A student of Henan University died of cerebral hemorrhage because 120 did not get out of the car in time

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On the afternoon of June 3, Peng Mei News learned from relevant channels that Peng Mei (pseudonym), the deceased girl, was a 2019 student of the International Education College of Zhengzhou Longzihu Campus of Henan University. When Peng Mei had a sudden illness in her dormitory alone, she had dialed 120 for help and talked with the 120 operator for nearly 8 minutes, or because she was confused at the time and could not accurately state her location, the 120 operator was suspected of not accepting it effectively. (?Previous report)

After Peng Mei failed to call for help, more than an hour later, the roommate returned to the dormitory and found an abnormality, and called the 120 emergency number again. After more than 20 minutes, the emergency personnel entered the dormitory. At this time, nearly 2 hours have passed since Peng Mei called 120 for help.

The relevant information obtained by The Paper shows that on the morning of May 17, 2022, the Zhengzhou Longzihu Campus of Henan University conducted a nucleic acid test, and the class found that Peng Mei did not participate in the nucleic acid test. At around 12 noon, the squad leader called Peng Mei but no one answered, and told her roommate to check on Peng Mei’s situation. At 12:14, the squad leader arrived at the dormitory and dialed 120. At 12:28, the 120 emergency personnel entered the dormitory for treatment. After that, he was sent to the East District of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengda University for treatment, and was diagnosed with acute cerebral hemorrhage, and has been rescued in the intensive care unit since then. On May 30, unfortunately passed away.

On May 18, parents checked all the students’ cell phone call records that day and found that after the roommate left the dormitory, Peng Mei only dialed and dialed one number, namely 120. After confirmation, the student called the 120 emergency number around 10:30 am on May 17, and the call lasted about 8 minutes. After that, the family requested the police to retrieve the 120 call records. At 9:00 am on the 18th, the counselor accompanied the parents and the police to the Zhengzhou 120 Emergency Center to retrieve the call recordings during this time period.

According to people familiar with the matter, the police made it clear after on-site investigation and investigation that the students did not suffer cerebral hemorrhage due to external factors during their stay in school.

This section of Peng Mei’s nearly 8-minute call recording with the 120 operator was uploaded to the Internet and attracted attention. The recording shows: Peng Mei was breathing heavily and speaking in a low voice. The operator asked her if she wanted an ambulance? Peng Mei gave a “hmm” and said “Henan University”. The operator asked where is Henan University? Peng Mei answered “Zhengzhou”, and then emphasized “Henan University Zhengzhou Campus” again. The operator asked which way was it? At this time, Peng Mei replied: “Minglun campus, my head hurts, Minglun, Zhengzhou.” The operator asked again: “Which road is Minglun campus on? I only know that there is a Longzihu campus.”

According to the official website, Henan University was founded in 1912 and currently has Zhengzhou Campus, Kaifeng Minglun Campus and Jinming Campus, covering a total area of ??more than 5,500 mu. The modern building complex of Minglun Campus in Kaifeng City is a national key cultural relics protection unit. In September 2021, the Zhengzhou Campus of Henan University was put into use. The campus is located in Longzihu University Town, Zhengzhou City.

In the recording, the operator continued to ask “Which road is Minglun campus on?” Peng Mei repeated “I don’t know, Zhengzhou”. The operator told her not to breathe out through her mouth, but through her nose, otherwise it would get worse and worse. Then the operator confirmed the location with Peng Mei many times and asked her to confirm the location with her roommate. Peng Mei replied that she had no roommate and said “Zhengzhou Henan University” again. Afterwards, the operator asked Peng Mei to look at the WeChat location and said “don’t breathe with your mouth”. In the second half of the call, Peng Mei had difficulty speaking, and it was difficult to answer the operator’s questions directly, and she was crying. The operator said that she could not send a car without clarifying the location.

After that, Peng Mei almost didn’t reply to the operator. The operator later said on the phone, “These are all college students, and they are all in their twenties.” “I don’t think you have anything to do.”

Peng Mei News has not checked the relevant 120 dispatching workflow and specifications from the official website of the Zhengzhou Emergency Medical Rescue Center, but according to the requirements of the police-receiving workflow announced by the Shandong Dezhou 120 Emergency Dispatching Command Center, “When the alarm personnel cannot provide a specific address, dispatch Personnel should ask the patient for the approximate location or direction and dispatch a car before proceeding with the exact information.”

It should be noted that Peng Mei fell into a coma after calling the 120 emergency number and was diagnosed with acute cerebral hemorrhage after seeking medical treatment. According to the relevant content of stroke prevention and treatment published on the website of the National Health and Medical Commission, most patients with cerebral hemorrhage will show severe headache, frequent vomiting, half-body paralysis and even coma, and even severe cases will die soon.

After the incident, the relevant person in charge of Henan University said that the school was deeply saddened by the death of the student. On the day of the incident, the college assisted in the treatment at the hospital and applied to the school for financial assistance at the same time. Since then, the leaders and teachers of the college have actively made donations. At the same time, they have applied for family financial assistance and critical illness assistance through the Student Aid Section and Student Management Section of the Student Office. The funds have been sent to the parents of the students. So far, the school has been in communication with the parents of the students and will try their best to help them deal with this matter.

Let’s review the ins and outs of the whole thing

On June 3, 2022, the Zhengzhou Municipal Health and Health Commission issued a statement that an investigation team had been established to investigate the online transmission of 120 delays in the treatment of college students.

If it weren’t for this official news, probably not many people would know about this.

To put it simply, a female college student suddenly fell ill and called 120 for help at the first time, but the 120 operator did not arrange to get out of the car as soon as possible, resulting in the unfortunate death of the girl.

This matter has been fermented on the Internet for many days. According to the information disclosed by the girl’s father and the girl’s classmates, the whole thing is roughly as follows.

On May 17, 2022, Zhengzhou, Henan, Longzihu Campus of Henan University, a junior girl suffered a brain hemorrhage in her dormitory, and then dialed 120, and the following conversation occurred:

Operator: Do you need an ambulance?

Female: Henan University.

Operator: Where is Henan University?

Female: Zhengzhou Campus of Henan University.

Operator: Which way is it?

Girl: My head hurts!

Operator: Which campus?

Girls: Minglun Campus.

Operator: Which road is the Minglun campus on? I only know about Longzihu campus.

Girl: I don’t know, Zhengzhou.

Operator: Are you in the dormitory? Ask your roommate.

Girl: No roommate.

Operator: Don’t breathe through your mouth, breathe through your nose, you have to make your location clear, otherwise I can’t help you. Open WeChat and check the location. Do you want to cooperate with me? These are all college students in their twenties. Take a deep breath and calm down. Don’t keep silent.

When the call was made, the girl had no strength to speak, so she could only hold back and say Zhengzhou University, accidentally calling the Longzihu campus the Minglun campus.

After the operator learned about Zhengzhou University, he confirmed the specific location with the girl. The girl had fainted. The operator did not realize the seriousness of the problem and kept asking for the specific location.

Two and a half hours later, the ambulance finally arrived, but before entering the dormitory building, the dormitory management asked for registration. After the staff expressed their intention to come, the dormitory management still asked for registration.

The girl was finally sent to the hospital, but she had stopped breathing. The student’s counselor notified her family as soon as possible, but chose to have a meeting.

All schools have infirmaries, so why not contact the infirmary immediately for rescue?

According to classmates, it is not that there is no contact, but that there is no contact. The school infirmary is often unattended, the staff on duty is often absent even on weekdays, and there are even high fees.

The girl died on May 30. The father chose to speak out after taking care of the child’s funeral. He hoped that the emergency center could give a clear answer, and looked forward to the final investigation result of the investigation team. Thank you to all the netizens for speaking up.

The girl’s name is Peng Xinjun, 21 years old this year. Since childhood, he has a cheerful personality, excellent grades, and a wide range of interests, such as piano grade 10, harmonica, guitar, calligraphy, simple strokes, sanda, dancing, swimming, driving, etc.

Such a child, after he was admitted to Henan University, thought he would be able to overcome difficulties no matter what he encountered, but did not expect to leave the world in such a tragic way.

The whole link exposed too many problems! In the words of her father, at the most critical time, she chose to believe in the school and 120. What did she get in return? If we can’t even believe 120, then what else can we believe?

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