A strange story about a young Tibetan tourist who was haunted by ghosts and nearly stabbed to death

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A few days ago, I chatted with a friend about the experience that girls’ dormitories were popular when they first went to college. He suddenly seriously dissuaded me from playing this game of dealing with ghosts and gods. If there was a mistake, the consequences would be unimaginable. At least, I would lose my life in the future, but at the same time, I would worry about my life. This friend was just a teenager, but he often said that he was short-lived. His friends laughed at him for worrying about nothing. Until he told me about his own personal experience, we felt strange.
The following is the first person statement:
In August two years ago, I joined a tour group to Tibet with my girlfriend. The trip started from Lhasa. On the second day, the bus group left Lhasa and traveled all the way until it stopped in front of a temple, about 8 hours’ drive from Lhasa.

At that time, the tour guide said that the temple had been closed to the public for a long time. Recently, it coincided with the grand event of Tibetan Buddhism and was only for visitors and believers to visit. During the free time, members of the group took photos and went shopping. My girlfriend and I went to the little lama selling souvenirs in front of the temple to buy hada.
At that time, there was an old Lama sitting motionless behind several young lamas, who had been chanting scriptures with his eyes closed. When I was paying, someone caught me by the wrist and held me tight. Looking again, it was the old Lama who caught me.
I felt puzzled, and my wrist hurt so much that I asked him loudly, “what are you doing? Let go!”
The old Lama did not let go. He held me tight and said, “benefactor, please go to burn three high incense sticks first, and then follow me to meet someone.”
The local high incense was very thick and very long. It was 3000 yuan per column. My first reaction was that I was cheated. So I said angrily, “I don’t have money to burn incense. Let me go.”
The old Lama hurriedly said, “no, I won’t charge you any money. I promise you, just come with me.”
I couldn’t get rid of it. I was so unhappy that I quarreled with him. All the members of the tour group gathered around and said that the old Lama was a liar. When they saw that he would not let go of my hand, someone came forward to pull him. Unexpectedly, he was so tight that several people pulled him away.
I turned around and walked away, but the old Lama followed me all the time, saying that it was OK not to burn incense, but I must go with him to see someone. The more I said, the more urgent I was. I almost cried. I was annoyed. The tour group was about to leave, so I went back to the car. I didn’t expect the old Lama would hold on to the car door and wouldn’t let the car leave. Many people around advised, and some young lamas came to pull the old Lama away. The old Lama didn’t know what to say to them in Tibetan, so they let the old Lama hold the car door.
After a long stalemate, I sat in the last row of the carriage and didn’t feel anything special. I just felt upset and numb. The old Lama was finally pulled away by the people around him and the car started. I looked back and suddenly saw the old Lama catching up. His thin figure gave me an inexplicable impact. I saw him chasing and shouting until the car drove faster and faster, and he chased more than 100 meters before he stopped disappointed.

I didn’t take this matter to heart during my subsequent trip. On the day Tibet returned to Chengdu, as soon as I got home, I had a high fever. How to take medicine to see a doctor is invalid. After a week, there is nothing to do. My mother was a devout Buddhist. She felt strange and asked me if I had met anything strange in Tibet. I remembered the scene in the temple that day and told my mother in detail. At that time, it happened that my mother’s friend was going to Tibet, so my mother asked him to go to the temple to find out. His friend called his mother from Tibet and told her that this temple did exist. However, for decades, it was only opened at the grand event of Tibetan Buddhism some time ago. Now it is no longer open to the outside world, and the old Lama has no way to visit.
Mother went to the temple of Mount Emei to find a famous mage. The mage said that he didn’t know about Esoteric Buddhism, but I must have offended the gods. After my mother came back, she removed all the amulets from me according to her words. As expected, the fever immediately subsided. The master said that not only can I no longer wear any amulet, but I can’t even enter the temple, otherwise there will be more disasters.
At this time, I saw the developed photos taken in Tibet. It’s strange that whenever there is a picture of me in the picture, my image is blurred. And when I saw the group photos of the tour group, I only felt my hair stand on end.
In the original group photo, everyone else took it very clearly, but I was vague, and the most terrible thing was that I could clearly see a white shadow on my head, which looked like the head of a baby!
After that, my mother often went to Mount Emei temple to pray for me. In the past half a year, on the evening of new year’s Eve, when my friends and I were out playing all night, we decided to burn incense in the temple later. As soon as we decided to go to the temple, we were involved in a fight. I was stabbed in the abdomen and almost died. Mother thought of the master’s words that I could not enter the temple, and felt that the serious injury was related to my offending the gods.
It has been two years since this event. Within two years, my mother went to Tibet to look for the Lama and prayed for me at the mages of major temples. In Tibet, an eminent monk told his mother that even if I found the Lama, it would not be useful for me. Fate is a matter of a moment. After that particular day, fate will disappear.
I’ve told others about this. Most of them think I’m worrying about nothing and frightening myself with a smile. But sometimes when I think about it, I will be in a cold sweat. I don’t know if this can be resolved. The only thing I know is that my life won’t be long.
When my friend narrated, he was in a busy and lively environment. I don’t know why, but I felt an inexplicable strong tremor. His experience may have something to do with the great event of Tibetan Buddhism at that time, but I don’t know what it was. I write his experience here, hoping to hear your ideas and thoughts. I don’t believe that offending the gods can’t be resolved.

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