According to legend, how did snakes evolve into dragons? What kind of training and practice should we go through?

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How many changes does a snake have to undergo to become a dragon? This is a problem that many readers are concerned about. Next, I’ll join you and give you a reference.

Rumors about dragons, whether in the past or now, are of special concern to everyone, but how much do you know about dragons? In ancient books and folklore, there are five creatures, pigs, snakes, horses, turtles and fish, that can turn into dragons.

The pig turns into a dragon, which is recorded in the biography of Yang Taizhen: “when you taste the night swallow, Lushan lies drunk and turns into a pig and a dragon’s head. You suddenly tell the emperor about it. The emperor says, ‘this pig dragon, can’t do anything.’ if you don’t kill it, you will mess up China.”

Ma Hualong’s record can be seen in the folk proverb: “five horses cross the river, and one horse becomes a dragon.” Ma Hualong is also a relatively unknown way of evolution.

The tortoise turns into a dragon is recorded in the folk proverb: “the tortoise turns into a dragon and cannot be shelled.” Dragon and tortoise is a common kind of deity in mythology.

Fish turns into dragons, which is recorded in “Shuoyuan”: “in the past, the cold abyss under the white dragon turned into fish.” The legend of carp jumping over the dragon’s gate has been circulating among the people.


It’s not easy for every animal to turn into a dragon. Today, let’s talk about the process of snake turning into a dragon.



Snake turns into Cobra (Hui three tones) after 500 years of cultivation, snake turns into Cobra. Cobra is a kind of poisonous snake in ancient Chinese legend, which is often in the water. It is much bigger than a snake.



ASPS become dragons. ASPS become dragons after 500 years. By this time, their bodies have dragon parts. Its two limbs are as colorful as brocade, and its body has scales. It grows four feet, and can slide in the water as a slurry.


Qiu long

Jiao becomes Qiu, and Jiao becomes Qiu after 1000 years, which is called Qiu long. Qiu, which literally means curly appearance, is like a snake in this period. It twists and turns, just like its name, a young dragon.


Horned Dragon

Qiu long changed into a Horned Dragon after 500 years. As the name suggests, it has horns on its head. At this time, it is considered to be an adult.



Horned Dragon becomes Yinglong. After thousands of years, Horned Dragon becomes Yinglong. It grows wings, its head becomes larger than before, and its nose, ears and eyes are smaller. It becomes the legendary Yinglong. This is the ultimate form of dragon. But heaven and earth, call the wind and rain, once came to earth as the great general of the Yellow Emperor to kill Chiyou and Kuafu, and once painted the land into a river with the tail to help Dayu control the water. At the same time, Ying Long also captured wuzhiqi for King Yu.

In fact, every kind of animal Jackie Chan has to go through a lot of hardships and practice, just like people. If you want to become a dragon and a phoenix in people, you have to make continuous efforts and practice. Even the mythical world needs to be so complex, not to mention our physical fetuses, so come on! Disclaimer: the above content comes from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if you infringe your original copyright, We will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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