a symbol of dogged determination

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Emperor Yan had a daughter named Nvwa. The girl was very clever. The Yellow Emperor could not help praising her when he saw her. The Yan Emperor regarded the girl as a famous pearl on his palm.

When Yan Di was not at home, the girl played alone. She wanted her father to take her out to the East China Sea &mdash& mdash; Go and have a look where the sun rises. But because my father was busy with his business: when the sun rose, he came to the East China Sea until the sun set; Every day, I can’t take her. On that day, without telling her father, the girl drove a small boat to the place where the sun rose in the East China Sea. Unfortunately, a strong wind and waves suddenly appeared on the sea. The waves like mountains overturned Nvwa’s boat. Unfortunately, Nvwa fell into the sea and was eventually swallowed by the merciless sea. She will never come back. Although Yan Emperor thought of his little daughter bitterly, he could not irradiate her with the sun’s light and bring her back to life. He had to sigh alone.

When the girl died, her soul turned into a bird, with a flower head, a white mouth and red feet, sending out “ Jingwei, Jingwei ” Therefore, people call this bird “ Jingwei ”.

Jingwei hated that the merciless sea had taken her young life. She wanted to revenge. Therefore, she kept taking a small stone from the Hatoyama where she lived, and flew high up to the East China Sea. She glided back and forth on the rough sea, whining sadly, throwing down the branches of stones to fill the sea.

The sea surged and roared, laughing at her: “ Bird, forget it. You’ve been working for a million years, and you can’t fill me up& rdquo;

Jingwei replied to the sea from high above: “ Even if you work for 10 million years, 10 million years, until the end of the universe, the end of the world, I will fill you up& rdquo;

??“ Why do you hate me so much& rdquo;

??“ Because you have taken my young life, you will take many young innocent lives in the future. I will work on forever, and one day I will fill you to the ground& rdquo;

Jingwei flew and chirped, left the sea, and flew back to Hatoyama to take stones and branches. She held and threw, flying back and forth for years, never stopping. Later, a petrel flew across the East China Sea and accidentally saw Jingwei. He was puzzled by her behavior. However, after understanding the cause of the incident, the petrel was moved by Jingwei’s fearless spirit, so he married Jingwei and gave birth to many birds. The female is like Jingwei and the male is like Haiyan. Like their mother, xiaojingwei also went to fill the sea with stones. To this day, they are still doing this kind of work.

Story revelation: Jingwei’s perseverance, kind wishes and grand aspirations are respected by people. TaoYuanming, a poet of the Jin Dynasty, wrote in his poems: “ Jingwei holds a small piece of wood and will fill the sea with it ”, Warmly praise Jingwei bird’s heroic fighting spirit of daring to fight against the sea. Later generations also often use “ Jingwei reclamation ” It is a metaphor for the arduous and outstanding undertakings undertaken by people with lofty ideals. People sympathize with and admire Jingwei and call it “ Enemy birds &rdquo& ldquo; Oath bird &rdquo& ldquo; Zhiniao &rdquo& ldquo; Emperor and daughter finches ”, And set up a historic site on the edge of the East China Sea, called “ Jingwei vows to be in the water;.

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