Absurd spring and Autumn: Duke Wei linggong meticulously arranges his wife’s date with her old lover

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Nanzi was the wife of Wei linggong, the monarch of the state of Wei in the spring and Autumn period. Nanzi was born in the state of song. Before she married to the state of Wei, she had a lover named Zichao, who was a famous beautiful man at that time. Later, although they were far apart, they were still connected. It is inconceivable that after knowing this, Duke Wei linggong not only didn’t get angry, but called Zichao and carefully arranged his date with his wife. Although in the spring and Autumn period, the secular etiquette and laws were still relatively loose, the Nanzi incident still attracted bad repercussions.

Kuai Kui, Nanzi’s son, once went to the state of Qi. When he passed through the state of song, he heard someone sing obscene songs to him: “I have a pig named Erlou, and I will return to my love?” Your sow has been satisfied. When will you return our handsome breeding pig This is obviously a dig at Kuai’s mother, Nanzi. Kuai Kuai felt so humiliated that he was going to hire a murderer to kill his mother. I didn’t expect that the killer would be stupid at the sight of Nanzi’s beauty. Kuai Kui, who was standing aside, hinted at him several times to do it, but he was not willing to do it at all. Later, Nanzi felt something was wrong and exclaimed, “the prince wants to kill me!” At this time, Wei linggong, who was wearing a green hat, shot in time and pulled her out. Nanzi escaped. Kuai Kui saw that the plot had been exposed and had to run for his life.

Nanzi has no major defects in other aspects except the chaotic relationship between men and women. Even praiseworthy.

One night, she sat and chatted with Wei linggong. Outside the door came the sound of a carriage, but when she reached the gate of the palace, the sound of the carriage disappeared; After passing the palace gate, the sound of the car rang out slowly again. Wei linggong asked Nanzi, “guess whose carriage this is? Nanzi replied:” a person who knows etiquette can only be chenboyu. ” At that time, he was the most prestigious official of the Wei state. His greatest feature was that he could reflect on himself in time, “fifty years of travel and forty-nine years of non-compliance”.

Wei linggong ran out to have a look. What his wife said was really good. However, he deliberately deceived Nanzi and said, “you guessed wrong.” As soon as Nanzi heard this, he immediately took up his wine cup to worship linggong. Linggong went in without knowing. Nanzi said, “I used to think there was only one fan Boyu in the state of Wei. Today I found another man with the same high moral character as him. You have two virtuous ministers. There are more and more good officials. This is the blessing of the country!”

Hearing this, Duke Wei Ling immediately let out his anger. He could only murmur in his heart that there were so many good ministers.

If only the above deeds, it is estimated that Nanzi’s “reputation” will not be too great. The situation changed when she provoked Confucius. Without historical records, the “son meets Nanzi” in the Analects of Confucius alone is enough to make a great uproar in later generations. This is how it happened.

Confucius’ mound, that is, Confucius traveled around the world at that time, and already had a great reputation. He was a native of the state of Lu and a neighbor of the state of Wei, so he visited the state of Wei many times and stayed there for a long time. He got to know fan Boyu in the state of Wei. Both of them have good names and have a close relationship. Nanzi attached great importance to fan Boyu and had heard of Confucius’ deeds, so he wanted to see him when he heard that he was in the state of Wei.

There is nothing wrong with this meeting from the historical records. During the meeting, a curtain was hung between the two according to the etiquette system, and Nanzi came out dressed up to receive the national protocol. After Confucius saluted, Nanzi knelt down behind the Pearl curtain to return the ceremony. What they talked about was not recorded in the history books, and it is estimated that there is nothing wrong with it. Everything seemed normal, but Zilu, a student of Confucius, was not happy. According to the Analects of Confucius? Yong ye, Zi Lu did not speak when Zi saw Nan Zi (the same as “Yue”). The master said with an arrow, “Heaven hates those who do not give! Heaven hates them!” When the teacher saw the beautiful king’s wife, the students were not happy. They didn’t know what to say. Confucius jumped to his feet and swore: “if I did anything improper, five thunders from heaven! Five thunders from heaven!”

In the Analects of Confucius? Yong ye, this vague but imaginative 23 words have made future generations of people engaged in history very enthusiastic. The most common saying is that Zilu is accusing highly respected teachers of not going to see Nanzi with a bad reputation. This statement is a little far fetched. Because if it is such a accusation, Confucius has already met Nanzi, and how can he say “give what you don’t want”. Moreover, with Confucius’ eloquence, he is not so excited that he can only swear. Then, the rest may be that Zilu’s words were very heavy, which made Confucius lose his old face and say such fierce excuses.

Although there was a lot of trouble between teachers and disciples, it is certain that Nanzi had not offended Confucius this time. After this meeting, Nanzi also called Confucius when he was traveling with Wei linggong, and Confucius also went. Nanzi didn’t let Confucius get into the main car, but arranged him in another car. It was an eunuch who accompanied Wei linggong and Nanzi in the main car. This time, Confucius was offended. He dropped a famous saying that goes back to ancient times: “I have never seen a man with good virtue like a lecherous man!” “So ugly”, Fu Xiu left the Wei state, where he had been for more than a month, and completely broke up with Nanzi.

From the contact between Nanzi and Confucius, Nanzi really had no fault. The bad thing was that she had a bad reputation. Therefore, when there was a dispute with Confucius, the sage, the dirty water could only be poured on her.

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