Abortion, America’s new civil war!

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Recently, abortion in the United States has triggered a new civil war. This weekend, let’s talk about the reasons behind it and its impact on us.

In 1972, two Texas feminists selected a 21-year-old woman named Luo to sue attorney wade in Dallas for the right to free abortion.

In the end, the Federal Supreme Court, by a vote of 7:2, held that the constitution protects women’s right to decide pregnancy, that is, it recognizes the legalization of abortion in the United States, that is, the famous Roe v. Wade case.

On the 24th, the conservative Supreme Law nominated three justices by former president trump overturned the judgment in the Roe v. Wade case. Each state can enact its own laws on abortion, which will turn abortion into a felony of “first-degree murder” in some states.

Although the Democratic Party controls the White House, the Senate and the house of Representatives, it can do nothing about the supreme law. Biden, Harris and Pelosi can only make national speeches to express their resentment against the Conservatives.

It can be basically predicted that the “third civil war” will break out in the United States, and conservatives will turn upside down against liberals, unable to cope with changes in the international situation and a new round of global economic crisis.


As to why an abortion case has such a great impact, we should start with the founding of the United States.

The United States is a loose and immigrant country. Due to the lack of history and low national cohesion, the elite of the United States need to find a spiritual cornerstone to guide the people in the way of religious belief. The name of this cornerstone is “freedom”.

However, in the face of the constant changes in the international situation and productivity in the United States for more than 200 years, the definition of freedom is also constantly advancing with the times. The elite use this to liberate the productivity and create a common enemy to condense the people.

In the first stage, the newly established Mayflower United States was mainly opposed to its home country, Britain. The definition of American freedom was “religious freedom”, which encouraged people to seize the freedom of direct communication with God from the church.

This kind of freedom is very unfree in our view. It requires believers to be extremely self disciplined, give up pleasure, and devote all their body and mind to the cause of honoring the Lord. It is the theoretical basis of the war of independence and the most important cornerstone of the American dream and the development of American capitalism.

The modern representative is trump, who eats hamburgers and drinks coke. After he was elected president, he went to Jerusalem for the first time and set up a Bible learning leading group in the White House with great interest.

In the second stage, the main opponent of the United States was the old Europe. At this time, the definition of American freedom was “civil rights freedom”, which encouraged the people to seize the freedom of learning and production from the feudal lords.

This kind of freedom is generally recognized by us now. The United States, adhering to this spirit, Liberated Serfs in the civil war, almost liberated global colonies in the Second World War, and established a global integrated trading system.

The modern representative is George W. Bush, who launched the war on terrorism. The missionary mentality was used by the oil and military industry group, and the United States’ diplomatic resources and military strength were wholeheartedly invested in the liberation of the people in the Middle East.

In the third stage, the main opponent of the United States is the Soviet Union. At this time, the definition of American democracy is “individual freedom”, which encourages the people to seize the freedom of will from the collectivist “big brother”.

This kind of freedom is generally difficult for us to accept, from drugs to LGBT. However, the emancipation of the mind in the cold war has also brought about the rapid development of digital technology, driving the world from web1 to Web3.

In 1973, the supreme law of the United States passed the Roe v. Wade case, which is not only a new type of freedom established to fight against the democracy of the Soviet Union, but also to make the means of production of mankind more adaptable to the advancing productivity driven by capital.

The modern representative is Obama. As the main driver of the legalization of drugs and homosexuality, Obama is also the flag pioneer of promoting global digital connectivity.

The three stages of freedom in the United States correspond to three industrial revolutions, three adversaries and three wars respectively. Through the honing given by the adversaries, the United States also continues to adapt to the new industrial revolution and productivity.

However, the freedom that the American people are calling for is completely different. In particular, the first stage of freedom and the third stage of freedom have completely stood on the opposite side.

The Maga slogan we are familiar with is also the first kind of freedom that trump is trying to return to the United States.

Back to the Roe v. Wade case, the so-called confrontation between conservatives and liberals, more accurately the confrontation between the first generation of liberals and the third generation of liberals, is the cornerstone of their respective American values and sense of identity.

The first generation of liberals are devout believers of God. Allowing abortion is a blasphemy against the Bible. The third generation of liberals think that the universe is the greatest and that not allowing abortion is the cornerstone of denying human rights.

No matter which faction wins, it will lead to another faction’s recognition of American values and the destruction of God. In Chinese terms, changing other people’s perceptions is like digging people’s ancestral graves.

Therefore, people of different faiths have no way out on this issue. For the sake of votes, most politicians, like we media, will only say what voters are willing to listen to. They compete with ZELINSKY for the self-cultivation of actors, adding fuel to the confrontation that has no way out, and use women, daughters and children to attack each other.

Like the Slavic brothers Ukraine and Russia, the two sides have no way out as long as they fight.

More than 30 years ago, a young scholar who visited the United States thought about this and summarized it as “the United States opposes the United States”.

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