A true story: where is the way out for poor children?

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A true story: where is the way out for poor children?

By Liu Na


I was born in the early 1980s. My ancestors have been farmers for generations.

My father once enjoyed talking about the fact that when the rural class was divided after liberation, our family was divided into the poor and lower middle peasants: the innocent people who were as poor as a wash, and the glorious class who were free from criticism.

But this glory did not last long.

With the birth of our brother and sister, our father was overwhelmed by poverty and difficulties.

At this time, he knew that poverty was not a respectable thing, but a fatal thing.

In order to get rid of this poverty and difficulty, he placed his hope on our brother and sister.

This urgent desire, perhaps, can be seen from the three of us at the end of each term; Parental message ” On the column, I repeatedly wrote down the famous saying: everything is inferior, only reading is high.

But soon, he found that not every child could understand the meaning of this sentence.


My brother was born in the late 1970s and is 4 years older than me.

When my mother was pregnant with him, she was infected with the virus and had no money to treat him. When he was born, he suffered from serious eye disease. One eye was almost blind.

Because of his poor family, he had no way to seek medical treatment. Until he got married, he did not have an operation on his eye.

However, this does not prevent him from being a smart man.

He has a very good memory and excellent grades. From grade one to grade five of primary school, he has always been the object that I can’t catch up with.

Even the old village teacher who taught him and me sighed and said: “ If only your grades were like your brother’s& rdquo;

Cleverness is mistaken by cleverness.

My brother’s grades have plummeted since he went to junior high school in the village.

It may be that he is afraid of being laughed at for having eye disease, or it may be that he wants to prove that he is very powerful. He mixes with a group of boys, fights in groups, plays games, and does bad things. He is blacklisted as a bad child by the teacher.

His father brought him back from school on his February 8th bicycle and shut him in the cow house in the west wing. He tore him down with a tearful belt.

My brother, who didn’t repent, simply didn’t cry or cry or beg for mercy. From then on, he was separated from the campus and was happy.

At the age of 15, my brother went to the Beijing construction team to build a house with the village’s working team.

After working for a year, when he came back from the Spring Festival, the salary paying boss came up to him and suddenly announced that he had no money.

My brother cried all the way home from Beijing and vowed never to go to the imperial capital again. Now in his 40s, he still keeps this promise.

At the age of 17, my brother went to Guangzhou.

Over the next 20 years, 365 days a year, he worked in Guangzhou for 350 days and returned to his hometown for the Spring Festival for more than 10 days.

Even if we get married, even if our children are born, it is no exception.

His job was to print Song typeface on boxes of different sizes and grades.

Although he had worked hard in many factories and suffered a lot of anger, he was almost disabled due to work-related injury and did not make much money in the end.

What he gained most was that he met my sister-in-law, who was dignified and thrifty, and gave birth to a pair of healthy and lovely children who stayed at home.

At the age of 39, my brother, who had been working and wandering for 22 years, suddenly announced that he did not want to be exploited by capitalists any more and wanted to be his own boss.

He and my sister-in-law came to Zhengzhou, rented a small store that could not be any smaller, and joined the army of outdoor advertising production.

Entrepreneurship is more difficult than working, even in a small shop.

How many nights, when I came back from work, or when I was bored brushing the screen, I could see such a helpless saying from the dynamics of his circle of friends: “ At 11 o’clock at night, I haven’t had dinner yet& rdquo;

At this time, I would like to ask him whether the decision that my father would rather be locked up in a cow house and beaten than go back to school was right.

There is no regret medicine in life. So my brother is very hard today.

In order to deliver the goods as promised, he once climbed to the 20th floor with dozens of kilograms of cloth on his shoulders at the midnight when the elevator stopped working; In order to win over a client, he once worked for several days without making money.

Even in order to maintain a good relationship, he gave the superior tea I gave him to the middleman……

As stubborn as he was then, he always insisted on making more money and having a better year.


Well, my sister.

My sister is 4 years younger than me, looks better than me, thinks faster than me, and speaks more smoothly than me.

When she was a little girl with a pigtail, my father publicly announced that my second daughter would be a barrister in the future!

Hope is as big as disappointment.

My sister graduated from junior high school and didn’t go to high school. At that time, I was in college and my brother was about to start a family.

Her parents wanted her to go to vocational high school.

As a result, she gave her life for righteousness, patted her chest like Liuhulan, and said in awe of righteousness: “ I don’t read anymore. I want to make money& rdquo;

A selfless person is doomed to suffer heavy losses because she has lost herself for others.

My sister also went to the South and became a machine in a shoe factory, a clothing factory and an electronics factory.

Like many girls who dropped out of school early, her best youth was spent in the closed and repressed workshop.

For many years in Guangzhou, she had not even been to Yuexiu Park for a steak pizza.

The people she can get to know are not only the old family members who work, but also the foreigners who work.

At the age of marriage, she returned to her hometown and married her brother-in-law who was also working outside.

The lack of knowledge and the limitation of her horizons made her realize that she was repeating her mothers’ old ways:

A life of ignorance, toil and injustice.

??“ Never live like this, never live like this again& rdquo;

After making such a cry, my sister, who had no chance to become a lawyer, decided to debate with hard life again.

In her spare time, she got the qualification certificate of dietitian and Yuesao, and became a member of the domestic service industry.

The price is that she will leave her baby in her hometown and go to Zhejiang to coax her baby to others day and night. She will exchange her wrinkles and aches on her face for the youth and relaxation of her employer.

Then, you can get more or less salary at the end of the month.

With such sacrifice, she and her brother-in-law, who drives a container truck, bought a house in their hometown county.

Not long ago, she made a wish in front of me: when her baby went to primary school, she would quit work and go home to concentrate on accompanying her.

At that moment, I saw remorse and awakening from her no longer young and beautiful face: remorse for herself and awakening to knowledge.


Compared with my brother and sister, I am the ugliest, most stupid and least worthy child of our parents.

When I was in primary school, I was ridiculed as “ A lump in the elm’s head;.

When I was in middle school, because of my low self-esteem, I watched the boys I had a crush on one by one make love with other girls.

However, I don’t want to do farm work, go out to work, be bullied like my brother, or work all my life like my parents.

What to do? Only dead books, only dead books.

With this “ Who am I afraid of; And become “ Parents’ last hope ” I just knocked on the door of the University step by step and became the first undergraduate in my hometown village.

During the four years of college, I have been relying on “ I am poor and who I depend on ” The indignant youth, who practiced writing hard, fell in love with writing, and published tens of thousands of articles of varying length in the media at all levels.

After graduating from college, I came to the newspaper office with these articles that I couldn’t get on the table. From then on, I had the opportunity to get close to all kinds of people, see all kinds of strange things, see through the truth of human feelings, and write down my own articles.

When the paper media declined, I relied on “ I write what I fear ” When others are in fear or take chances, they learn management, economics and psychology by themselves, obtain a second-class psychological consultant, operate a official account, and therefore make friends with better peers and move towards a broader world.

When I walked into the studio hall of Jiangsu Satellite TV and came to the national self media peer sharing meeting, I introduced myself with a smile:

??“ I come from the countryside, and my parents are farmers ” At that time, I knew that the era of hunger and poverty, low self-esteem and wringing had gone forever.

This belief is even more firm when I see my self-confident son with wonderful words:

The little boy who looks like me has completely disappeared from my bitter shadow, and is becoming a sunny and beautiful boy in reading, learning, playing and exploring.

At the same time, my brother, who has settled down in Zhengzhou with coolies, is also trying to end the fate of his two children left behind:

Buy a house and live with the children, encourage the children to study hard, and encourage them to learn skills anyway, so as to gain a foothold in society.

My sister, who bought a house, also decided to finish the work at hand and go back to the county to study with her baby while doing a small life. With a different starting point, platform, effort and patience, she let the child avoid repeating her fate.


My gray haired old father hasn’t had the chance to sign our report card for many years.

But whenever the family reunited, he would wave his big hands like an iron rake and continue to repeat to his children and grandchildren: “ All things are inferior, only reading is high& rdquo;

This is the story of our family.

The story of a poor family, the story of a low-level family, and the story of the most common and representative Chinese family.

At the end of the story, I would like to share with you three other words that my father said:

Children from poor families must study hard. Even if there is a chance, they should not give up reading. This is the only shortcut for the poor.

The children of poor people must not be afraid to bear hardships. Only when they suffer from hardships can they catch up with others. This is the ultimate dignity of the poor.

The children of poor people must not be too hasty. As long as they become stronger from generation to generation, this is the greatest face of the poor.

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