Actress liaojingxuan confesses that she was beaten and played the role of Balala, the little devil and the little blue

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Liaojingxuan is well known by many audiences because of her role as the little blue in the Balala little devil fairy. It is a pity that liaojingxuan, who has good appearance conditions, has not had good resources in the entertainment circle after the Balala little devil fairy. Actress liaojingxuan claims to have been beaten. What exactly is the matter? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Actress liaojingxuan claims to have been beaten

Liaojingxuan, who hasn’t appeared on the screen for a long time, recently posted a video on a shejia platform to tell about her experiences of bullying and beating in recent years, which made many netizens very angry. Liaojingxuan said that she has been harassed by a small group in recent years. Members of the group often spread rumors and slander against liaojingxuan on the Internet, and uttered dirty words against liaojingxuan, abusing liaojingxuan unscrupulously on the Internet. There are also some social people in the reform group. One of them even moved and beat liaojingxuan.

Liaojingxuan was badly beaten at that time, so liaojingxuan also called the police to protect her rights. Liaojingxuan said that he and the police had left their own results, but liaojingxuan did not disclose the fate of the man who beat liaojingxuan. Liaojingxuan also talked about her energy in shooting the TV drama “the wizard of magic”. The protagonist of the drama is the princess Xiaolan of the city of Barlow, which is also the protagonist played by liaojingxuan.

Liaojingxuan once played the role of Balala little devil Fairy

As a result, a powerful company sued the wizard of Oz for infringement. The big company even cooperated with a small group that had been harassing liaojingxuan to suppress liaojingxuan and the company he founded. Finally, liaojingxuan, who was retaliated maliciously, had to close her own company, which also led to her failure in her work. After watching liaojingxuan’s video, many netizens were very sympathetic to her experience. At the same time, netizens also estimated that liaojingxuan took up legal weapons to protect her rights and must punish those netizens who deliberately spread rumors and insulted her.

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