A possible trend!

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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been authorized to reprint

A possible trend in Europe may be coming.

A few days ago, NATO Secretary General stultenberg visited Sweden and met with Swedish Prime Minister Andersson. Stultenberg later said at a joint press conference that “NATO attaches great importance to Turkey’s concerns and other issues, and is working closely with Sweden, Finland and Turkey to resolve relevant issues. He said that under the current circumstances, it is very important for Sweden to send signals about arms exports and counter-terrorism.”

Stultenberg’s remark undoubtedly cooled Anderson’s agitated heart. I guess her feeling at that time must have been that her hot face rubbed against the hot ass of NATO. Although both sides were hot, it was not the same thing. Sweden and Finland undoubtedly felt some nausea and regret.


NATO Secretary General stultenberg and Swedish Prime Minister Andersson

As I said before, Turkey is much more important to NATO than Sweden and Finland. Especially in the current international environment, if NATO really forces Turkey to withdraw from NATO, Russia’s influence on the Middle East and China’s influence on the Middle East may be integrated. A new international force with China and Russia as the first echelon and Iran, Turkey and even Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar as the second echelon may be born.

Of course, Turkey can not easily leave NATO, but if Turkey, as Erdogan said, as long as he lives, it will not be possible for rifen to join NATO. NATO really has no good way, unless NATO rules are modified. But the rules are fundamental. What if the Ukrainian government wants to open a small stove for rifen alone?

Therefore, stultenberg went to Sweden to persuade Sweden to change its attitude towards Turkey. First of all, Turkey should be allowed to buy Swedish weapons The second is to ask Sweden to cooperate with Turkey on the issue of counter-terrorism. The PKK, which Sweden is the guest of honor, is defined as a terrorist, and then do as you like, expulsion or extradition. In short, if you do not do so, it will be difficult for us NATO to accept you.

Sweden can definitely rank among the top three in Europe. As for Turkey’s requirements, stultenberg reminded that Sweden may be able to do the first, but it can’t do the second anyway. Although Andersson has let go and is ready to identify the PKK as a terrorist organization, Sweden has previously elected the descendants of Kurds as its own members of Parliament, And claimed that Sweden is a country that is absolutely indomitable in order to be the virgin. Now we can’t cut our virgin’s face just because of a turkey. Therefore, Sweden is now in a dilemma.

Seeing that things were bad, Finland quickly issued a statement, saying that if Sweden could not join NATO, it would be meaningless for a country to join. Finland and Sweden love each other and will never join NATO alone.

That is to say, the matter of rifen joining NATO may turn yellow. The reason why it may be yellow is not only that Turkey is determined to block it, but also that Europe and the United States can no longer make trouble.

There are many reasons for this. The most important one is the kind of suicide sanctions in Europe. The inflation rate in the European Union in May was as high as 8.1, which was lower than that in the United States, but it was still a somewhat outrageous figure. The cause of inflation in Europe and the United States is said to be caused by Russia, but onlookers know that it is their own doing. How long can the EU and the us survive this kind of inflation? It is estimated that Europe and the United States are also beating drums. In particular, the EU, after all, has its own spillover channel, and the United States is a single country. However, Europe cannot overflow Euro inflation through the oil settlement system, and the development level of EU countries is different. When formulating foreign policies, there are differences in interests, which will greatly reduce the efficiency of policy formation. Therefore, the EU will certainly be unable to carry it earlier than the United States. At this time, as long as Putin adheres to the strategy of promoting stability in eastern Ukraine and tells the EU that he will not be greedy for the whole of Eastern Europe, the EU may climb down this level.

However, the main reason why Europe and the United States cannot afford it is not the real economic reason, but the unfavorable international situation. At the Latin American Summit hosted by the United States in Los Angeles, the leaders of more than a dozen countries did not attend the summit. However, the Haitian delegation, which is regarded by the United States as a democratic country, even seven people took the opportunity of the meeting to run away and became American black immigrants. This makes Biden, who has always advertised democracy in immigration policy, somewhat embarrassed. As you know, one of the main topics of Biden’s Latin America summit is to solve the problem of illegal immigrants in Latin America. As a result, Biden’s meeting has become a running channel for illegal immigrants. This is the rhythm of Trump’s death. In the face of this embarrassment, we can imagine how voters will view Biden at the US mid-term election in a few months.

The most important thing is that the Latin American summit not only failed to make Latin American countries respect the United States more, but also despised the United States more. Biden’s move is a bad move. As an onlooker, Europe can obviously feel the inadequacy and embarrassment of the United States. Since we can’t even control our own doorstep, how can we take Europe into account?

Another thing that worries Europe as an onlooker is the Shangri La dialogue. At this dialogue, although the United States, Japan and Australia made many small moves and also showed the strong side of this small group in the Asia Pacific, the response of ASEAN countries to the United States, Australia and Japan was very flat, even disgusted. The applause of the foreign ministers of China and the United States after their speeches at the dialogue can make people feel the unpopularity of the US policy in Southeast Asia. At the end of the speech, the Chinese side applauded loudly, while the US side applauded intermittently.

Meanwhile, Indonesian defense minister Prabowo’s remarks on China have shocked all Western visitors, He said: “Asia, especially Southeast Asia, has been the crossroads of imperialism, great power rule, exploitation and plunder for centuries. “Therefore, based on our experience in the past 40 to 50 years, we have found a way to solve these challenges. Our experience of being enslaved and exploited together has enabled us to strive to create a peaceful and friendly environment. We have seen how China has struggled against aggression and foreign intervention over the years. I believe that China will take responsibility with their wisdom and benevolence because this is their philosophy. Confucius is The great Chinese philosopher has always taught us that power and leadership are always accompanied by benevolence. “

Look, the words of the Indonesian defense minister are more sensational and provocative than the we media articles we wrote, and they also raise the greatness of Chinese culture. Obviously, the fate of Afghanistan being abandoned by the United States makes all non western countries feel that Afghanistan is really poor, thanks to the fact that we are not Afghanistan. However, the more than 100 day war in Ukraine has shown many countries that if I get close to the United States, I may become the next Ukraine. In this case, even if Southeast Asian countries want to get close to the United States, they are afraid to lead wolves into their homes. Of course, except for Japan and South Korea, which are used to sucking American milk and being pinched by the United States.

It is impossible for European countries not to see the various disappointments of the United States in the international diplomatic arena, and if they see no change in their hearts, it will prove that they are really stupid. It is still so difficult for Ruifen to join NATO. It is conceivable that Germany, France and other countries have pushed Ukraine to join the EU.

The situation that I inferred a few days ago that Russia is slowly consuming American consumables is based on this judgment. However, it is difficult for the EU to fly by the slow work of Russia alone. As long as they can see that there is still hope in their own consumption, they will not give up the sanctions against Russia. But now the world is turning and moving away from the United States, which will certainly make them panic.

The reversal of the general trend is not necessarily overnight. Under normal circumstances, it takes a long process. It would be wishful thinking if the United States and European countries still hope that China will suddenly change and become a favorable situation for them because of some hot events they think of themselves.

The long process is bound to face long suffering. I hope that the suffering we have experienced can reap fruitful fruits, not the final and disappointing compromise. I can see the hope that others can see, including Europe.

You see, quietly, the Sino US talks have begun again? But so what? Who is in the upper hand? Only those who are in the upper hand can feel deeper. Or both sides think they have the upper hand. If you want to be the king of the world, you must first strengthen yourself and solve your own internal problems. Whose internal problems are fundamental contradictions between us and the United States? I’m afraid neither side is willing to admit that their problems are fundamental. Therefore, we can only go on like this. Then it depends on who can’t hold on.

The following winter should be very cold.

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