A suspect in the Tangshan beating case once ran a hot pot restaurant, and the person who took over was blocked by a wreath and was scolded to close the store

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On June 11, the Tangshan beating incident continued to ferment. One of the suspects, Chen Mouzhi, was accused of opening a restaurant and promoting the restaurant he ran on his personal social video account. But now, he has changed hands of restaurants. After the beating incident, the current shop owner, Mr. Wang, was harassed by a large number of netizens, and the shop had to close overnight.

On the evening of the 11th, Mr. Wang told the cover news that he took over the store from Chen Mouzhi in 2021 and invested more than 600,000 yuan, “I have nothing to do with the beating incident, I received more than 200 abusive calls a day, and the group buying online is all about it. Bad reviews make it impossible to operate at all, and more than 10 employees have lost their jobs after closing the store.”

Wreaths and bouquets in front of the shop

The shop owner who was attacked by the Internet:

The door was blocked by a wreath and received more than 200 abusive phone calls a day

On the evening of the 11th, Mr. Wang, the owner of the store, was interviewed by the cover news reporter after restarting the machine.

Mr. Wang introduced that he was a hot pot restaurant that he took over from Chen Mouzhi through an intermediary in July 2021. Chen Mouzhi was a partner at the time. “He is the man who harassed the girl in the beating video. My brother and he were classmates. After the accident, we chatted and said that he had been involved in gambling.”

Mr. Wang said that after he took over the hot pot restaurant, he redecorated and changed the names of some of the signboards, but left some designs and words of the original signboards. The business has been up and down, and in good times, it can have a turnover of more than 30,000 a month. “One year’s rent is 100,000 yuan, and it has been paid for two years. In addition to the transfer fee and decoration fee, more than 600,000 yuan has been invested. There are still more than 10 employees’ wages, which have not been paid back.”

Mr. Wang said that he received a large number of unfamiliar calls on the afternoon of the 10th, and most of them scolded them directly. The language was vulgar and bad. Some people apologized after listening to his explanation. “There are at least more than 200 calls, but I can’t answer them, and I can’t explain them. I have sent a lot of clarification videos, but there are still people who leave abusive messages, calls and text messages harassing them. There are also people who put wreaths and sacrifices at the door, all of which are delivered by express. Can’t stop, the courier said that he only needs to deliver, and he can’t handle anything else. There are also people who throw rotten eggs and can’t manage it.”

Mr. Wang said that after he called the police, the police advised him to shut down. “Fortunately, it is being renovated in the past two days, otherwise I am afraid that someone will come and smash it.”

Mr. Wang said that he had removed the store sign and officially closed the store. More than 10 employees in the store have lost their jobs. After the incident has calmed down for a period of time, he is ready to transfer the store.

The owner removes the signboard overnight and closes the store

Many netizens were attacked by the Internet

Someone took the opportunity to steal traffic

On the 10th, the cover news reporter noticed that some netizens started to human flesh and published information on those involved in the beating based on the information in the beating video. At the same time, a large number of accounts also appeared on the short video platform, and the account names were changed according to the objects suspected by netizens, and they pretended to be participants to steal traffic. Some merchant accounts even released videos for event marketing, “Welcome to dine, we don’t beat people here.”

In addition, some people who claimed to have been abused by the Internet took the opportunity to start the live broadcast, calling for “pay attention”, which aroused the resentment of netizens.

On the evening of the 10th, several accounts that were targeted and widely spread by netizens, such as “Cao Jianhua”, “52 Heizi”, “Just Right”, “Dad Doudou”, “Please call me brother Xiaogang”, etc. released videos one after another, claiming to be related to the beating incident. It doesn’t matter, it has been reported to the police station. Another owner of Daguoyu posted a video at the gate of the police station saying that he was constantly harassed by strange phone calls, and that he was not the hitman, and the incident did not happen in his store.

The cover reporter noticed that many netizens posted the home address and work unit of Chen Mouzhi, the assailant. A little girl read an article aloud on a short video platform, and many netizens left messages like “the murderer’s daughter” and “I will go to school tomorrow to find you.” Some netizens posted the name and address of the hot pot restaurant that Chen Mouzhi used to run, inciting netizens to “engage in activities” on the spot.

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