter how Russia explains to Europe that it is harmless, Europe cannot really rest assured.

The second is that the United States must use Russia to unite Europe. Europe is the core support of American hegemony. Once the team is broken up, American hegemony will not play. The best way to unite Europe is to create a “Russian threat” and unite Europe under the banner of the United States.

The above two points determine the natural destiny of Russia’s confrontation with the west, and there is no other choice. Russia used to disarm itself to express its sincerity of reconciliation to the west, and also used shock economic therapy to integrate into the West. In the early days of Putin’s administration, Russia actively tried to join the west, but finally showed that these efforts were unsuccessful.

It is difficult to say whether Russia and western Russia will move towards reconciliation in the future. But now it seems that Russia and the West are breaking away and turning east and south. I think we have seen all this clearly.

Now Russia seems to have fired the first shot to end the Western order. What’s more, the two major confrontation groups in the world are gradually emerging, and a “new force” focusing on Russia seems to be emerging. Is this the final formation or a flash in the pan? Look forward to Russia’s success!

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