Abe is dead. What’s caiyingwen panicking about?

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Author: Li Daxian source: an idle man outside Di’an gate (id:damyyxr)

Abe’s funeral was held at zengshang temple in Tokyo on the 12th.

Zengshang temple is the family temple of Tokugawa Jiakang, which created the Japanese shogunate era, and witnessed the glorious and prosperous era of Tokugawa family.

As the Meiji Restoration ended the shogunate era, the status of zengshang temple also plummeted, and it was even proposed to move out of its original site many times.

But what I didn’t expect was that the resistance was surprisingly large. In addition, there are many cultural relics in zengshang temple. After repeated demonstration, the government decided to retain the original site until today.

Abe and zengshang temple have many similarities. They bear so many historical marks that symbols have become a force that it is difficult to avoid.

At Abe’s funeral, in addition to Japanese dignitaries, there were also important guests from the United States – Finance Minister Yellen, who had just arrived in Tokyo. Not long ago, Antony Blinken also temporarily changed his itinerary and came to Tokyo to send Biden’s personal mourning letter to Yasuda.

Even South Korea, which had tense relations with Japan during the Moon Jae-in era, also sent a condolence delegation headed by the prime minister to Tokyo to bow and take a trip, in order to improve the impasse between South Korea and Japan.

Politics will drain all human values, even death. this

The funeral seemed to be a martial arts arena contested by various forces in advance before major changes in the regional pattern were about to take place.

Big people who haven’t seen each other for a long time will also have a good chat here.

Since it’s not our home court, just go to the embassy to avoid meeting people we shouldn’t meet.

For example, in an inconspicuous place of the funeral, a sad faced flower donor came.

He is Lai Qingde, the highest ranking leader of the Taiwan authorities who has visited Japan in the past 50 years. HIDA was afraid of the protests of the eastern powers and dared only to arrange his activities in his private capacity.

A common sense. In diplomacy, any unprecedented or long-term behavior has a strong political significance.

After Abe stepped down that year, his secretary was arrested and his wife was exposed. In order to win the favor of the United States, he paid a lot of investment certificates.

The most sincere investment is to destroy relations with China. For Japan, the most convenient way to achieve this goal is to approach the forces of Taiwan independence.

This hit it off with Tsai ing Wen, who was eager to find foreign aid. All kinds of sarcastic words from both sides come and go.

But now, the meat and hemp partner is gone, and Tsai ing Wen needs to quickly connect with the next dependent force.

But in fact, Cai Yingwen doesn’t want to make things bigger.

On the one hand, Biden gave Tsai ing Wen a stick. The current international situation is centered on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and the United States cannot focus on the Taiwan sea for the time being.

On the other hand, Lai Qingde and Cai Yingwen are not on the same hill. At that time, it was just for the election, but now Lai Qingde has become her biggest worry about centralization of power.

Now, it is laiqingde who went to connect with the political dignitaries of the United States and Japan, and made a big splash by breaking the record of “50 years”, but the risk of swinging out needs Cai Yingwen to tell the truth. In fact, Cai Yingwen is the most unhappy person on the island.

And Tsai ing Wen can’t move. If she goes to Japan in person, she will make the international headlines tomorrow, and Taiwan’s stock market is expected to plunge.

But when Lai Qingde goes to Japan, will he gain anything?

Now the LDP Abe faction is headless and in chaos. Kishida took the opportunity to reshuffle at home, close to the big tree of the Democratic Party abroad, and made efforts both inside and outside to expand its territory.

The hills within the LDP are also watching the wind, so as not to be harvested because of standing in the wrong line, or become the price of future kindness to neighbors.

Lai Qingde is a little too anxious.

But he is a smart man. Even if he returns empty handed, he can still get what he wants, such as a knife to Cai Yingwen.

The eastern powers hate those who make trouble frequently, while the United States hates those who are disobedient. These actions will eventually be written down on Cai Yingwen.

After all, she is the “supreme leader”; After all, she can’t prove that Lai Qingde didn’t have his own intention on this trip.

When settling accounts, no one will understand her lack of restraint on the mountain.

Let me say something beside the point.

You know, capital never hates uncertainty. Instead of leaving a time bomb that doesn’t know how to advance or retreat, it’s better to solve it in advance and leave the plan to the next one.

At the moment of the hurricane in East Asia, someone’s back will be cold.

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