A world where guns solve contradictions!

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Author: Sheng Tang Rusong source: wechat official account: shopkeeper’s Dao has been authorized for reprinting

Following the killing of Shinzo Abe in the street, Cristina, vice president of Argentina, was almost shot in the street a few days ago. A gunman walked up to Christina, pointed a gun at her head, pulled the trigger, and the bullet jammed. This strange woman from Argentina was so lucky that she escaped the disaster. Of course, this is also due to her bodyguards, who reacted much faster than Shinzo Abe’s bodyguards and did not give the gunman the chance to shoot a second shot. Therefore, Abe’s death is really a bit unfair. His bodyguards can respond in time, but his bodyguards can’t. is there any mystery in this?

The shooter was close, but the bullet was jammed [who is protecting Argentina]

Speaking of Christina, we are all familiar with her. She used to be the first lady of Argentina and the president of Argentina. Now she has become the vice president of Argentina. Looking at this resume, it should not be hard for everyone to guess. Christina’s status in Argentina must be at the zenith. We can even say that she is an indispensable leader in the hearts of Argentina’s voters.

In fact, in Argentina, such a character once appeared, that is, Mrs. Veron, the protagonist of the famous movie theme song “Argentina don’t cry for me”. Like Christina, Mrs. peron and her husband are husband and wife. Moreover, in these two couples, women are superior to men in charm or leadership, which is probably a unique political phenomenon in Argentina. Other countries generally can’t play this. For example, the old Marcos and imedar couple in the Philippines finally play themselves in exile. The Clinton and Hillary Clinton couple in the United States give people the final impression that they are a playboy and a political villain who is obsessed with power. Moreover, Hillary Clinton is now stinking on the streets in the United States, and has been completely unrecognizable by trump and his fans. However, Mrs. peron and this Christina at present have always been respected and even loved by the people of this country. Otherwise, they would not be able to stand at the peak of power in this country for such a long time.

Christina made her debut in politics from the role of first lady. But she is also a member of Parliament, which shows that she has a deep political background. After her husband could not be re elected because of the constitution, she stood at the front stage and became the president of Argentina. Then, because her husband died of illness, and she was also unable to be re elected because of the constitution, she changed again and became the vice president of Argentina and the president of the Senate of Argentina. It was precisely because she joined the campaign team as a vice president that the current Argentine government came into being. This shows the prestige of this woman in the hearts of Argentines. This is probably the source of duterte’s daughter Sarah’s idea of assisting Marcos Jr. as vice president.

But in fact, Argentina’s economy is not good now, and because the Argentine government has a bad reputation for defaulting on its debts, it is also very difficult for Argentina to turn around again and become an economically affluent country. It is precisely for this reason that the Argentine people have high hopes for Christina. Because at the beginning, Evita, the wife of peron, brought the Argentine people to create brilliance under the condition of extreme economic decline. Moreover, when Christina was first lady and President, she managed Argentina in an orderly manner. In particular, the Peronism she pursues is a left-wing political proposition that tends to the people’s livelihood at the bottom. Therefore, to a large extent, she is lifted to the highest power by the bottom voters in Argentina who are full of longing for a happy life.

As for why should someone kill her? We can’t know. We can only see from the current background of Argentina whether she is in the way of some people. First of all, Argentina’s economy is not good at present. As the executor of economic policies, Guzman, the Minister of economy, announced his resignation in July. Subsequently, Fernandez’s government appointed a new minister of economy. But at that time, Argentina was talking about debt repayment with some sovereign debt institutions in Europe and the United States. A series of reactions will certainly be triggered by the change of players. Argentina’s current situation is that it owes a lot of debt and has little money to repay it. Therefore, no matter who we negotiate with, it is nothing more than reduction or installment. The main thrust of Peronism is national nationalism. Therefore, when negotiating with these sovereign debt institutions in the past, the current government must be based on the principle that the less the better. This will certainly make those creditors very dissatisfied: you argentina are neither willing to repay the debt nor hand over the sovereign interests. Do you want to renege on your debts in this way? But maybe that’s what people think.

The reasons for Argentina’s debt are very complex. On the one hand, the governments of South American countries dare to borrow in order to please voters, and on the other hand, international capital deliberately sets debt traps out of interest needs. One is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer. Then, when the situation is not good, there is a debt default. In the negotiation to solve the debt default, the creditors will eventually lose some book interests, but they will certainly be able to reap some sovereign interests. This kind of thing has been happening in developing countries all the time, but Argentina has gone too far in this regard, and then the cycle continues. Of course, there is also a more important reason. The reason for this debt cycle is that Argentina is rich in natural resources and diversified in mineral resources. There are only a lot of sovereign interests that can be plundered. If a country is poor in resources, as long as it has a debt crisis, it can beat the drum and suck the marrow, and there is no chance of recycling.

So, as the leader of the left-wing party, is Christina’s assassination related to the current debt negotiations? Although the debt negotiations need not reach the point of using knives, if Christina insists on not transferring national sovereignty to offset the debt, it is difficult to say. In the past, the international capital could punish the Argentines for doing so, because at that time, they were the the final say of the world. But now it’s different. Even if Argentina doesn’t admit or less, the punishment of international capital will be much weaker, because Argentina will find another way out.

In the past, if you didn’t mix with the west, you wouldn’t even have the door to beg for food, but now there is a better way out. You don’t need to beg for food, as long as you are self reliant and choose a partner. Although the people of South America are one level lower than those of Eastern countries in terms of governance and labor quality, they are still willing to do what they need to earn a living. Now, in South America, Bolivia and Venezuela have resisted the suppression and punishment of the West. This example is the strength that Argentines and Brazilians will rely on in the future. By the way, Lula, the former president and left-wing leader of South America, is likely to make a comeback in Brazil’s general election. In this way, the whole of South America will be left-wing.

I’m afraid I’m more worried about this tendency than I’m angry that Christina may not repay her debt. Therefore, killing a vice president is actually a good choice. First of all, she is not the president, and the influence of public opinion will not be so great, and the degree of accountability of the country will not be so high. But she is a real power faction. If she is killed, will it not only give the Argentine government a chance to kill monkeys and respect chickens, but also make the leftism of the whole South America converge.

Another point is that a bacterium called Legionnaires virus is now prevalent in Argentina. At present, this virus has killed five people and infected 11 people in Argentina. This death rate is still terrible. The Legion virus got its name because it broke out when the United States held the Veterans’ Congress in 1976. So it’s called Legion virus. Of course, it can also be called American virus. In May this year, this virus was a flash in the pan in the United States. After causing one death, it somehow moved to Argentina. At the moment when the COVID-19 epidemic is raging, the government’s management is not strong enough. If the Argentine government, which lacks epidemic prevention resources, can’t deal with it and do a good job in blocking it, I’m afraid the Argentine economy will be even worse. At this time, Christina, the leader of Argentina, was shot and killed. Well, I’m afraid Argentina will tremble in front of international creditors this time and let them do whatever they want.

What a two pronged move.

But in fact, these are not what I am concerned about. What I am concerned about is that in this era, is it really not enough to solve contradictions without killing? When I watched house of cards, I always admired the hero’s wisdom in resolving crises without resorting to violence. When he pushed his female subordinates off the subway station, I suddenly lost interest in this TV series. You see, even the most brilliant screenwriter can give his protagonists the most glory, but some contradictions still need to be solved by violence. In the real international community, it is even more inevitable to resort to violence.

However, the recent use of violent means has become more and more frequent, which shows that the current international contradictions are also becoming more and more tense and irreconcilable. Now that assassination has begun, it is not ruled out that there will be armed friction and armed conflict. I’m afraid even the most powerful international strategist can’t avoid resolving conflicts by means of war in the end. Therefore, if the United States does not implode in three to five years, it must look for the location of the explosion. In this regard, what we should do is to try our best to digest the contradictions inside?

Once the implosion of the United States occurs, the world can at least usher in 50 to 100 years of peace. Otherwise, we and other countries in the world will be tossed by him.

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