A “strange man” of the Han Dynasty who proposed to sacrifice a generation of women’s breasts to conquer the Huns

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It is almost a truth that “heroes come out of troubled times”, because troubled times are an era of lack of order, and the lack of order provides the greatest possibility for all kinds of people to stand out. Therefore, every troubled times will create a large number of heroes. Of course, the end of the Qin Dynasty was a troubled time, and many heroes came into being. It is not surprising that in the fifth year of emperor Gaozu of the Han Dynasty (202 BC), there were still people who could seize the tail of the troubled times and strive to become heroes. In the end, they were granted Marquis, so people were amazed.

This person is Lou Jing.

Lou Jing was a native of the state of Qi. In the fifth year of emperor Gaodi of the Han Dynasty, he was sent to Longxi to guard the frontier fortress. When he passed through Luoyang, he heard that emperor Gaozu Liu Bang was living there. He was so excited that he decided to take a chance. At that time, he was dressed in a tattered sheepskin jacket and was a garrison coachman. After entering the city, as a coachman, he suddenly threw away the crossbar used to pull the cart and shouted, “I want to see the emperor! I want to see the emperor!” Someone kindly gave him a beautiful dress and kindly advised him not to see the emperor in such shabby clothes. Lou Jing replied proudly, “when I came in silk, I wore silk to pay a visit; when I came in coarse cloth shorts, I wore coarse cloth shorts to pay a visit. What I contributed to the emperor was thought, not image. Why should I decorate myself in appearance?” As we all know, Liu Bang has always been democratic in style and favored people with personality. When he heard that a psychopath had come from Shandong, he immediately took the time to meet him. Seeing that the psychopath looked poor, Liu Bang made an exception and rewarded him with a meal.

Seeing that Lou Jing had enough to eat and drink, he began to get to the point. As soon as he opened his mouth, he asked Liu Bang, “I heard that your majesty wants to build Luoyang as the capital. Is it to compete with the great Zhou Dynasty?” The emperor was secretly surprised because the man grabbed his heart as soon as he opened his mouth. At that time, Liu Bang was soliciting the opinions of literary ministers and military generals for the establishment of the capital. Because most of his ministers came from the East, they strongly recommended that Liu Bang make Luoyang the capital. They quoted scriptures and said that Luoyang, the capital of the Zhou Dynasty, had been king for hundreds of years, and the Qin Dynasty had built its capital in the pass. Only the second emperor died quickly. Therefore, Luoyang should be the first choice. He was hesitating about this, so he wanted to hear what advice the psychopath who had just eaten enough would have.

Lou Jing did not open his mouth, but once he opened his mouth, he was eloquent. He analyzed the reasons, ways and processes for the ancestors of the Zhou Dynasty to acquire the world, demonstrated the means, methods and characteristics of the emperor of the Zhou Dynasty to govern the world, then compared the differences between Liu Bang’s acquisition of the world and the Zhou Dynasty’s acquisition of the world, and finally demonstrated in detail the significance of building the capital pass. Lou Jing beamed with delight and eloquence, and played a wonderful role, which made Liu Bang stunned. These views of Lou Jing are not only close to those of Zhang Liang, the Marquis who stayed in China, but also coincide with those of Liu Bang. Liu Bang no longer hesitated. On the same day, he drove westward to build the capital of Guanzhong.

After the location of the capital was determined, Liu Bang said to Lou Jing, “you have contributed to the establishment of the capital. Therefore, I decided to give you a national surname. From then on, your surname will be Liu.” Lou Jing became Liu Jing and stayed with Liu Bang.

On the issue of building the capital, Liu Jinglu made a small show, but more opportunities are still to come.

In the seventh year of emperor Gaodi of the Han Dynasty (200 BC), hanwangxin colluded with the Huns to jointly attack the Han Dynasty. The emperor was so angry that he sent envoys to the Xiongnu in order to find out the truth. In order to confuse the messengers of the Han Dynasty, the Xiongnu deliberately hid the fat horses of the strong men and only showed the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled. There were more than ten groups of envoys sent. They all said that they could attack the Huns. Out of appreciation for Liu Jing’s level, Liu Bang decided to send Liu Jing to the Xiongnu to inquire about the Xiongnu. Liu Jing saw the problem at a glance. After he came back, he analyzed Liu Bang like this: “the two countries have to fight. Under normal circumstances, they should show off their strengths to deter each other. However, the Huns are not like this. There must be fraud. It is estimated that they are ready to send strange soldiers to win. I think attacking the Huns at this time is more dangerous and less auspicious.”

Liu Bang likes to swear. If a word doesn’t agree, his dirty words will gush out. The emperor was very angry at Liu Jing’s words, and scolded Liu Jing: “you bastard of the state of Qi! You can’t be an official with two bad mouths. Today, you dare to talk nonsense to hinder my army. Do you know that my 200000 army has gone to war!” Therefore, Liu Bang first detained Liu Jing and then marched in person. He wanted to fan Liu Jing with his brilliant victory.

Who would have thought that just after Liu Bang arrived in Pingcheng, he was besieged by the Huns’ strange soldiers on Bai mountaineering, and was able to escape after seven days and seven nights. Upon his return, he immediately released Liu Jing, rewarded him with 2000 households in Shiyi, and granted him the honor of Jianxin.

Although the encirclement was solved, Liu Bang was afraid of the fighting power of the Xiongnu. He couldn’t sleep at night, so he summoned Liu Jing to ask for countermeasures. Liu Jing said, “I have a long-term plan to make the descendants of the Huns submit to the Han Dynasty, but I’m afraid your majesty won’t do it.” Liu Bang was scratched by Liu Jing. “If it’s really feasible, why can’t we do it? What should we do?” Liu Jing replied: “Your Majesty, if you can marry the eldest princess born to the queen to be his wife and give him rich gifts, he knows that it is the daughter born to the queen of the Han Dynasty, and he also sends rich gifts. The rude foreigners must love the eldest princess and have a son who must be the Prince and will take over the throne. Why do you do this? Because the Huns covet the rich gifts of the Han Dynasty. Your majesty takes more than the Han Dynasty has all the year round and the Huns rarely have The second time he asked for gifts, he sent eloquent people to enlighten him with etiquette. He was, of course, the son-in-law of the Han Dynasty; When he died, his crown prince, the grandson of the Han Dynasty, was naturally the monarch. How could you ever hear of a grandson competing with his grandfather? Isn’t this the best way to fundamentally solve the Huns without sending troops? ” After hearing this, Emperor Gaodi sent his thighs and said, “high, really his mother high!” Liu Bang has never had much affection for his children. He once had a bad record of abandoning his children. Now he is overjoyed to hear that his daughter has such a use. He immediately wants to send the princess to match the Huns. But at last, empress Lu, who had long hair and short insight, turned yellow. After all, Liu Bang failed to send the eldest princess. He had better find a palace maid to pretend to be a princess and marry the pretending monarch. At the same time, Liu Jing was sent to sign a peace treaty with the Huns.


Liu Jing certainly excelled in his ability to rise among the garrison soldiers. Without an inch of meritorious service, he created a record that others could not match. Finally, he granted his wife, shadow and son and was ranked as a prince. You know, “Marquis” is a dream that future generations of Li Guang failed to realize after exhausting his life energy.

Liu Jing is a strange man. Strange people always have strange tricks. “He Qin” is Liu Jing’s creative invention. Sacrificing the breasts of a generation of women in exchange for the prosperity of the present generation and the happiness of future generations can be called a strange trick in any case. It is a strange trick that those literary ministers and military generals who think about problems with their bottoms can’t think of all their lives. As for whether “reconciliation” is really effective, that is another question. The result is not important. What matters is the process.

Liu Jing is a drop of water, which reflects the greatness of Liu Bang and the tolerance of the times. Whether the goal of “making peace” has been achieved or not, at least those women have not been dragged back to the streets, and Liu Jing has not been scolded as a pimp.

If someone told me that the Han Dynasty was a big time, I would like to believe it!

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