Abe’s assassination and the original sin of the island country!

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Source: a bad potato (id:iamhtd)

After Abe’s assassination, he actually changed from a fierce Anti China faction to a moderate in many populations, and even thought that his work contributed to the surrounding countries. I think about it for a while, and I don’t know where Abe’s mild who just said “something in Taiwan is something in Japan” is, and what contribution does he make to China Japan relations?

After thinking about it, I finally figured it out.

Japan’s Anti China campaign has turned inward

For murderers, robbers are gentle;

For rapists, sexual harassment is mild;

For Japanese militarism 80 years ago, Japanese politicians today can be said to be moderate;

There is no worst, only worse.

On the morning of August 8, Abe was shot twice with a homemade shotgun in a street speech, and then fell to the ground

In addition, known as the world’s most beautiful bodyguard, he killed the enemy for 0.2 seconds, defeated 10 strong men with his bare hands, and protected the two prime ministers. Mengmei Ishida has been protecting Abe’s safety. I don’t know why he didn’t react. At that time, he was still stunned.


For anti China politicians such as Abe, especially those who have danced so happily recently, it is inevitable that someone will applaud when something happens.

But soon many people quit: people are dying. Why are you so unsympathetic.

Many people are always kind, thinking that the dead are great, and there is no sin that cannot be washed by death.

After Abe’s accident, I read many articles written about him and actually thought that he was a politician who was “neutral and responsible for his own country” and that he “stabilized China Japan Relations”, as if what Abe said not long ago had been completely forgotten.

Even at this time, the “normalization of Japan” that Abe has been promoting is an understandable thing.

What does “normalization of Japan” want to do? What do you want to do now? Don’t you have that number in your heart?

How can we account to the martyrs for normalizing a country with countless crimes like Japan?

Just like Boris who just stepped down, he spread rumors and discredited every day, and was more active in containing China than the United States. After the arrival of the epidemic, he was eager to carry out universal immunization. As a result, he lifted a stone and smashed his foot. Infected with covid-19, he was sent to ICU. Many people actually expressed their hope to get better soon

Why are you getting better? Continue to discredit and contain China?

Sure enough, it got better, so Boris said: we will never give up Hong Kong.

Not long ago, Abe also clamored that what happened in Taiwan was what happened in Japan and that he wanted to prevent China’s reunification. At the same time, he spread the theory of China threat on various occasions and brushed a sense of existence everywhere.

It’s really incomprehensible that someone can “feel sorry” for such an anti China politician if something happens.

When the Kanto earthquake struck Japan in 1923, the ambition of invading China was exposed. But seeing that the Japanese people “suffered”, many “kind” Chinese people wanted to “help” them, donated 350million yuan generously, and organized medical teams to Japan;

In the face of China’s help, the Japanese were as moved as bastards. After receiving the money, they said:

Nani, do you deserve to help me?

Without waiting for two days, he immediately launched an incident to massacre chinese workers and overseas students in Japan, which was known as the “Japanese tragedy”.

A few years later, the 918 was launched.

Essay | about 100 years ago, an earthquake also broke out in Japan. We spent all our money to help Japan turn its face on the spot and launch the Japanese tragedy

So, after Abe was assassinated, you can express sympathy, but if, I mean in case, Abe can wake up if Altman is possessed, he may ask you:

Do you deserve it? I need your sympathy?

Many people always like to use the standard of bitch to ask the Japanese, and the standard of sage to ask the Chinese, saying that people are seriously injured, why don’t you have compassion.

I would like to ask where Abe’s sympathy was when he held a memorial ceremony for the culprit who caused 35million Chinese military and civilian casualties enshrined in the Yasukuni toilet?

This speech by Abe is just to build momentum for the Senate election. If the number of “constitutional amendments” in the Senate exceeds a certain number, Abe can realize his wild hope and take a step towards “national normalization”. Maybe at that time, Abe is more qualified to clamor that “something in Taiwan is something in Japan”.

Unfortunately, Taiwan is fine. He has something to do first.

With regard to the assassination of Abe, many people believe that there is a “big game” behind it, with the participation of various political forces. I think it is a small probability event. Now Japan is in a mess, perhaps because the unemployed suspect said that “dissatisfaction with former Prime Minister Abe is to kill him”.

This matter will not have much impact on the future and will not change the trend of Japan.

There are not so many big chess theories

In terms of Japan’s handling of future international relations, no matter Abe or Kan Yiwei, or the current Fumio Kishida, or Japan’s last prime minister in the future, the policy will not change.

In all the offshore balance hands of the United States, Japan is always the one that jumps the highest and cooperates the most actively.

In fact, looking at Britain now, before Boris stepped down, a large number of officials resigned, but the foreign minister and defense minister have always been as stable as Mount Tai, because the foreign policy of the island country is very stable.

In the Russo Ukrainian war, the most active hope for a long-term war, and the most urgent to contain Russia are the three island countries, Japan, Britain and the United States.

Of course, many people may think that the United States is not an island country. In fact, in the view of the United States, the whole America is his. Whoever doesn’t obey will step down. The whole western hemisphere is a big island of its country.

The United States defines itself as the largest island far away from Asia, Europe and Africa.

Continental countries all hope to have a peaceful and stable good neighborly relationship. Only in this way can there be a better environment for economic development. However, island countries have always hoped that the world’s islands will be full of smoke and flames of war.

It’s best for everyone to fight, and it can watch the excitement.


For Britain, it is best to make a pot of porridge on the whole European continent. If Russia hits Poland or even farther away, Britain will wake up in a dream. In this way, Britain is most likely to become the financial and economic center of Europe;

For Japan, if the United States succeeds in containing China, or even outbreak of war, then capital is very likely to go to Japan to avoid risks. By contrast, Japan has become the best region in the Asia Pacific;

Of course, I said that if one day, the battlefield must be in Japan, but it can’t care so much.

This is the original sin of the island country, which will never change. Japan, Britain and the United States are highly consistent in their interests and are in collusion.

Therefore, many people believe that Japan is “obedient to the United States”, to some extent, but today, the dog chain of the United States can no longer hold Japan, and Japan’s desire to contain China is far above the United States.

As in Britain, even if Boris steps down and changes the prime minister, there will be some changes in internal affairs at most, but there will be no changes in diplomacy.

Japan is the same. Although Abe still has a strong political influence, it will not change Japan’s risk-taking mentality.

Abe has been controlling Japanese politics since leaving the position of prime minister. However, it is obvious that Fumio Kishida is not as obedient as Yoshiyuki Kan. He has differences with Abe on many issues, and Abe hopes to promote “normalization of Japan” more vigorously, while Fumio Kishida hopes to get rid of the puppet position and establish his own influence.

Fumio Kishida is very dissatisfied with Abe, because Kishida has not been involved with Abe in the matter of who can more actively cooperate with the United States

On the Anti China issue, Abe, especially after stepping down, played a much higher tune than Kishida, but the pot had to be carried by Kishida.

However, to say that the assassination was arranged by Fumio Kishida, er, I don’t think he was so bold.

The differences in Japanese politics today are far from as fundamental as those in 1926.

Although this assassination is the biggest beneficiary for Fumio Kishida, Abe’s followers will be in a state of “no head in the swarm”, and may actively move closer to the new prime minister.

It’s probably not right to say that the Americans did this at present. Abe has listened to the United States enough. Just a while ago, he actively wanted to increase Japan’s military spending to 2%. In response to the call of the United States, he said in his speech like a licking dog:

2% has gradually become an international standard… If Japan fails to meet this standard, Japan US relations will be affected. Once Japan is attacked by other countries, the United States may think that Japan itself treats national defense negatively. Why must the United States help Japan?

The United States wants Japan to increase military spending, and Japan wants to achieve “normalization” with the help of the United States. Abe is in collusion with Antony Blinken, and the United States has no reason to punish him.

After this incident, Fumio Kishida’s power will have the opportunity to be greatly enhanced, but in that sentence, it will not affect the future international situation.

Abe, a descendant of class a war criminal kishizuki, committed countless blood debts to the Chinese people, and was sheltered by the United States all the way to become the Japanese Prime Minister in 1957;

Fumio Kishida, also a descendant of war criminal Masaki Kishida, his grandfather made a fortune during the war of aggression against China, served in the Japanese Navy, and successively served as naval participant officer, undersecretary of naval administration, National Defense Commission, liberal party general affairs, etc;

Japanese politicians all have this virtue. Everyone is the same. Grandfather and great grandparents are lying in the Yasukuni toilet

Japan will only go all the way down the Anti China Road and eventually become the forefront and chessboard of the game between China and the United States.

Of course, this is what he likes.

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