A strange man in the late Tang and early Song Dynasties who was sought after by emperors because he could predict disasters and blessings

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Chen Tuan

Chen Tuan is a longevity. It is said that he was born in the 12th year of Xiantong of Yizong of Tang Dynasty (871), passed away in the 2nd year of Duangong of Taizong of Song Dynasty (989), and lived 118 years. Most longevity stars have some stories, or strange living habits, or mysterious life experiences. Chen Tuan is no exception. According to the history of the Song Dynasty, Chen Tuan could not speak at the age of four or five. One day, playing in the water near the whirling water in his hometown of Zhenyuan, Bozhou (now Luyi, Henan Province), he was carried into the mountains by a woman in blue who came to him and fed a few mouthfuls of milk. From then on, he could not only speak, but also sing poetry with his mouth open. He became more and more intelligent. When he grew up, he was able to recite poems and Fu at the sight of hundreds of scholars, and he became eloquent. During the Changxing period of the late Tang Dynasty (930-933), he took the imperial examination, but failed, so he never asked for an official position. He has lived in seclusion in Wudang and Huashan. He is “thirsty for the water at the head of the stream and full of the wind of Panasonic”. He indulges in the landscape and studies the book of changes. It is lvdongbin and Li Qi who are also human and immortal who sing about the book of changes.

Chen Tuan can foretell. According to the records of Dongxuan, Chen Tuan had a talent for helping the world, but after the decline of the late Tang Dynasty and the chaos of the Five Dynasties, he failed to succeed again and again. He was very unhappy and became a hermit. Although he is a hermit, he also cares about current politics. He always frowns and sighs for days when he hears the news of the new emperor’s accession to the throne and the change of dynasties. One day, Chen Tuan rode a donkey and wandered around Huayin (today’s Huayin, Shaanxi). When he heard the city people running around telling him that zhaozhengdian and zhaokuangyin had become emperor, he was so surprised that he fell off the donkey and laughed loudly: “the world is finally stable this time!”

Chen Tuan can read palms. On one occasion, Wang Kezheng, a minister under Emperor Taizong of the Song Dynasty, died. He had no son, only a teenage daughter kneeling in front of the funeral. Chen Tuan went to mourn and said to others when he came out: “although I didn’t see Wang Kezheng’s daughter’s face clearly, I saw her hand holding the incense burner. It was really a noble hand. If a man had these hands, he would enter the Imperial Academy in white and ascend to the sky step by step; if a woman, he would marry wanggongxiangui and get a very high award.” Sure enough, this woman was later decided by Emperor Taizong of the Song Dynasty, married Chen Shu, who was involved in political affairs, and was later granted the title of county lady by the emperor. She was really divine.

Chen Tuan enjoyed a high reputation among the people, and many believers spread his word to the emperor. He was the target of many emperors in the Five Dynasties and the early Song Dynasty, and often went to the imperial palace.

Later in the Tang Dynasty, the emperor mingzong heard of Chen Tuan’s name and ordered him to leave the mountain. When Chen Tuan came to Luoyang, capital city (now Luoyang, Henan Province), he only slept in the hotel. He did not see the skill of immortals to guide him or the skill of flying through the clouds. What’s the use? At the suggestion of the minister, the emperor decided to use his trump card to give Chen Tuan a good brew of wine and three national palace maids. If you can pass the wine pass, you can’t pass the beauty pass. Will you be stunned and bewitched, and then obedient? But the next day, when Emperor mingzong of the Tang Dynasty sent someone to summon him, he received a poem: “snow is the body, jade is the cheek, and I deeply thank the king for sending it. The priest did not have the dream of wuxia, and he fell down the balcony in the air.”. Chen Tuan had already fled and did not know where he was.

In the Later Zhou Dynasty, Zhou Shizong favored Huang Baizhu (the alchemy of turning stone into gold). In the third year of Xiande (956), zhoushizong ordered the governor of Huazhou to escort Chen Tuan to the capital. He left him in the palace for more than a month and repeatedly asked him about his alchemy techniques. However, Chen Tuan always had only one sentence: “as the leader of the world, you should focus on the stability of the country and the well-being of the people. Why do you focus on those yellow and white skills?” Facing Chen Tuan’s challenge, zhoushizong didn’t care. Instead, he wanted to appoint him as an advisor. With Chen Tuan’s firm refusal, zhoushizong had to give up, let him go back to the mountain, and gave him many valuable gifts before leaving.

When Emperor Taizong of the Song Dynasty was in power, Chen Tuan’s reputation was at its zenith. In the ninth year of Taiping Xingguo (984), Emperor Taizong of the Song Dynasty invited Chen Tuan into the palace. Through the mouth of Prime Minister Song Qi, he also repeatedly asked Chen Tuan about his accomplishments and the way to live long. Chen Tuan always talked about him. Chen tuanyue was like this. Emperor Taizong of song felt that he was unfathomable and respected him more and more. He gave him purple clothes and the title of “Mr. Xiyi”. He also arranged special funds to help him repair Yuntai temple. He also repeatedly asked him to eat and drink in the palace for several months before he said goodbye to him.

Chen Tuan became the object pursued by the emperors because of his legend, and became famous because of his wandering in the emperor’s home. There are more and more legends, and the stories are more and more divine. However, if you read the historical materials carefully, you will find that the more magical the place is, the more vague the records are. The more common the place is, the more detailed the records are. The clear side that can be reflected in the history books is that he studied the book of changes and wrote a monograph; He is good at composing poems and has retained more than 600. As for some stories in the history books, especially those of his dealings with the emperors, they are often shrouded in clouds and fog, showing the image of a magician who still holds the pipa. However, this just reflects Chen Tuan’s brilliance, because he deeply understands that what those emperors who have had enough to eat all day long dream of, is not the Yellow Atractylodes, or the art of keeping the golden spear in the house, or the medicine to bring the dead back to life and immortality. He can’t give these, so he has to play charades, pretend to be confused, and deal with them skillfully. Do you think Chen Tuan’s self-protection skills are very good?

Chen Tuan later emerged in a cave in Huashan Mountain. It is said that his body was still warm after staying in the cave for seven days, and the five colored auspicious clouds swirled around the cave, and the moon never dispersed.

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