Abe’s assassination case (II) the huge world of unionism and kishiuke’s cult complex!

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Author: Chairman rabbit source: tuzhuxi (id:chairman rabbit)

6. Unified education (UC) is too deep in Japan, so we must pay special attention to it when studying

Here is a practical example. Two days ago, an article in China Newsweek titled “why the foreign” unified religion “led to Abe’s assassination” covered UC (Unified Religion), but the article gave a conclusion that UC was not important. Why? Because the characters interviewed in it are from UC’s sphere of influence. Koichi hosiya. Here is the text of China Newsweek:

————Reference start————

“Abe’s relationship with many right-wing and conservative religious groups is not a secret, and he has been attacked by his political opponents.” Koichi hosiya, a professor at Keio University who has long served as Abe’s foreign and security policy adviser, told China Newsweek. Soon after the introduction of “unionism” into Japan, the founder Wen Mingming soon became friends with Abe’s grandfather kishiuke because of his similar ideas on Revising the “Peace Constitution”. Like the common relationship between political parties and religious groups in Japan, the “unified religion” has been described by the Japanese media as “giving both people and votes in the election”.

Compared with religious groups such as “shrine hall” and “Japan Conference”, which can convene hundreds of LDP members to participate in activities, the relationship between “unionism” and Abe and the LDP’s senior leadership is not so close. Fujihiro Tanaka, head of the “unionism” Japanese group, said that Abe’s video speech for the “unionism” event in September 2021, praising Wen Mingming’s widow Han Hezi, was just a courtesy event. He himself was not a member of the “unionism” and the two sides had no close contact.

However, Koichi Hosoya pointed out that because the “unionism” originated in South Korea, there are many scandals, and the current Japan South Korea relations are at a low ebb, on the religious issue, the opposition party focused on attacking the connection between the Abe family and the “unionism”, and “the goal is to claim that Abe is therefore affected by foreign forces”

————End of reference————

First of all, we should include but not trust the remarks of Fuchong Tanaka, the person in charge of UC: his job is to come out and wash UC white!

Then, the article interviewed Koichi hosiya, a professor of law at Keio University, to see his brief experience in the field of policy:

——During Shinzo Abe’s regime, he served as a member of the “Symposium on security and defense capabilities” (2013), a member of the “Symposium on the reconstruction of the basis of the security law” (2013-2014), and a consultant to the National Security Administration (2014-2016)

——Adviser to the Liberal Democratic Party’s “history, study and future examination headquarters” (learning history and thinking about the future headquarters) (2015-2018)

Although he has academic status, Abe’s foreign and security policy adviser is indeed a core policymaker and theorist in the Liberal Democratic Party, and it is obvious that he is a member of Abe’s circle. How can he expose the relationship between Unitarianism (UC) and Abe / Liberal Democratic Party? Of course, he came out to wash the white.

Take another look at one of his important positions:

——Since 2010, he has served as a senior researcher of the “Institute of world peace” (now the “Zhongkan Institute of world peace”).

Then let’s take a look at the zenggen Institute of world peace.

Successive presidents of the Nakasone Institute of world peace

——The first generation: Nakasone Kanghong (the 71st, 72nd and 73rd generation of cabinet ministers)

——Generation 2: Taro Aso (the 92nd generation of prime minister)

See? The Nakasone Institute for world peace is a political party faction.

We should remember that Yasuhiro Nakasone is a famous Japanese right-wing politician and the first person to visit the Yasukuni shrine as prime minister after the war. During World War II, he was an officer of the Imperial Japanese Navy and stationed in Zuoying, Taiwan.

Nakasone is Kim Jong Mi’s good friend. Kim Jong Il is the son-in-law of Park sang hee, the brother of former South Korean President Park Chung Hee. Kim Jong Il helped Park Chung Hee seize power through a coup in 1961 and successfully assisted Kim Yong Sam and Kim Dae Jung:

——1992: due to his meritorious service to Jin Yongsan’s election as president, he became the supreme member of the representative of the Democratic Liberal Party (party leader);

——1998: due to his meritorious service to Kim Dae Jung’s election as president, he re appointed the state premier and formed a cabinet.

Kim Jong Mi took charge of the Central Intelligence Agency of South Korea in 1961, and soon discovered the value of unified religion (UC), made great use of it as a political tool, and promoted UC to the United States and Japan. Kim Jong Mi himself played an important role in promoting the normalization of relations between South Korea and Japan. One of his activities was to promote UC to Japan. He popularized UC to Japan through yushifu Tama (underworld / Jidao boss, extreme right wing, friend of Abe’s grandfather kishiuke) and ryichi Sasakawa (class a war criminals, big chaebol). (ryichi Sasakawa is also the honorary president of UC’s anti Communist Organization “International Alliance for the betterment of the Communist Party”, with yushifu as the backstage supporter).

Nakasone Kanghong is an important supporter of UC and played an important role in the introduction of UC in Japan (he has some religious complex. It is said that when he joined the navy of the great Japanese Empire, he also took a Bible with him)

In March, 1992, Wen Mingming visited Japan and Nakasone Kanghong held talks with him. In August of the same year, UC held a large-scale wedding of 30000 people in South Korea (“world cultural and sports ceremony”), and Nakasone Kanghong sent a congratulatory message.



“Yasuhiro Nakasone, Japanese Prime Minister in the yuan cabinet

“The courage and necessity of Daode”

Communism is collapsing today, and the problems of liberal democracy are embracing. The history of true and good knowledge, the history, the politics of the masses, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the history, the history, the history, the history, the history, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the politics, the. ????, the spirit of religion, the foundation, the grand ceremony of world culture and sports, the opening of the grand ceremony, the significance, the examination, the 60th, the 54th and the 26th.?. The Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, the Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, the Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, the Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, the Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, the Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, the Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, the prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of. Today, it is necessary for private people to be brave and honest. All, ethnic issues, religion, confrontation, transcendence, human ideals, and progress towards all. A word, a congratulatory speech, a generation, a 79A, a 566, a 84A, a 12414a. “

Group wedding is the core activity of unified education (UC). Nakasone Kanghong boasted about this activity. Let’s look at the web page of the world cultural and sports ceremony? https://www.telepathy.asia/ )




See Tongjiao and wenmingming couple?

In 2004, Nakasone Kanghong delivered a speech at the activities held by the United Church of unity (UC) Majia “World Peace Alliance”, supporting the amendment of the constitution.


In 2006, Yasuhiro Nakasone and Shinzo Abe sent congratulatory messages on the collective marriage activities of Unitarianism (2006 tianzeheping Lianhe – Japan Conference of returning the motherland to the yuan).

The relationship between Nakasone Kanghong and unified religion (UC) is not conspiracy theory, but public information.

Take another look at the second generation president of the Nakasone World Peace Research Association: Taro Aso. He is a former Prime Minister of Japan and a famous right-wing politician. He has several connections with Unitarianism:

——Have published their own advertisements in UC publications;

——An internal source of the police department said that he hired a UC believer as a secretary;

——On May 10, 2011, together with his wife qianhezo and Shinzo Abe, he posted a full page advertisement of “thank the United States” on UC’s American mouthpiece “Washington Times”


——Served as a consultant to the “Japan Korea tunnel Research Association” (Japan Korea tunnel Research Association).

Someone asked, how to build a tunnel also has something to do with unified teaching??

Yes, this is the concept of unified teaching.




Unified education (UC) used its organization “International Conference on scientific unification” (ICUs) to put forward the concept of Japan South Korea tunnel, and organized the Japan South Korea tunnel research association to promote it. Taro Aso served as a consultant to the Kyushu Branch of the Japan Korea tunnel Research Association as a member of the house of representatives of Japan in 1992.


UC also has a special entity to promote this, called the international highway foundation (IHF). This organization also has Chinese web pages? https://ihf.jp/zh-CN/ ??

Let’s have a look:



The International Conference on the unification of Science (ICUs), an organization under the unified church, was mentioned.


President of the international highway foundation: Li justice. Who is this?



Naturally, he is the president of the international victorious Communist Union, an anti Communist International Organization under the unified Church (UC)! ? https://www.ifvoc.org/chairman/ ?


On Wikipedia, there is a page about the international win Communist alliance. Tongyijiao Zhuwen Mingming was established in 1968. Honorary president: Liangyi Sasakawa, a class a war criminal and tycoon.

These are public information. Through this small case, we can see the huge power of unionism in Japan and South Korea.

Looking back at the article of China Newsweek, we interviewed xioichi hosiya, a senior researcher at the Nakasone Institute of world peace, on the issue of unified education (UC). What conclusion can we draw?

Although Koichi Hosoya is a scholar, his career, communication and network are all in the Liberal Democratic party conservatives. UC is a huge force that is absolutely untouchable. Therefore, he can only come out to wash the white of UC and the Liberal Democratic Party. It’s just that he is very skillful and seems to provide us with some content, but what he said is the general criticism of the Japanese media / public opinion / people, and then give an explanation of avoiding the important and taking the light.

It can be seen to what extent unified education has penetrated into Japanese politics, academia and media. If you don’t study it carefully and just look at the surface, outsiders can’t get the truth. Therefore, the assassination of Abe by Takeshi Yamagata provides us with a key to the secret world.

7. “Good mouth”: Shinzo Abe’s grandfather: the cult complex of class a war criminals and former Prime Minister kishisuke

From ancient times to the present, although many people have a prominent position and a good education, they will inexplicably believe in some obviously unreliable “masters”, “masters”, “gods”, and even be manipulated and controlled by these people. These great gods generally have some special personal charm, which can move specific objects and exert a great degree of spiritual influence and control on them. God man with a little ability can move people; The more capable gods and men can develop their own believer groups, and the most capable people can also create new beliefs and religions. However, in the contemporary world, if a person claims to have divine power, deceives and influences everywhere, and even wants to create new beliefs, it will often become the “cult” we understand.

Give a few examples.

——Grigori Rasputin (Rasputin)


Russian Saratov, a mystic in the era of Nikolai II, had great influence on the Czar and empress at the end of the Russian Empire, and once manipulated the royal family and the court. Because of scandals, it caused public anger, and had too much influence on the Czar, and conspired to stab several nobles to death. He was an important reason for the collapse of the Romanov Dynasty and indirectly promoted the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.

——Cui Taimin and Cui Ruiyuan



Cui Taimin once founded the religion “eternal religion”, calling himself “Maitreya Buddha” and “tanjun”, becoming the spiritual mentor of Park Geun hye, the daughter of Park Zhengxi, and exercising spiritual control over the latter. In 1979, Park Chung Hee was shot dead by Kim Jae kyu, South Korea’s minister of central intelligence. When Jin Zaiyu was tried, he said that one of the reasons for the assassination of Park Zhengxi was to stop Cui Taimin’s corrupt activities and keep him away from Park Geun hye. Cui Taimin’s daughter Cui Ruiyuan is also Park Geun hye’s long-term best friend. She was known as Rasputin of South Korea and Rasputin of women, and became the main figure in the political scandal in South Korea in 2016. She was accused of interfering with President Park Geun hye in formulating government policies and decisions, and was sentenced to 18 years in prison for “abuse of power, obstruction of the exercise of power”, “attempted fraud” and other charges.

Others, Menon in India, Bannon in the United States and dukin in Russia have been compared to Rasputin figures, but these people are not mystics or cults, but more “national masters” who have great influence on leaders.

Kishisuke’s great God – Kitamura sayo

After the war, Japan experienced an era of new religions. Most of the new religions were born out of mainstream religions (such as Buddhism, Shintoism, Christianity, etc.). The background of the great development was the turbulence of Japanese society after the war. At the same time, the old religious regulation no longer existed, and the government was unable to intervene and suppress folk religions any more. Therefore, the people were able to create and preach independently from the bottom up. Today, all these new religions have the shadow of heresy.

Among them, it is worth mentioning that kishiyuki family believes in the temple religion of the emperor of heaven.


Born in riji village, jiuke County, Shankou county (now riji village, Liujing city) in 1900, Beicun is a rural woman with sixth grade education in primary school. At the age of 20, she married to the North Village of tabushi Town, Kumamoto Prefecture, Yamaguchi county. In 1942, a fire broke out near her home. In order to find out the cause, she began to visit the prayer master (that is, the shaman / wizard in Japan), fell ill and contacted the “Chou Shi worship” (Chou Ke Shen, a shaman ceremony).


In 1944, the prayer master told her that she wanted to become a living God; Later, she said she experienced immortality. On August 12, 1945 (the third day after the atomic bombing of Nagasaki), she said that she was entrusted by the absolute God of the universe to establish a kingdom of God. In 1946, she founded the temple of emperor Tianzhao, took that year as the first year of the kingdom of God, and began to preach everywhere. This time node perfectly matched the defeat of Japan. At that time, it was an apocalyptic scene, so the new religion became popular.

A major feature of this religion is that believers will dance affectionately in public places such as parks, streets, fields and places within their reach. Therefore, it is known as “religion of dance” (active Religion). In fact, this kind of dance is similar to the “dancing God” in primitive religion, which makes oneself trance and trance through dancing, and enters the state of narcissism and hypnosis. To outsiders, it seemed as if they had been poisoned and caught the wind.




As mentioned earlier, Kitamura married to tabushi Town, Kumamoto Prefecture, Yamaguchi county. This is kishisuke’s native book. How did Beicun capture kishisuke? Through “divine prophecy”.

Kishiuke was born in 1896. His old surname was Sato. He served as Japan’s foreign minister, cabinet prime minister (Prime Minister), and President of the Liberal Democratic Party. He is known as “Showa monster” and “Manchukuo monster”. In the puppet Manchukuo, he served as the director of the general affairs department of the Ministry of industry, the deputy director of the Ministry of industry and the deputy director of the general affairs department, and was known as the “five giants of Manchuria” together with Hideki Tojo, the chief of staff of the Kanto army, Naoki Xingye, the director of the general affairs department of Manchukuo, yoyo Matsuoka, the president of Manchukuo railway, and Yosuke catakawa, the president of Manchukuo Heavy Industry Development Co., Ltd. Kishisuke was appointed Minister of Commerce and industry in the Tojo Yingji cabinet in 1942.

In 1945, after Japan surrendered, kishisuke was listed as a “class a war criminal” suspect by the Allied general command and imprisoned for three years because of his policy in Manchukuo and his participation in the Tojo cabinet.

Kishiuke recalled the three most difficult moments in his life (“the insight after three deaths”): first, in the era of the Tojo cabinet, he was forced to resign (but refused); Second, as a class a war criminal suspect, he was arrested and detained in Tokyo nest duck prison; Third, the prime minister’s residence was surrounded during the security struggle in 1960.

In 1945, before going to Tokyo’s nest duck prison, he returned to his parents’ hometown in tabushi town. Here, he met Kitamura, who had just made his debut in tabushi town. Kitamura said, go to practice for three years! If you can hone your soul, you can use it in the post of prime minister in the future.

As a result, kishisuke was detained for investigation for three years and was really acquitted. It is said that this is because the allies believe that kishiyuki once clashed with Hideki Tojo at the beginning of the war and sought truce and peace. However, like many wartime leaders, kishisuke was idle for a period of time and was unable to hold public office. But soon, the world situation changed greatly: Chiang Kai Shek fled to Taiwan, the people’s Republic of China was founded, the Korean War broke out, the cold war between the Soviet Union and the United States between the East and the West intensified, and the United States’ policy towards Japan also changed, intending to take Japan as the anti Communist bridgehead in Asia. In this case, Americans began to re-use the officials and elites under the old system to rule Japan. What Americans like most is the most active anti Communist and anti left elements. As a class a war criminal suspect, kishisuke became the lucky one of fate.

In 1957, kishinsuke experienced the biggest reversal in his life: becoming the Prime Minister of Japan. Beicun took a motorcycle to kishisuke’s official residence to congratulate him. She said, “you rule the country. I rule the world.” For kishisuke, Beicun is so called: “kishike, kishike! (hey, kishike!)” You’re welcome, because she thinks of herself as the incarnation of God and puts herself above kishinsuke.

Because of her “divine prophecy” in those days, kishinae believed in her. After that, she was also treated as a guest of honor and often treated with hospitality.

A village woman with a sixth grade education has thus become a great god worshipped by the Japanese Prime Minister.

The story is not over yet. Because of his grandmother’s relationship, Takeo Kitamura, the grandson of Kitamura, also received the support of the kishiuke family, joined Shinzo Abe’s faction (Qinghe Hui), became a member of the Senate, a government official of the Minister of economy and industry, and a deputy secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party, and became a prosperous politician in Japanese politics.





In 2019, Shinzo Abe returned to his hometown in Yamaguchi to visit the tomb of his father and former foreign minister Shintaro Abe. The figure above shows Takeo Kitamura.


In 2019, Shinzo Abe’s wife Akie Abe came out to the election platform of Kitamura to talk about family relations.

Wait, isn’t this article about unified education /uc? Kitamura’s grandmother is the grandson of Kitamura, the founder of the great theocracy. Does Kitamura have anything to do with the unified church?


The answer is yes. Unionism /uc has such deep roots with kishiuke and Abe families, how can it have nothing to do with Takeo Kitamura? Takeo Kitamura received the blessing of two major religions, the great temple religion of emperor Tianzhao and the “world peace and unity” (the renamed name of Unitarianism /uc).

This section aims to expose the tip of the iceberg:

——How Shinzo Abe’s grandfather and former Prime Minister nobuke Kishi became obsessed with the jumping god religion of a village woman who was educated in the sixth grade of primary school;

——Kishinsuke has a “complex” for new religions / cults, and can naturally believe in unified religion if he can teach in the great shrine of the new emperor;

——Shinzo Abe continued to support Kitamura’s case, Kitamura naofu, to help him obtain a prominent political career;

——Shinzo Abe’s relationship with Unitarianism /uc is so deep (also from his grandfather kishiyuki), it will naturally transfer the relationship to Takeo Kitamura. Takeo Kitamura can also get the support of Tongjiao /uc.

This is the political family and the relationship between politics and religion in Japan, a successful example of “Western election politics” created by the United States.

(to be continued)

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