Afanti story: 200 gold coins

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Avanti borrowed 100 gold coins from a Bayi. He invited several friends to build a two-story building with his family.

Before Avanti moved into the new building, Bayi tried to get the floor upstairs to live on his own. Avanti took the house to pay off his debt. He said to Avanti: “ Avanti, please give me the second floor. The 100 gold coins I lent you will be offset. Otherwise, please pay me back right away& rdquo;

Afanti listened to Bayi’s words, showed a very reluctant look, and said: “ Master Bayi, I can’t pay you back for a while. Let’s do as you like& rdquo;

The next day, the Bayi family happily moved into the second floor of the new house. A few days later, Avanti invited several friends and neighbors to tear down the first floor of the wall.

Bayi heard a sound downstairs, ran down to have a look, and exclaimed in surprise: “ Avanti, are you crazy? Why do you want to demolish the new house& rdquo;

??“ It’s none of your business. You can sleep at home& rdquo; Avanti said as if nothing had happened while tearing down the wall.

??“ Why is it none of my business? I live on the second floor. You demolished the first floor and the second floor collapsed& rdquo; Bayi was so anxious that he stamped his feet.

??“ I demolished the floor where I live, but I didn’t demolish the floor where you live. This has nothing to do with you. Please take good care of your floor, and don’t let it fall down and hurt me and my friends& rdquo; Afanti said this and swung the kantuman (an iron farm tool widely used by the Uighur people) high.

??“ Avanti, Avanti, for the sake of our friendship for many years, we can have a good discussion. Could you sell me your floor, too& rdquo; Bayi was impatient and had to take a soft breath.

??“ If you really want to buy it, please give me 200 gold coins& rdquo; Avanti said.

??“ You &hellip& hellip; You &hellip& hellip;& rdquo; Bayi was too angry to speak.

??“ Master Bayi, don’t hesitate. I won’t sell 200 gold coins without a penny. I’ll split them& rdquo; With that, Avanti held up kantuman again.

??“ Avanti, Avanti, don’t open it, don’t open it! I buy, I buy& rdquo; Bayi had to pay 200 gold coins to buy the house.

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