A plate of cold rice!

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Author: Sheng Tang Rusong Source WeChat official account: The Shopkeeper’s Dao has been reprinted with authorization

It’s really hard to understand that Americans are starting to stir up the origin of the COVID-19 epidemic. From all kinds of gossip carefully compiled on Twitter and planted questions and answers, to the crazy clamour of the US government and even the US ambassador to China. The fried cold rice looks very strong.

Is it useful? I think it’s useless. In fact, the United States and Western countries have done their utmost to stigmatize China. From the so-called domestic human rights to the so-called foreign aid conspiracy, from the balloons flying in the sky to the bacteria in the air, they have tried every possible way to discredit China. However, these are of no use. At most, it is to fool the people of our own country, or make the people of other third world countries confused. But for China itself, the harm is not great. Even though the right of speech in China has been basically occupied by the well-known faction for so many years, the Chinese people have not been deceived. It even happened not long ago that young people won the microphone. Under the circumstance that the public has been unable to hold the microphone firmly, what role can the US smear play?

It is obviously not feasible to target at home. If the United States has not realized this, it is really a big enemy. If the result of the $300 million annual dialogue and debate is not achieved, it can only prove that the United States is lame or fooled by the public. However, since the American ambassadors have been so crazy, it shows that they are very likely to be cheated by the domestic public. After all, as long as the public know fools the United States, the money can still be very handy. Even if the United States can not increase its investment, it can not let the United States cut the investment of 300 million dollars. Many people point to this money to buy keyboards.

Although the source of this incident may be that the new American ambassador was deceived by a senior public official in China. However, the American people chose to fry this matter at this time, which obviously has its own purpose.

At present, international relations are on the verge of major changes. We can see that even a dog with a mouth band like Japan is clamoring that China should not sell weapons to Russia. It can be seen how they fear the military trade cooperation between China and Russia.

Last year, Russia’s GDP fell by only 2.1%, far from collapse, under the crazy sanctions imposed by the United States and Europe. It can be said that if Russia’s energy cooperation can go further eastward and its industrial orientation adapts to the eastward layout, its economy will not be better or worse than before. In particular, if the Far East can be deeply integrated into the strategic plan for the east, it may have better development space.

In this case, the Russian-Uzbekistan War, a war of attrition, consumed not only Russia, but also the United States and its allies. However, if NATO further relaxed its military assistance to Ukraine, Russia would have some difficulties in fighting the war in the later stage. Because we know that as NATO and the United States have released the restrictions on the aid of offensive weapons to Ukraine, a large number of tanks and aircraft will enter the Ukrainian battlefield. Because the NATO weapons can not be skillfully used by Ukrainian soldiers, and the number of people who can enter the battlefield in Ukraine has become less and less, so with these weapons entering Ukraine, there will be a large number of NATO soldiers wearing the flag of mercenaries, For example, people from the United States, Poland and other countries in Europe. There are also soldiers from countries that can skillfully use American-made weapons, such as the Japanese who were recently hammered by Wagner.

If in the end Russia is faced with the NATO troops and NATO weapons in the Ukrainian battlefield. Then it is difficult to achieve the balance of war of attrition by itself. At least in terms of weapons consumption and logistics equipment, it needs to be purchased externally. This is why the United States and its friends are worried about China’s attack. In order to check and balance China, even to nail China on the cross of bad guys. The United States needs to do everything possible to stigmatize China, create an atmosphere of China threat theory, and create the illusion that China is evil. In short, as long as China cooperates with Russia in the end, they will surely say: Sure enough, China is evil. And because they have laid a psychological foundation for their own voters before that, any attack on China will naturally be recognized and supported by the people.

The purpose of the so-called fried cold rice is not to eat the cold rice, but to keep the cold rice on the table, so as to increase people’s impression of the cold rice and finally form a fixed cognition.

Fried cold rice actually means that it is difficult for the United States to have new rice to fry. After the balloon event was hyped up, it suddenly found that it was not good for itself to be hyped up too much. One is that the balloon was shot down late. It shows that there are loopholes in America’s domestic defense capability. It is not honorable for them to shoot down the civilian equipment of other countries, and even bring risks to their own family’s future approaching investigation under the guise of civilian scientific research. Third, from the perspective of other countries in the world, the United States is not reasonable. If the United States is still hot, it can only prove that it is a weak and arrogant country with no international morality.

As for the Taihai dish. After each speculation, Chinese Mainland will move forward. The result of this is the same as that of the United States in the South China Sea. China has always maintained the rhythm of Doudou without breaking. Without taking the absolute initiative and absolute advantage, we should only take small steps and never fail to move forward. Faced with repeated incentives from American politicians and the US government. China has tried to maintain its strategic focus. Although many people scold China for being weak, the ‘weak’ China can always make the tough US jump in the air. I don’t know why. Laotse said, “Isn’t the existence of the tongue based on its softness? Isn’t the death of the teeth based on its hardness?” That’s probably the reason.

Therefore, both China and the United States are taking small steps on the Taiwan Strait issue, slowly approaching each other’s bottom line. The Americans are not sure to copy the Ukrainian model in the Taiwan Strait. If China plays really and issues an ID card in ten and a half days, then the United States will undoubtedly steal chicken and not eat rice. Taiwan is a chess piece, and the United States has no determination to take risks. Because the gains may outweigh the losses. If you really want to copy the Ukrainian model, the best place is Japan, and Japan is not as stupid as Ukraine, but it is another problem. Although Japan is trying to untie itself militarily through the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, if it really works hard, it is estimated that it will be much more slippery than Ukraine. Moreover, once China is angry with Japan, it will be much more serious than Russia’s fight against Ukraine. Putin has too much tenderness towards the Ukrainian people.

The cold rice that had to be cooked must not be eaten in the end. It seems that the United States is also at the end of its tether to China. Therefore, we can see that, in essence, the United States has begun to prepare for defense against China, such as the overall restrictions on the overseas version of a certain voice. In fact, this overseas version does not violate any laws and regulations of the United States, and even its content is more close to western values. Why does it make Americans so nervous that they should be banned? Some people say it is for benefit, but we believe that the reason for the ban is that this overseas version cannot be fully controlled by western capital, and cannot be banned as the original ban on Trump by major media platforms in the United States. We can’t be obedient like the Jewish capital to kill Kanye. That’s enough. The United States absolutely does not want an anomaly in its tightest guarded discourse platform, even if it is only a small bud.

The reason why the United States, which has always claimed freedom of speech, is so afraid of the growth of a bud is that it has lost its confidence, confidence, and aggression. It naturally needs to enter a cautious defensive state.

In view of this, for the fried cold rice in the United States, we need not deal with it too much. We can fight back in time. We can also put the cold rice in Fort Detrick. He can’t turn the sky in China, nor can China lift the lid of Fort Detrick. Under the balance, I really think Americans are becoming more and more uninteresting.

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