A new promotion order has arrived!

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Author: xiudehou source: official account: xiudehang

I’m a group worker cadre, and my work makes me want to analyze the meaning behind every new change in personnel appointment.

Recently, an old leader of mine returned to his first-line post, which attracted the attention of many colleagues around him.

He has been in charge of the administration of Shencheng for many years, and was appointed to lead a large province in the fight against the epidemic when he was in danger. He was really popular.

However, limited by my age, I can only regret that I am on the second line. I didn’t expect that there will be a bright future and I will come out again.

In addition to expectations, a new personnel system and order seem to be looming.

At present, the state generally uses cadres in two ways, technical cadres and administrative cadres. The two are two lines, and there is a clear distinction between them.

The most important characteristic of technical cadres is their specialty. They have been deeply engaged in finance, management, justice and other fields for a long time. Some of them have even been engaged in research work in Universities for a long time before, and have made great achievements in theory and practice.

A typical department is “one line, three meetings”. Because of the high technical barriers, the cadres here have senior professional backgrounds and are full of literary spirit.

And administrative cadres are more political figures we are familiar with at ordinary times. They have experienced the training of many posts and levels. Many people have moved from the most basic township to senior leadership positions.

They are vigorous and experienced in their work, and they are “generalists” who can coordinate resources and be competent for multiple posts.

My daily work is to deal with various types of cadres. According to actual contacts, I think the advantages and disadvantages of different types of cadres are obvious.

Technical cadres can rely on their professional knowledge and vision to promote the reform and development of a certain field, so that it can move forward, standardized and scientific.

However, in reality, many reforms may not achieve the desired results because they are out of line with reality or subject to various constraints.

At the same time, because of working in an office with a strong professional atmosphere for a long time, his breaking ability, determination and skill in major affairs are slightly inferior.

As for administrative cadres, they often have the skills and will, dare to wade into muddy waters, and are good at taking hot potato.

However, in work, because scientific thinking is slightly inferior to the former, or because people have been used to it simply and directly for a long time, they pay too much attention to efficiency in the process of decision-making and implementation, and sometimes have a “reckless” style.

A typical example is the parental production style, especially when you are in a “layman” position, you don’t respect professionals enough, which leads to the risk of work mistakes.

In the past, in order to achieve rapid development, we not only needed to connect with international standards, but also needed to be more courageous and take more steps. Therefore, rough and fine coexist, and let two types of cadres work together.

Although there were also conflicts, discord and contradictions, the overall cooperation was quite good. Our great achievements in recent years are the best proof.

However, the current development of the country has entered a new stage, the international competition pattern has undergone profound changes, and the cause of internal reform has entered a deeper depth.

In the future, we should not only break through the “bottleneck” technology and realize the development of productivity in the direction of “high-tech, refined and sophisticated”, but also break and reshape the system and mechanism that do not match the productivity.

This is a completely different development model from the past, which means that we should not only continue to develop at a high speed, but also develop with high quality and precision, so as to become a true world-class, and there is no ready-made model to learn from.

This road will be very difficult, and all cadres must play the role of charging the front line and overcoming difficulties.

Therefore, compared with the past, new requirements have been put forward for the cadre structure and the comprehensive quality of cadres. If we try to make a simple division again, we are doomed to fail to adapt to the new situation.

Therefore, a good cadre in the future must be compound. He must be an “expert”, have sufficient professional ability, know and respect science and law; We should also be a “brave general”, who can control risks and dare to make a final decision in the face of rough seas.

Back to the old leader mentioned above. It can be said that he is such a versatile talent with both professional and political qualities.

My resume spans all professional departments in this system at the same time, and I have rich administrative experience, which is rare in the whole country.

I believe that when he returns to his familiar field, he will have a newer, more comprehensive and more stable way of thinking about problems than other administrative cadres, and he can also handle things better than other technical cadres.

Moreover, in addition to the professional structure, the use of cadres in the future may no longer be age-based, and more emphasis will be placed on being informal.

As long as you have the ability and talent, even if you are old, you can return to the second tier and be re employed.

It breaks the rule of “one way to Huashan since ancient times” and reduces the anxiety of cadres who cannot be promoted because of their age.

This is a very good signal, although it takes time and waiting to fully realize it. However, as a new thing, it must have strong vitality and vigor. I also believe that such changes will occur in more fields in the future, breaking first and establishing later.

This is because a new system, new order and new era have arrived. We don’t need to look around, let alone look back, just keep looking forward.

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