According to the legend, the heavenly court, which governs the gods, is divided into eight parts. Which are the eight parts?

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According to the legend, the heavenly court, which governs the gods, is divided into eight parts. Which are the eight parts? Tianting, as the center of the three realms and the residence of Zhou Tianzheng God, undoubtedly has a lot of ink in myths. It can be found in almost all fairy stories. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!


Controller: Jiutian YingYuan Leisheng Puhua Tianzun

Introduction: Lei Department, the most powerful department in the eight departments of Tianting, not only takes charge of the weather of wind, rain, cloud and thunder, but also has the right to monitor the three realms and judge good and evil. The three realms and six ways, immortals, demons, demons and Buddhas, who violate the rules of the sky or commit many crimes, can not escape the punishment of Lei Department.

The master of the Lei Department is called Jiutian YingYuan Lei Sheng Puhua Tianzun. There are generally two statements about his identity. First, according to the records of the gods, he was Wen Zhong, the great master of the Shang Dynasty; Second, according to orthodox mythology, he was the incarnation of the ninth son of the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, the Antarctic Immortal Emperor, and the strongest Thor after Leize.

Under his jurisdiction, the thunder Department has eight emperors of Shenxiao, five thunder kings, thirty-six Lei gongs, twenty-four members urging the cloud to help the rain to protect the law, the heavenly king, and the rain master of Feng bo And many other powerful gods, whose combat power can be called an explosive table.



Controller: doum Yuanjun

Introduction: Dou means the stars. The Dou department is the Department that regulates the sky and combs the operation of the stars in the three realms. All the gods of the star system belong to the Dou department. Therefore, the number of people in the Dou department is the largest among the eight departments, just like the number of sand in the eternal river.

The head of the doubu, named Doumu Yuanjun, is the supreme god of Taoism. He was transformed by the Yin energy of the first heaven. He not only has a high status, but also has a powerful Taoist practice. He is responsible for helping the Jade Emperor manage the operation of the stars. Of course, in the canonization, she was also said to be the virgin of Jinling, the second disciple of the saint of heaven. She was taught by the saint of heaven, and her combat power should not be underestimated.

Although the gods of the doubu are only responsible for the operation of the stars in the sky, their influence is larger than that of the other seven divisions, including the Zhongtian Arctic crape myrtle emperor, the five Dou Xing Jun, the nine Yao Xing Guan, the twenty-eight Xingxiu, the thirty-six Tiangang, and the seventy-two Disha Basically, all the well-known immortals we know are in this department. The jade emperor should look at them with great power.

Fire part

Controller: Southern three energy fire de Xingjun

Introduction: the Ministry of fire, as its name suggests, is the Department in charge of all fireworks in the world. We often say that the Kitchen God belongs to the Ministry of fire. The master is the southern three energy fire de Xingjun. According to the God worship records, he was transformed by the apostolic disciple Luo Xuan.

Under his command, there are five fire department gods, namely, tail fire tiger, room fire pig, mouth fire monkey, wing fire snake, and fire god. The top four of them are also one of the twenty-eight constellations, and also one of the fighting department gods. I don’t know which one is their part-time job.

Ministry of water

Controller: Beidou Wuqi shuide Xingjun

Introduction: the Ministry of water, on the contrary to the Ministry of fire, is the Department in charge of all human water affairs and floods. In myth, this department is relatively low-key, and there are few records about them.

All I know is that the head of the Ministry of water is the Beidou five Qi water de Xingjun. He was originally Lu Xiong, a general of the Shang Dynasty at the time of the canonization. He also has four water department gods under his command, but passers-by don’t know exactly who they are.

Ministry of Finance

Controller: Golden Dragon Ruyi Zhengyi dragon tiger Xuan altar God of the true king

Introduction: the Ministry of finance is the Department in charge of human wealth. In other words, whether you can make a fortune depends on how the Department arranges. The position of the Ministry of Finance in heaven can be said to be extremely special. Few immortals will provoke them because they have money and can’t afford it!

The head of the Ministry of finance is the God of the true king of the Golden Dragon Ruyi Zhengyi dragon tiger Xuantan, which is also known as the martial god of wealth zhaogongming. Under his command, there are four righteous gods of the Ministry of Finance and a kind of heavenly army and generals, mainly responsible for greeting the auspicious and receiving the blessings.

Although the number of people in the Ministry of finance is small, it is not because they have money, but because zhaogongming, the God of wealth, is a fierce man who can suppress an entire department. His combat power is absolutely explosive. In the canon, he was the great elder martial brother of the outside sect, who fought against Xi Qi alone. In the orthodox myth, he was one of the four marshals of Taoism, and his combat power was also impressive.

Plague Department

Controller: Emperor Wen Haotian

Introduction: the plague department and the pox department should be the most unpopular departments in the world. The plague department is in charge of human plague diseases. Seasonal diseases in the world are brought down by the plague department.

The head of the plague department was Lu Yue, the great emperor of plague, who was also a disciple of interdiction. His major was plague. He had stopped the Xiqi army for several days with his own power. The shape of heaven seal, plague bell, shaped plague flag, plague sword and other magic weapons in his hands became the symbol of the plague department, so he was also called the ancestor of plague.

In addition to him, the plague department also has six righteous gods, namely Zhou Xin, the eastern plague Messenger, Li Qi, the southern plague Messenger, zhutianlin, the Western plague Messenger, yangwenhui, the northern plague Messenger, chengeng, the master of persuasion, and Liping, the Taoist priest of plague.


Controller: Bixia Yuanjun

Introduction: the partner Department of the plague department is also in charge of human seasonal diseases, except that the plague department is in charge of epidemic diseases, while the pox department is mainly responsible for the repair of pox, chicken pox and other pox diseases among the owners.

The leader of the pox department is Yu Yuanhua, the Bixia Yuanjun. Under his command, there are five pox gods: Yu Da, the Oriental pox God, Yu Zhao, the Western pox God, Yu Guang, the southern pox God, Yu Xian, the northern pox God, and Yu De, the central pox God.


Taisui Department

Controller: it’s too old

Introduction: Taisui is the year star, and Taisui department is the Department in charge of human time and divided into twelve heavenly stems and twelve Earthly Branches; There are 60 Jiazi gods on duty in the Taisui department. They return every 60 years to observe the past wrongs in the world according to the stars and constellations of the week. They are the patron saint in the eyes of all living beings on earth, and their incense is very popular in the world. Among them, the two most famous Jiazi gods are Jiazi Taisui Yang Ren and huannian Taisui Yin Jiao. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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