About Jia Jianqian: Inheritance and privilege are the truth of the world!

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Author: wenboling source: the fireworks world of wenboling (ID: wenboling2020)

Boling said:

About Jia Qianqian,

I wrote an article on February 5, 2021,

But at that time, the number of readers was half that of today,

Perhaps some readers have not read it,

I’ll do it again today.

The following is the original text.


Recently, Jia shallow has been out of the circle. He is the daughter of Jia Pingwa. He is an associate professor of the University. He writes some bullshit poems in his spare time.

I specially read Jia Qianqian’s poems and felt very uncomfortable, but it was not bad. At least I had a lot of confidence.

After all, I’m better than an associate professor in a university. I can especially cultivate cultural confidence. I suggest you hold your nose and read more poems by Professor Jia. Maybe during the new year, the home will be full of happy air.

In fact, the level of Jia Jianqian is not what we care about most. What really annoys the public is the same old topic:

Learning, inheritance and privilege.

In January 2003, Jia Pingwa became the dean of the school of literature of a university in Xi’an. Only half a year later, Jia Qianqian, who graduated from a bachelor’s degree, joined a university in Xi’an as a teacher of modern and contemporary literature.

Just graduated from the University, she went to the university to teach undergraduates. I don’t know whether she learned it or not. One dares to teach and the other dares to learn.

Even though the academic threshold in 2003 was not as high as it is now, it was a shocking thing for newly graduated undergraduates to become university teachers. However, Jia Jianqian did not make a fuss, and he was promoted to associate professor in just five years.

Compared with most of her peers, Jia Qianqian is the one who wins at the starting line. If there is no accident, the second half of her life will be quite smooth.

For example, I am doing a comfortable job, enjoying the national treatment, and praising each other with my colleagues in my spare time. You say that my writing has a spirit, and I praise that your novels are immortal.

As for what other people think, it doesn’t matter at all. Anyway, there is no standard in literature, and the big guys who monopolize the mainstream discourse say well. What can you do?

We really can’t do anything. Even breaking the circle of poetry may not affect Jia’s life.

But things have happened. We need to understand one problem:

Why do the school lords, hereditary and privileged always exist?


If you want to be a scholar, you must start early. In fact, all groups with the word “valve” should seize the opportunity to make their debut in a specific period of time.

If you start late and miss the era of horse racing and enclosure, the pit will be occupied. The “valve” of Kaizong school will certainly be out of the question. You can only serve as a younger brother for the elder generation.

For example, the warlords of the Republic of China.

They all started their careers at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China. They either went to the Japanese non commissioned officer school or went to Baoding military school to study. They lived in these two pits and generally did well in the Republic of China. Even when the Kuomintang government retreated to the mainland, many high-level leaders were still these people.

Although the Huangpu department is famous, it is now said that it is a bull. But in the Republic of China, the members of the Huangpu department were promoted rapidly in the early stage, and the more difficult it became in the later stage.

Hu zongnan, known as the “son of heaven”, worked hard for 25 years, but he was only the commander of the war zone and the second level general. The students studying in Japan and Baoding who had the same opportunity worked hard for 25 years, and had long been the warlord who dominated the mountain.

Yan Xishan, the most outstanding, was the governor of Shanxi Province three years after graduation.

That’s why different times lead to different outcomes.

There is no other reason. The pit is full. Unless the older generation is willing to give up their position, you will have to wait. When the pit is empty, you will have a chance to compete.

Back to Jia Pingwa, the time of his debut was also very opportune.

Jia Pingwa, born in 1952, has been a full-time writer since the 1980s. He has published a series of novels successively until the publication of abandoned city in 1993. A few years later, he won the French Fermina prize for literature.

The 1980s is known as the golden age of intellectuals. Because the old literati in the Republic of China were cleaned up, in order to realize industrialization in the early days of the founding of the people’s Republic of China, little attention was paid to liberal arts, so that the field of Humanities and Social Sciences in the 1980s was almost blank.

It can be said that the vast world is promising.

This gave Jia Pingwa and others the opportunity to run around and encircle the land. A very important reason for his current status in the Jianghu is that he occupied the pit in the 1980s.

Their level and ability may not be much better than those of later generations, but the opportunity of the times has provided them with a running aid of “one year for ten years”.

The opportunities of that generation are similar to those of the masters of the Republic of China, who made some achievements in a blank China. They are the masters of the founding school.

If the younger generation wants to join the industry, they must go to the mountain to worship the wharf.

How much living space the younger generation can get depends on whether they are willing to take back their hands and feet and make way for a small path. If they collude and do not give the younger generation a place, they can really drive people to death.

The same is true in other fields.

The government requires younger cadres, and reform and opening up have created a lot of business opportunities… In almost every field of China, there are vigorous young people who seize the beach and cut the biggest cake of the next era.

Count carefully, which of the big names in all walks of life in China is not the one who came out and occupied the pit in the 1980s?


After becoming famous, he has a certain position in the Jianghu. The next step is to recruit students to teach disciples and train old officials. Only in this way can he grow his own mountain.

Only when the red flag under his command is waving can he be called a “valve”. If he fights alone all the year round, he is only a ghost in the Jianghu.

Therefore, the groups standing on the front line of the trend of the times instinctively began to form gangs and bring out a large number of disciples. Then, the disciples have disciples, and there are great grandchildren under them.

In a few years, a “valve” that pulls out turnips and brings out mud will be formed.

This is the natural law of society.

Because from a positive point of view, they are successors for the cause of the country, and they belong to a fair and aboveboard “preacher”, and no one can say anything. However, in the process of “helping and guiding”, the selfishness of the patriarch to expand the sect was also mixed.

In short, there are two sides of the coin, and the advantages and disadvantages always exist at the same time.

After the mountain has grown, how can we pacify people’s hearts and let the disciples and grandchildren unite closely around the master?

Of course, it is the distribution of benefits.

The grandmaster has a very high position in the Jianghu. Naturally, he has a lot of interests and resources. When allocating resources, he must give priority to the internal members.

For example, if the school has any research funds or projects, it should first select people from its disciples and grandchildren to do them. If it is really not possible, then it should consider external candidates. If the government has vacant posts, it should also give priority to recommending subordinates.

Only by giving priority to ensuring the interests of the internal members can other people see hope and feel that they can follow the footsteps of the patriarch, and then a “centripetal force” will be generated. After several operations, the hearts of the factions will settle down.

Anyway, it’s all routine work. Anyone can do it. It’s not the time to build an atomic bomb. Qian Xuesen has to do it.

In the Chinese context, “nepotism” is not a good word. If a big man is labeled as “nepotism”, he will not be able to jump into the Yellow River.

But from the perspective of human nature, it is not “nepotism”, is it “nepotism”? Don’t let your internal people go and send benefits to unrelated people. But how do you know that the people you alienate are not your own people on another mountain?

Moreover, if you want to pursue fairness and justice, do not you harm the interests of your internal members?

When people are dispersed, it is difficult to lead the team.

In this case, it would be better to give priority to our own people. In the Ming Dynasty, the strict party, the eunuch party, and the Donglin Party have all developed in this way.

The most typical example is Jia Qianqian, who has no ability. Just because of his father Jia Pingwa’s circle, he can rise to the top.

Once circles and factions are formed, they will be closed.

Because to distribute benefits to internal members, we must tighten the entrance of the circle to ensure that members of the circle are reliable and trustworthy and will never betray.

In this way, it is very difficult for outsiders to enter, unless there is a special way, such as a father or teacher like Jia Pingwa. Of course, they can also marry a wife like Jia Qianqian and marry a second-generation male in the circle.

Closure can guarantee purity, purity can produce trust, and the closeness of the circle can produce exclusiveness.

This is also why marriage should be equal to each other, and doing business should adhere to the teacher-student relationship. After all, there is no particularly close relationship, and even the threshold of the circle can not be reached.

As the circle became more and more stable, a moat surrounded the circle. The Sentinels looked at the passing people with vigilance and were ready to stab out their spears.

There is only one suspension bridge on the moat. When it is put down, it depends on who is on the other side of the river and whether a signal can be put on it.


The grandmaster has worked hard for decades to establish a circle. Naturally, he does not want to see the circle disappear after retirement.

Then it is very important to choose a reliable successor.

An old man once said, “we still have to choose our children to take over. At least they won’t dig their ancestral graves.”

It can be seen that the first condition for an heir is blood relationship.

There is no more reliable relationship than blood relationship in the world. Other people can change their families at any time, but blood relationship can not be changed. If someone betrays his father’s circle and runs to another circle, even if he is sincere, others may not trust him.

The problem is that China is no longer a hereditary aristocratic society. Anyone who dares to blatantly inherit will be stabbed in the back.

However, there are policies at the top and Countermeasures at the bottom, and “mutual support” has indirect hereditary effect, but avoids the stigma of hereditary.

Back to the topic of the school lords, we are flattering each other.

Liang Qichao once said that Chen Yinke: “all my works are not as valuable as Mr. Chen’s 300 words.”

Liang Qichao is famous all over the world. How can his works be worthless? What he said was nothing more than endorsing Chen Yinke with his position in the Jianghu.

With the endorsement of the famous Liang Qichao, it is natural for Chen Yinke to become famous.

Members of the same circle, the first generation to become famous, use resources to support the younger generation of the same family, and the family of this younger generation will also support their own younger generation in the same way.

The result is that the left hand turns to the right hand, and everyone gets promoted and becomes rich together.

If someone comes forward and says that Liang Qichao is lying. Then Liang Qichao will say, what are the disadvantages of Mr. Chen’s works? If you can’t say it, don’t force me.

It is precisely because they have monopolized the power of academic interpretation and further monopolized the power of academic pricing. The academic threshold is very high, and ordinary people can not touch it, which makes their circle more stable.

Of course, Liang Qichao and Chen Yinke are real masters. There is no disrespect here, just for example.

This method of mutual support is not outdated.

In January 2018, Jia Qianqian’s poetry collection the 100th night was released. The infamous my mother was rated as “spiritual” by the poet Ouyang Jianghe

Zhang Qinghua, vice president of the school of Arts and doctoral supervisor of Beijing Normal University, personally endorsed Jia Qianqian’s poetry collection, saying that some people may have written all their lives, and have never been so close to the poetry itself as she.

Can’t they see such a rotten poem?

They may have seen it, but they are unwilling to admit it. Instead, they should use the academic power of interpretation and pricing to say that the black ones are white and the dead ones are alive. As long as they have a unified voice in their circles, outsiders can not reverse the case.

Conversely, when they need Jia Pingwa to endorse, can Jia Pingwa refuse?

Of course not.

So a circle of people came into being.

Liang Qichao and Chen Yinque, Jia Pingwa and Jia Qianqian have done the same thing for more than 100 years. The only difference is that Chen Yinque is really competent and Jia Qianqian’s poems are disgusting.

Therefore, inheritance and inheritance can be basically equated.

From the perspective of China as a whole, Jia Pingwa’s and Jia shallow’s affairs are just small drops of water in the traditional literary circle. Although they have exposed the proliferation of privileges, they have not hurt the interests of too many people, and they are just making everyone unhappy.

What is really frightening is that the members of those deep-rooted families have developed into a huge family after decades of learning from politics and business, supporting each other and exchanging resources. The collusion of these families is enough to influence the lifeline of the country.

Moreover, all kinds of signs show that this trend has emerged, and this is a major matter that concerns everyone.


Two professors in the United States conducted a survey. They reprinted the 12 papers in the core journals and sent them to the journals that published the papers. They only changed the author’s name into a fictitious character.

Results the reviewers of all journals did not find that the papers were “plagiarized”, nor did they know that the same papers had been published in their own journals.

Most of all, 8 of them returned their papers, saying that they were not qualified for publication because the research methods in the papers had serious defects.

Since the research method is flawed, why didn’t you find the problem before and publish it openly?

The reason lies in the author’s name.

The original author of the paper is an internal member of the academic circle. He can publish the paper without looking at the contents of the paper. However, the fictitious names of the two professors are strangers whom no one knows. Do you want to publish the paper? There are no doors.

This is not to blame the United States. After all, our country also has the same problems. It is to say that the closed and exclusive nature of the circle is the same at all times and in all countries.

This kind of thing has nothing to do with the system and national conditions, but is strongly related to human nature. As long as human beings live on the earth for one day, the circle can not be avoided, and the “valve” that appears with the circle can not be avoided.

We will realize in a few decades that Jia Qianqian is really too shallow. There are many rivers in the world, and the water depth is very deep.

But Mr. Lu Xun also said: this has always been the case, right?

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