A tough deal, a feast to eat the marrow!

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Author: yelihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

On the morning of the 29th, Sweden and Finland promised not to support PKK and other Kurdish political forces, and would cooperate with Turkey to combat “terrorism” and extradite relevant personnel.

With this as a bargaining chip, Turkey agreed to Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

It is not surprising that Finland and Sweden will eventually join NATO. We have a prediction of this result and a corresponding plan.

Something has happened in the world these days. The G7 held a summit and reached an agreement. The six countries urged the United States to abandon the Kurdish ally so that Finland and Sweden could join NATO.

Biden finally did not resist the pressure and let go.

Kurds are distributed in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. They live at the crossroads of the Middle East. The Middle East is the traffic center of the world, and Kurds are at the crossroads of the Middle East. Their strategic position is extremely important.

With the support of the Americans, the actual control area of the Kurds has increased by more than 30% from 1991 to the present. The Kurds’ military forces have participated in various military operations from the Gulf War to the counterattack against Isis. The territory has increased and the military is strong. The Kurds have gradually become a major problem for Iran, Syria and Turkey.

Kurds are distributed in various countries and are a natural wedge for Americans. What do Americans do in foreign affairs? Countries in the Middle East struggle. Through Kurds, they can interfere with countries from within.

The last strategic fulcrum in the Middle East that the United States abandoned was Afghanistan. After the withdrawal of the Americans, the Taliban kept releasing goodwill to me. The Taliban started from the same language as me. I don’t know where they learned from.

When the Americans were there, Afghanistan was calm. Once the Americans left, Afghanistan suffered a serious earthquake disaster. Now Afghanistan has come to the door to speak and needs help. Naturally, we should provide help in the snow. From earthquake relief to post disaster reconstruction, we will help to the end.

The earthquake is very serious, with a magnitude of 4.7. How can we do without some help?

The Americans have given up Afghanistan in order to concentrate their forces, and now they have given up the Kurds in order to fight against Russia. After 30 years of investment, once they give up, the Kurds have become chips. How many American fulcrums remain in the Middle East?

The only one left is Israel, which is invading Palestine.

Dozens of illegal immigrants were suffocated in trucks. The Democratic Party was busy blaming the Republican controlled Texas authorities. The governor of Texas blamed Biden.

No one cares about the dozens of dead immigrants.

There are millions of Kurdish people living in Turkey. Their survival is now a problem. Sweden waved its hand and sold the lives of Kurds to Erdogan in order to join NATO. So everyone was concerned about the situation in Russia.

No one cares about the millions of Kurds who are in danger.

I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t say anything. No one cares about the development of Afghanistan, the survival of Palestinians and the life of Kurds.

People may be equal when they come to the world. Whether the declaration of human rights or the declaration of independence, they all talk about natural human rights, that all men are created equal and have the right to pursue freedom and happiness. They say very well, but they do not.

They sprinkled Agent Orange in Vietnam, they bombed dams in Syria, they let the Palestinians die, and now they trade the lives of Kurds.

Maybe they never believed what they said.

Just like a green girl, she was a pioneer in environmental protection some time ago. Now that Europe has cut off natural gas, it wants to burn carbon. Burning carbon is not environmentally friendly. They beat the green girl into a spy who knows Russia, saying that environmental protection is a Russian conspiracy.

The reporter asked this question to zaharova of Russia. Zaharova couldn’t figure it out. When did Russia find such a spy? Publicize environmental protection every day?

When we need to issue the right to development to the world after taking environmental protection as an issue card, environmental protection is good. When we want to burn charcoal, environmental protection is Russia’s spy.

Do they care about environmental protection? They don’t care, they only care about themselves.

Europeans are celebrating that security has been guaranteed, but Biden sold the Kurds. Why don’t he take back a little?

By giving up the Kurds, the United States is using the Kurds as a pretext to make the Europeans happy for a few days, hoping to make a time difference. Within this time difference, the financial capital of the United States will short Europe. Europe wants American interest, and Americans want your principal.

Calculation is all calculation.

We do not care about this calculation, nor do we engage in this heretical struggle. On the one hand, the United States uses Kurds as bait and wants to blow up Europe to tide over the crisis. On the other hand, it carries out large-scale cyber attacks on China in an attempt to undermine the stable development of China.

On June 17, we judged the situation as follows:

It is our judgment that the United States should export contradictions and Europe should find the topic of political unity. The question before us is, how should these two forces choose?

There are two choices before the United States. The first is to export contradictions to Europe, detonate Europe with economic means, split Europe, wipe out Europe’s wealth, and alleviate domestic social, political, geographical, economic and development problems.

The second is to export contradictions to Russia and China, cripple us with economic or other means, wipe out our wealth and alleviate domestic problems in the United States.

There are two choices ahead of Europe. The first is to establish unity on European independence, which is bound to be anti American. With anti American independence as the topic, we should unite to bridge social, geographical, energy and military divisions.

The second is to look for topics from Russia and me. I don’t know what topics they are looking for to build their unity.

Now it seems that the United States gave up a son of the Kurds, stabbed Europe in the back, and at the same time wanted to fight China and Russia.

The Europeans got a son of the Kurds and United on the premise of NATO.

How do we respond?

For the United States, since the United States has abandoned its two sons in the Middle East, we do not mind creating an atmosphere in which Israel has access to Russia. If we continue to support Israel, the Americans will be politically incorrect. If we give up supporting Israel, the Americans will completely withdraw from the Middle East. We kicked the ball back and created a dilemma for the United States.

As far as Europe is concerned, since it is so unpopular, we don’t mind shorting Europe with Wall Street. After all, some people go to Europe to spend their domestic money. It’s true that they have no vision.

Morality only exists in order. The country has been peaceful for a long time. Too many people are naive enough to regard justice and peace as natural things.

Man was born in the jungle and is still in the jungle.

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