Addicted to tanmei drama, remake Chai egg, pseudonym of this wood as producer

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There are many delaying dramas that can’t be broadcast even if they have been reviewed, because now the above crackdown on delaying dramas, especially those starring famous male artists, is really hopeless. Tanmei drama addiction was remade, and Chai Jifu, the author of the original novel, changed his name to this wood and served as the producer of this remake. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Addicted to beauty drama and remade

The addictive scale of tanmei drama is very large. The two male protagonists not only have a lot of kissing scenes, but also have large-scale sex scenes. Later, these popular delaying and changing dramas, such as petition order, mountain and river order, are really not comparable with addiction. That’s why Xiaobian said that addiction is to delay American dramas, and others are to delay and change dramas. Now even the delayed drama can’t be broadcast. As a result, I didn’t expect that the addicted drama was remade.

The original author of the addictive novel is Chai egg. The partners of the putrid girl circle should be familiar with Chai egg. However, her various coquettish operations on Huang Jingyu and Xu Weizhou led to many putrid girls not liking Chai egg, but the putrid girls did not reject Chai egg’s works. Because the name of Chai egg is out, Chai egg specially changed its name to this wood during this remake, and then served as the producer of the new play together with mu Xiaosui.

Chaiji egg assumed the pseudonym of this wood as the producer

The name of this remake addictive drama is “three little wuguesses”. According to the record, this drama has 25 episodes, each of which is about 35 minutes. Xu Weizhou and Huang Jingyu were banned for a period of time because they were addicted to the play. If sanxiaowuguess can be broadcast normally, it is absolutely a great irony for both of them. Of course, many netizens said that even if they can shoot three hours without guessing, they may not be able to broadcast. After all, the delayed dramas that are much smaller than his scale cannot be broadcast.

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