A small town questioner is the Chinese dream!

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Original: Gu Ziming authorized to reprint this article to wechat official account: zhengshitang plus2019


After eating the melon of “traffic stars” and “small town question makers” under the Amway of friends, in the face of the ridicule of a few official media on small town question makers, I decided to say a few words for students from ordinary families.

Since Comrade Xiaoping resumed the college entrance examination, the “small town Question Maker” has become the representative of the “Chinese dream”. As long as any Chinese is willing to learn knowledge well and master the ability to solve problems in the “question making”, he has the opportunity to stand out in the competition.

As one of the greatest inventions in the world history, China’s imperial examination system has created the most fair screening mechanism. The modern college entrance examination, derived from the imperial examination, has become a fair track, which can quantify students’ ability to solve problems per unit of time in the form of scores.

Under the college entrance examination mechanism, from top 2 to top 3, students’ learning ability is basically linearly proportional to their first degree. According to this score, the market can provide the most matched labor force for productivity and the most effective distribution method for means of production.

Just like we play the game of Three Kingdoms, after each general is digitized, as a boss, we can reasonably arrange them in the most suitable position to give full play to their effectiveness.

Similarly, business owners can design expectations according to their first degree and college entrance examination scores, formulate entry-level wages and subsequent resources, so that enterprises and individuals can form win-win and positive feedback in the process of development.

However, in recent years, there have been problems with this distribution mechanism. The best talents are concentrated in the system, distorting the market-oriented regulation.

The country’s best talents are preparing for the civil service examination, making them become machines that focus on reciting question banks and outlines when they have the strongest learning ability and innovation ability.

At the same time, the top fault of the talent market makes enterprises unable to obtain excellent management and innovation talents, restricts the development and organizational expansion of enterprises, and cannot absorb more jobs and posts.

The relationship between supply and demand has also changed, from the competition for talents by enterprises to the competition for staffing, which not only caused a huge waste of resources, but also the root cause of this wave of “traffic stars” war “small town question makers”.

In a word, it is also a last resort for stars to enjoy the examination and editing. In recent years, the film and television industry is expected to change, and stars are thundering frequently.

In order to prevent the film from being released due to the bad stars, and in order to prevent the brand from being stinked by the bad stars, these investors who pay for it tend to use the stars with the system.

Ability and acting skills are no longer important. The lessons of losing everything time and again have made investors deeply understand that only stars who have experienced system screening can make money for themselves.

Similarly, behind the recent public examination craze, many industries that have lasted for many years suddenly disappeared due to the frequent changes in market expectations.

For fresh graduates and their parents, as the uncertainty of market-oriented competition has increased significantly, it has completely diluted the high benefits brought by marketization, and actively participating in system screening has become the wisest choice in economics.

Both sides are desperately trying to squeeze a single wooden bridge. Even if all parties make the most rational decisions, it still leads to a zero sum game between idols and Adu, and also makes the competition for staffing more and more intense.

The fierce competition in staffing has distorted the college entrance examination, the most effective way of resource allocation, resulting in resource mismatch and efficiency reduction in the whole market.

More importantly, the college entrance examination system is the strongest cornerstone to maintain social mobility and the most important foundation for governance. When the public examination occupies the position of the college entrance examination, social mobility will be quickly welded to death. Similar conflicts between “traffic stars” and “small town question makers” will only emerge one after another.

If the country wants stability and economic development, it must reclaim the privileges brought by the establishment, market the income of the establishment, let everyone return to the platform of the college entrance examination and employment, open up social liquidity and market-oriented distribution of capital, and let every small town questioner in China realize their Chinese dream through efforts.

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