a single spark can start a prairie fire! The BRICs countries are rising strongly, and China is leading the world in a new pattern!

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Source: Liang Wenshi (id:fcd101)

This weekend is full of surprises!

China’s third aircraft carrier was launched, the TP500 unmanned transport plane flew for the first time, and India accidentally took a blow against American capital (Amazon), and Biden fell on his bicycle.

In addition, another high-profile event is that the foreign ministry recently announced that the 14th BRICs leaders’ meeting will be held on June 23.

In this regard, the most disturbing is undoubtedly the United States.

In my opinion, the BRICs organization is just like the red revolutionary base under the white rule. It started from a single spark, stood at the slightest bit, walked on the blue path, fought in the mountains and rivers, and has quietly developed for 16 years. Now it has gradually become a prairie fire.

Why are you say that? Let’s first look at the history of the BRICs countries:

In 2001, Goldman Sachs put forward the concept of “BRICs” for the first time, specifically referring to the world’s emerging markets.

In 2006, the foreign ministers of Brazil, Russia, India and China met for the first time during the UN General Assembly. In 2011, South Africa officially joined. Since then, the BRICs countries have expanded into five countries and continue to this day.

These five countries have a wide geographical area, a large population, rich resources and great development potential.

The reason why it is called BRICs is that it adopts the English initials of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Because the word is similar to the English word brick, it is called “BRICs”.

Geographically, the BRICs countries cover Asia, Africa and Latin America, forming a sharp contrast with the western traditional power groups represented by the United States and NATO.

In 1928, the great man wrote “why can China’s red regime exist?” The following reasons are summarized:

1? War between white regimes.

2? The revolutionary forces are constantly fighting.

3? There is a regular Red Army force.

4? The party organization is powerful and the policy is correct.

The above theories are also in line with the development process of BRICs countries. The analysis is as follows:

1? Contradictions between white regimes

The White regime in the Jinggangshan period was split, not unified, in China. Behind every White regime, there is the support of one or several imperialist forces, and there is a huge competition for interests among them, so the war between them is inevitable.

Today, the White regime faced by the BRICs countries is the NATO led by the United States and the world’s traditional power structure represented by the United States and Europe.

They are also full of contradictions, including the contradictions between the United States and Europe, as well as the fierce struggle between the two parties in the United States.

How intense is the party struggle in the United States?

According to British media, former US State Secretary Kissinger said in an exclusive interview with the times that the Vietnam War had plunged the United States into a downward spiral of political polarization, and the United States is much more divided than the Vietnam War.

To put it bluntly, it has become an irresistible situation.

The reason for such a situation is essentially that the recession of the US economy has transformed the relationship between the two parties from the previous “military + financial” partnership from the complementary model of the world’s wool gathering to an internal stock struggle.

The essence of party struggle is to seize interests.

Whether the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, it is nothing more than the difference between vampires and warmongers. When leeks cannot be harvested from the outside, internal contradictions are bound to be inevitable.

The same contradiction also exists between the United States and Europe. When there is no enough wool collected from Asia, Africa and Latin America, the United States can only drive Russia, swallow Ukraine and turn its sickle on its former allies to harvest Europe.

Therefore, for the BRICs countries, the contradictions between the white regimes not only exist objectively, but are destined to continue for a long time.

This provides powerful conditions for the survival, development and expansion of the BRICs organization.

2? The revolutionary forces are constantly struggling

In those years, if the revolution stopped and did not move forward, the establishment of the red regime would be impossible.

It is through continuous struggle that the revolutionary forces have developed continuously in the struggle, thus cultivating a large number of revolutionary backbones, which has become an important reason for the continuous climax of the Chinese revolution.

Similarly, under the leadership of China, the BRICs countries are also constantly struggling and developing.

From scratch, from small to large, from four countries to five countries, and now it is ready to expand its membership again.

On May 19, State Councilor and foreign minister Wangyi chaired the BRICs foreign ministers’ video conference.

Foreign Minister Wang said that in the face of new challenges in the international situation, we should unite all forces that can be united to inject new vitality into BRICs cooperation.

China proposed to launch the BRICs membership expansion process, discuss the criteria and procedures for membership expansion, and gradually form a consensus. After the meeting, the BRICs foreign ministers issued a joint statement, all of which expressed their support for China’s initiative.

On May 26, the website of today’s Russian TV station published the title “new power center: what is behind the BRICs expansion initiative?” The article quotes Russian expert Andrei suzdalitsev as saying that the rapid change in the global political situation is the driving force for the BRICs countries to expand their membership.

Suzdalitsev said that the old system is falling apart, the efficiency and importance of international organizations are declining sharply, and the world financial system is facing great challenges.

He pointed out in his article that China and the United States have very complex relations. The United States is trying to put pressure on Beijing and threaten China. Against this political background, China hopes that the BRICs countries and possible new member states will form a consortium of some countries that will fight against western hegemony.

In the post – War era, everyone is playing cards.

In the previous joint statement of the BRICs countries, it has been declared without hesitation that “the global governance structure formed based on the previous international power pattern has gradually lost its legitimacy and effectiveness” and “the BRICs countries are an important force for the gradual change of the current mechanism, contributing to the realization of more representative and fairer global governance”.

To put it bluntly, China’s leading role in the BRICs expansion is actually to unite with the vast number of emerging market countries to create an international version of Encircling Cities from rural areas and changing the current international pattern.

So who will be the next new member?

According to the Russian think tank, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Turkey, Argentina and Mexico are all possible candidates, and Argentina is particularly vocal.

According to foreign media, Argentine officials said earlier that Argentina is getting closer to the BRICs group.

Behind this seemingly simple statement, in fact, it was very hard won: not only Brazil expressed great support for Argentina’s decision, but also China and India rarely agreed on this issue, and both expressed support for Argentina’s accession to the BRICs.

This situation not only reflects China’s status among the BRICs Member States, but also fully demonstrates that the BRICs countries as a whole have reached a high degree of consensus on the future development direction.

Compared with NATO, which constantly brings troubles and disasters to the world, the BRICs’ model of “holding together for warmth + win-win cooperation” will be more helpful in the future and become a stage to confront traditional Western rules.

3? There is a regular Red Army force

Without a regular military force, the red regime would be difficult to survive even if it was established. Only a regular Red Army, not just a militia armed with workers and peasants, can safeguard the red regime.

Similarly, the survival of the BRICs countries is also based on the military support of China and Russia.

Truth is within the range of artillery, so the whole territory of the United States is within the range of truth of China and Russia.

As I said before, shotguns are the best way to communicate with beasts.

If the war escalates in the future, China and Russia can inadvertently disclose the private strongholds of those vampires in the deep American government all over the world.

For those parasites who regard the country as their host, they don’t care about smashing Ukraine, Taiwan, or even the United States. But if they send missiles directly to themselves and their family members, they will care very much.

4? The party organization is powerful and the policy is correct

Even if there is a red regime and a regular army, without a strong and powerful leadership of the Communist Party, there can be no guarantee of its long-term existence.

At the same time, the leadership policy should not make major mistakes, otherwise it will destroy the foundation of the red regime.

As for some inevitable minor mistakes, we should find them in time, recognize them, and correct them in time to avoid the occurrence of bigger mistakes.

Looking at the world today, there is no model more in line with the interests of multiple parties than China’s the Belt and Road initiative; There is no international value that can surpass the height of building a community with a shared future for mankind.

Under the great changes that have not been seen in a century, the traditional rules and orders controlled by Europe and the United States are neither legal nor effective. The BRICs countries are trying to replace them and build a new world without privileges and equal participation.

Therefore, it is imperative for BRICs countries to expand their membership.

China is the rotating presidency of the BRICs countries this year. Since then, it has successfully held more than 70 meetings and activities, covering the fields of political security, economy, trade, finance, people to people exchanges, sustainable development and public health. It has promoted BRICs cooperation to make important progress in many aspects.

The BRICs leaders’ meeting on the 23rd is especially expected.

The meeting will be held by video with the theme of “building high-quality partnerships and jointly creating a new era of global development”.

This is a grand event for BRICs members, as well as emerging market countries and developing countries, to jointly demonstrate the BRICs spirit of “openness, inclusiveness and win-win cooperation” to the world against the background of increasingly prominent international instability, uncertainty and insecurity.

In january1930, in order to criticize the pessimistic ideas existing in the party at that time, the great man wrote “a single spark can start a prairie fire”.

He pointed out in his article:

1? Although the subjective force of the Chinese revolution is weak, all the organizations of the reactionary ruling class (political power, armed forces, political parties, etc.) based on China’s backward and fragile social and economic organizations are also weak.

2? After the failure of the revolution in 1927, the subjective power of the revolution was indeed greatly weakened, but “a single spark can start a prairie fire”. Although there is only a small power now, its development will be very fast.

3? In assessing counter revolutionary forces, we must not only look at their phenomena, but at their essence. From the end of 1928 to the beginning of 1929, the enemy carried out three “joint suppression” campaigns against the Jinggangshan base area, which seemed to be very powerful. In fact, the struggle between Britain, the United States and Japan in China has been very explicit. The warlord scuffle has taken shape. In essence, this is the beginning of the decline of the counter revolutionary trend and the revival of the revolutionary trend.

4? The objective reality is that all kinds of contradictions are moving forward. The whole country is full of dry firewood and will soon burn into flames.

In contrast, in the past few years, the United States has launched attacks on China and Russia on multiple fronts. It seems to be a fierce attack, but in fact it is already the end of a powerful crossbow.

The final result is that they are tired of dealing with China and Russia, Europe is estranged, attempts to win over ASEAN, and their own backyard is on fire (Latin America).

Spark of BRICs countries

Will burn the graves of NATO

A just cause has more help than an unjust cause

A single spark will start a prairie fire!

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