After Abe, who is next?

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The article was originally created by “blood drink” official account. Wechat: caojianming1989

According to the people’s daily, on the morning of July 11, the vote count results of Japan’s 26th Senate election were all announced. The ruling Liberal Democratic Party won 63 of the 125 re-election seats, far exceeding expectations. With the seats of the Komeito party and other three political parties, which have a positive attitude towards the constitutional amendment, the constitutional amendment forces have accounted for more than two-thirds of the total seats in the Senate, and are qualified to launch the constitutional amendment motion.

[the blade of constitutional amendment]

Abe was assassinated and killed in Nara City on July 8. As the leader of the largest faction of the Liberal Democratic Party, “qingheyan”, Abe’s death won great sympathy and successfully helped the Japanese right wing to complete the revision of the peace constitution in the Senate.

On March 29th, 2016, Shinzo Abe officially implemented the newly revised series of security bills, which marked the substantive repeal of Article 9 of Chapter II of the Japanese Constitution, and also marked the existence of the Japanese Constitution known as the peace constitution. From the substantive abolition of the implementation of the new security bill to the imminent formal abolition of the Senate, Abe has worked hard to amend the Constitution!

After the amendment of the peace constitution, Japan will automatically have the right to engage in war and will use force as a means to resolve international disputes. In the long run, the Japanese self defense force will be changed into the Japanese national defense force, and then Japan will further acquire nuclear weapons, aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines and other strategic weapons, which will finally be logical!

At the beginning, Japan, which implemented the defensive policy, was already the largest military power in Asia before the rise of China’s military power. Now, after getting rid of all the constraints of the peace constitution, the Japanese army will undoubtedly become a sharp weapon for the United States to encircle and attack China at the forefront.

After the abolition of the peace constitution, Japan, like a mad dog, broke free from the dog chain and was the first to point at China. The greatest possibility in the future is that Japan, which has the right to fight, will be able to follow the United States to intervene in the conflict on the island.

Then, the problem arises. Since Abe’s constitutional amendment aims at China, it is obviously helping the United States to carry out military containment. Why should the United States be eager to kill Abe?

[Abe’s death and Japan’s constitutional amendment]

As I said before, Abe actually controlled the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan and the candidate for the future prime minister after becoming the leader of qingheyan, and became the supreme emperor of Japanese politics. Abe is a nationalist at heart, and his ruling strategy is to use the contradiction between China and the United States to expand Japan’s national strength. This makes Abe’s policy seem extremely contradictory: on the one hand, he actively advocated the revision of the peace constitution against China, while actively participating in the China Japan South Korea Free Trade Zone, the China Japan currency swap and the RCEP agreement to replace the US TPP, and supporting China, Russia and Iran on the Russia Ukraine issue and sanctions against Iran; On the other hand, it cooperated with the United States to contain China and visited the Yasukuni Shrine,.

In this policy, Abe skillfully balanced China US relations. As the supreme emperor of Japanese politics, if Abe had not been assassinated and successfully won the Senate election to become the president of the Senate, he would become the actual supreme head of the Japanese army and government after the constitutional amendment.

For Japanese militarism, the stationing of U.S. troops in Japan is the biggest disgrace of militarism. From this perspective, Japan’s biggest enemy is the US military, followed by China, because China is only the history of defeat, and the United States is the reality of stationing troops. If militarism wants to control the Japanese army, it must take the lead in getting rid of the US Army. The second is to attack China. Therefore, Shinzo Abe’s advocacy of militarism and his visit to the Yasukuni shrine is obviously stimulating China, but in fact, he is paving the way for getting rid of the control of the US military under the guise of Anti China.

Before the abolition of the peace constitution, the Japanese civilian government could not directly command the self defense forces. For foreign military operations, the self defense forces are directly commanded by the US military. Once the peace constitution is abolished, as long as Abe does not die, the Japanese civilian government can command the army. After obtaining the right to war, Abe, as the head of the civilian government, can play the nationalist flag of “respecting the king and fighting against the barbarians” like the Meiji Restoration, and then “drive out the Tartars” by force, directly driving the U.S. military out of Japan.

It can be said that Abe’s constitutional amendment is a sword dance of Xiang Zhuang, intended to Peigong! On the surface, Japan is deliberately trying to please the United States, but in fact, it is aiming its sword at the U.S. military. As the two sides of the game, Japan has adopted the strategy of long-distance exchanges and close attacks. The most typical evidence is that during Abe’s administration, the conflicts between China and Japan such as the Diaoyu Islands were effectively controlled, and the foreign policy implemented was actually far away from the United States.

For the United States, it needs Japan to strengthen its armaments against China, but in any case, this sword should be in the hands of the United States. Japan’s constitutional amendment is about to make a successful breakthrough in the Senate, which is the last moment when the sword is forged. At this time, both the Japanese emperor and the United States wanted to seize the sword spirit and integrate with the sword. Therefore, in order to ensure that this sword will not be left behind, the United States preempted and killed Abe, the largest and only competitor. The direct evidence is that although the Liberal Democratic Party won the Senate election, after Abe’s death, the Abe faction with qingheyan as the main body completely disintegrated.

If the change of instinctive temple on June 21, 1582 is the turning point for Hideki Toyoda to replace Nobunaga ODA, then on November 11, 2021, taking office as the chairman of the largest political faction of the Liberal Democratic Party, Kawakami, is the turning point for Abe to replace the Japanese Prime Minister as the head of the military state.

If it is said that in 1591, Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s pacification of the chaos of nine households was the symbol of Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s unification of Japan, assuming that Abe was not dead, then on July 10, 2022, the control of the house of Representatives and the Senate led by Abe will be the starting point for the completion of the post-war unification of the paper. According to this timeline, Abe, who abolished the peace constitution and completed the reunification of the country, is going to follow the example of Hideki Toyoshi 1592 Hideki Toyoshi expedition to Chaoxian and get rid of the control of the U.S. military in the name of foreign intervention.

It is a pity for Japanese nationalists who seek independence and get rid of colonialism that Abe’s plan was suddenly stopped by the United States when it was about to ripen. The consequences of killing Abe are the same in nature as the defeat of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. On August 18, 1598, after Hideki Toyotomi died of illness, internal anti Hideki Toyotomi forces rose, and Japan fell into division again. After Abe’s death on July 8, the Abe faction with qingheyan as the core collapsed, and the five families in Japan began to compete for power and profit under the instigation of the United States, and the political unification no longer existed.

For the United States, Abe’s efforts to amend the constitution are what the United States is willing to see. Knowing that Abe is harbouring evil intentions, the United States still turns a blind eye. When Abe’s integration of domestic resources to amend the constitution is about to succeed, it will decisively kill Abe, and take advantage of the fruits of victory into its own pocket. At the same time, it uses Abe’s efforts to amend the constitution but is assassinated at a critical juncture to arouse public sympathy, Guide public opinion to pave the way for the smooth passage of the constitutional amendment bill in the next all Japan referendum.

The United States’ move can be described as killing three birds with one arrow. One is to get rid of the half hearted Abe at the last moment of Japan’s constitutional revision. The other is to use Abe’s blood sacrifice knife, which not only makes Abe a totem of militarism, not to damage his reputation, but also appeases the Abe faction behind him. The third is to use Abe’s death to stimulate the sadness of militarism, and then aim the militarist bloody bayonet at China through public opinion guidance.

[make wedding clothes for others]

If Japan was a small medium-sized Dao in the scabbard before the constitutional amendment, then after the constitutional amendment, the United States can openly ask the Japanese civilian government to fully tilt its economic resources to the self defense forces, upgrade this pocket medium-sized Dao to a larger Japanese Dao, and forge it with the help of Japanese economic resources and Japanese weapon technology. The scabbard Japanese Dao is not only stronger and sharper, It will also aim at the heart of China and Russia, the enemies of the United States.

Therefore, behind Abe’s death, Japan and the United States are fighting for Japanese military control! Abe deliberately made wedding clothes for the United States!

If the constitutional amendment represents that Japanese Japanese Japanese Japanese Dao is about to be forged successfully, then the medium range missile that the United States will deploy in Japan in June 2023 is to open the front for this sharp Japanese Dao. In the future, the U.S. military will equip the medium-range missiles deployed in Japan with nuclear warheads, that is, to open a three edged blood groove for Japanese Japanese Japanese knives!

Japan is close to the economic and political center of eastern China. Once a Japanese knife is stabbed into China’s body, blood will gush out along the knife slot. At that time, even if we wipe Japan off the map with a ten million ton hydrogen bomb, China will suffer irreparable huge losses. In this regard, we can refer to the Russian Ukrainian war. NATO originally planned to nuclear arm Ukraine in June 2022, but Russia was the first to attack it. If there were no Russian Ukrainian war, what would happen if the nuclear armed Ukrainian Nazi militarists threw the nuclear bomb on Russian territory? Even if Russia finally destroyed Ukraine with salmat, how much can it make up for Russia’s losses?

For the United States, there is no difference between Japanese militarism and Ukrainian Nazis. They are all garbage people who need to be cleaned up. What impact will it have on the United States if they are finally killed by China and Russia? This reason is the same as Biden said that “the United States will fight with Russia until there is only the last Ukrainian soldier”. Anyway, Japan and Ukraine are flattened. What losses will the United States have? Both Japan and Ukraine are independent sovereign states, not states of the United States. Even if China and Russia are injured again, what can they do to the United States far away? This is the calculation of the United States.

The Japanese American struggle in the Abe incident can be compared with the plot in Fengyun comics.

In order to dominate the Wulin, Baijian villa spent a hundred years forging a peerless sword. By the time the young villa leader Aotian was about to complete the casting, but when the peerless sword was about to officially open, bu Jingyun took the sword spirit, and Aotian was also killed the day before the peerless sword was cast, and the blood sacrifice was made to the sword pool. Baijian villa has worked hard for a hundred years and finally made wedding clothes for others! Bu Jingyun, holding a peerless sword, has greatly increased his force, swept across the Jianghu and achieved a new generation of Wulin myths. Abe is Aotian, Japan is Baijian villa, and the United States is bujingyun. In the future, the United States, which controls Japan, will also greatly increase its force and intend to become the new world overlord! Among them, it’s mean, or so it is.

[why doesn’t the United States bring disaster to the east]

After Abe was killed, it can be seen that a series of operations in the United States are not only sharp, but also extremely accurate, comparable to the scalpel of top doctors, which can not only quickly solve the Japanese problem, but also eliminate adverse side effects, and guide the situation towards the most favorable situation in the United States. Of course, this also benefited from the deep control and comprehensive penetration of Japanese Society for a long time after World War II.

Speaking of this, some readers may say that since the United States is highly skilled in surgery, why not use Chinese Americans or carry out assassinations in Japanese Chinese, and it is not better to directly guide Japanese nationalism to China?

This is a very good question. There is a precedent in history. On August 13, 1886, Chinese Beiyang Navy officers and soldiers killed several Japanese policemen in Nagasaki port. After that, four giant ships, including Zhenyuan and Dingyuan of Beiyang Navy, quickly entered the combat readiness state, took off their guncoats, and aimed the muzzle at the urban area of Nagasaki. Just as China was about to bombard Nagasaki and declare war on Japan, Japan relented, released Chinese officers and soldiers and apologized!

However, this time, the superficial softness actually has another profound meaning. In the eyes of the Japanese, it is intolerable for foreign sailors to get drunk and make trouble in their own country, and finally ask for compensation from their own country. Therefore, for a while, “China Threat Theory” became the mainstream public opinion in Japan, “vigorously developing the navy” also became the domestic consensus in Japan, “we must defeat Dingyuan”, which was also the goal and slogan of the Japanese Navy. Even the most popular game for Japanese children is divided into two groups, one group dressed as the Chinese fleet and the other as the Japanese fleet. The main purpose of the game is to besiege Dingyuan and Zhenyuan.

The Nagasaki incident became the direct fuse of the outbreak of Japanese nationalism, and everyone knows what happened after that. Therefore, the United States hopes to use the assassination incident to intensify the contradictions between China and Japan and trigger a decisive battle between China and Japan, which has not only historical basis, but also practical basis!

So why didn’t the United States do that? My comprehensive analysis shows that there are four reasons:

First, China has always pursued a policy of non-interference in other countries’ domestic affairs. During Abe’s administration, relations with China were generally stable. Japan actively cooperated with China in the RECP, currency swap and the construction of the China Japan South Korea free trade zone. China had no motive to kill Abe. If the United States forcibly involves China, not only the Japanese, but also the Americans themselves will not believe it.

Second, from the founding of the CPC special branch in 1927 to the present. In the underground struggle, China has gradually established the iron rule of not engaging in political assassination. This has been resolutely implemented and has never broken this iron rule since entering the new century. In this case, even if the Bureau of Chinese assassination is made, it is completely impossible to fool the fool who does not know the truth and fool other countries and intelligence agencies to believe that China did it.

Third, before the Japanese Dao comes out of its sheath. At present, Japan’s constitutional amendment is like an intermediate step in the forging of Japanese knives. The next step will be finally implemented through a referendum of all Japanese citizens. Before success, planting China with assassination will not only scare the snake, but also China’s clarification action will cause the suspicious five families of Japan to be vigilant against the United States. the loss outweighs the gain! Once Japan wakes up, there will be twists and turns in the referendum. It’s not so easy to find another chance in Japan, which has suffered the atomic bomb!!

Fourth, the United States and Japan are very short of money at present! This is the most important point.

Japan needs a lot of money to make Japanese Dao. Although under the instigation of militarism, it is very easy to increase the proportion of funds after the amendment of the constitution, and in fact, after upgrading the Japanese self defense force to the national defense force, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has promised to increase Japan’s defense spending from 1% to 2%, and it is not difficult to further increase it in the future. In the process of upgrading, it is also inevitable that Japan purchases a large number of American weapons and equipment, and the money naturally slowly flows into the pockets of the United States, If Japan wants to reach the degree of arming during World War II, it will face great uncertainty.

At home, Japan’s aging and covid-19 problems have led to Japan’s fiscal tightening. Financially, the Japanese government is heavily indebted. If we further increase spending, we will face a huge rebound from domestic political parties. At the same time, the idea behind Japan’s military expansion is to share China with the United States. Once it is under Chinese military and political pressure, the domestic opposition will further increase. This limits the further flow of Japan’s national wealth into the pockets of the United States, and what the United States needs is that Japan will continue to flow its national wealth stored for nearly 80 years into its own pockets, and only increase spending by 1% of about $40billion to the United States, which is not even enough to stuff its teeth.

At the same time, the more serious problem comes from the financial sector. The United States is expected to raise interest rates by 425 basis points this year and will continue to raise interest rates in the future. The interest rate hike will seriously impact the U.S. economy. During the interest rate hike from 1980 to 1986, U.S. stocks and the U.S. economy almost collapsed. In the end, the United States can survive the interest rate hike by collecting trillions of dollars in the privatization of state-owned enterprises in the United States. However, unlike the 1980s, the manufacturing industry in the United States has lost its hematopoietic function. In order to survive this interest rate hike, the United States printed more than $8 trillion in March 2022. Printing $8 trillion in advance is to deal with the possible contingencies in the interest rate hike. For example, after the interest rate hike hit the stock market and caused the stock market to plummet, use $8 trillion to quickly rescue the market and stabilize the market, and prevent overload and downtime in the stock and bond position adjustment.

Therefore, although the United States has printed 8 trillion yuan, this money is ultimately life-saving, which is far from the sufficiency of the global financial harvest. In 1985, the United States and Europe forced the yen to appreciate, which made Japan’s international capital earn a lot. At the same time, Japanese domestic capital fled to the United States, which also brought huge amounts of funds to the United States. Later, with the help of funds from Japan, Germany, Latin America, Southeast Asia and other countries, the United States defeated the former Soviet Union with the low oil price generated by the interest rate hike policy, and finally won the victory of the cold war.

Now the United States is replicating the interest rate hike routine from 1980 to 1986. In this process, Japan not only needs military help to contain China, but also better contribute the national wealth created between 2002 and 2022. Only in this way can the United States steadily raise interest rates, follow the trick of dealing with the Soviet union that year, and defeat China with super deflation.

However, so far, the United States has not fully controlled the Bank of Japan and its monetary policy. In this case, if China is rashly dragged into the Abe assassination case, then China will reduce its holdings of Japanese long-term treasury bonds again, as it did five years ago, and Japan will use the money from China’s purchase of Japanese treasury bonds to support U.S. Treasury bonds. Now, once China is alerted, the de yen and de dollarization of China’s foreign exchange reserves will accelerate. In this way, the United States will steal the chicken in finance, not the rice!


[financial reasons for Abe’s death]

Why must the United States kill Abe if it wants to fully control the Bank of Japan and its monetary policy?

It is necessary to mention Abe economics and the governor of the Bank of Japan, Haruhiko Kuroda! From 2006 to now, abenomics has been the theme of the Japanese economy. Abenomics mainly has three arrows: first, the depreciation of the yen; Second, increase public investment; Third, arouse private investment and economic growth.

During Abe’s administration, although the yen depreciated from 2014 to 2017, it appreciated to $100 against the yen at the end of his term. On the whole, the yen has remained stable on the whole. Although it is not as stable as the fluctuation of the RMB between 6.1 and 7.1, it is already very good.

At the same time, thanks to Abe’s rising within the Liberal Democratic Party, the position of the governor of the Bank of Japan supported by Abe is also increasingly consolidated.

Although abenomics maintained the relative stability of the yen, abenomics also advocated the further depreciation of the yen. But at present, in the new round of interest rate hikes, the United States needs the gold left-hand yen to continue to depreciate to more than 180 or even 210, which can not only weaken China’s exports and prevent the global dollar from flowing into China in the form of trade surplus, but also combat the prices of medium and low-end products and help the United States curb runaway inflation.

However, for Abe, the relatively stable yen can balance trade with China and trade with the United States. Therefore, Abe’s policy is far from meeting the requirements of the United States, so Wall Street ambushed the Japanese financial market in advance and began to short Japan in an all-round way before Abe’s assassination.

The depreciation of the yen is closely related to the printing of money by the Bank of Japan. The more yen Japan prints, the more Japanese government bonds will be sold, and the more selling, the interest rate will inevitably decline. At the same time, the more yen it prints, the more government bonds the Bank of Japan purchases, the more government bonds it purchases, and the fewer assets available for purchase in the bond market. As of June 30, 2022, Japan has held nearly 50% of Japanese government bonds. If Japan continues to buy government bonds in the next 5-7 years, the Japanese bond market will fall into liquidity exhaustion. Liquidity depletion led to the collapse of the bond market, which led to a sharp decline in the stock market and a further decline in the exchange rate.

If we lose control of the yen, international capital will flee more quickly under the pressure of yen depreciation, and Wall Street and even London and Switzerland will join the ranks of shorting Japan, then Japan will encounter the triple kill of stocks, bonds and foreign exchange from 1992 to 1994. At that time, the collapse of the Japanese economy, let alone 20 years of loss, is imminent.

In terms of financial policy, the United States requires Japan to unconditionally devalue the yen and cooperate with the United States to raise interest rates, while Abe insists on a relatively stable yen policy that protects Japan’s national interests, which has run counter to the United States.

Abenomics has been rooted in Japan for 16 years, and Kuroda is also a big fan of Abe. Abe, who became the president of qingheyan, has become the supreme emperor behind Japanese politics. If he is not removed, he will not be able to shake Kuroda tohiko at all, let alone reverse Japan’s monetary policy, and eradicate those key officials and supporters of Abe economics in Japanese economic circles.

Abe and the economic line behind him have irritated the United States!

There are two biggest evidences. First, Yellen canceled his visit to Japan! According to the global times, Yellen, the former Federal Reserve Chairman and current US Treasury Secretary, had planned to visit Japan on the 12th of this month, but immediately canceled his trip after Abe’s assassination. Yellen originally visited Japan to pressure the Bank of Japan to change its monetary policy, let the yen continue to depreciate, and discuss strengthening sanctions against Russia. You know, Kuroda is a big fan of Shinzo Abe. Abe supported Putin in the Russia Ukraine war. Whether the yen continued to depreciate or the sanctions against Russia were strengthened, it was necessary for Kuroda, the governor of the Bank of Japan supported by Abe, to nod. Now, Abe is dead, Kuroda’s backstage is broken, and naturally there is no need to visit Japan again.

The second evidence is that German Foreign Minister Burke plans to visit Tokyo on July 11 and hold talks with Japanese Foreign Minister Lin Fang. Unlike Yellen’s visit, Burke did not cancel his trip to Tokyo and held talks with Lin Fangzheng on July 11 as scheduled. Why do one cancel and the other continue? The reason is very simple. Lin Fang was originally a thorn in Abe’s side.

For Yellen, Abe is dead, Kuroda is out of power, and it is certain that the yen will depreciate further. Yellen doesn’t need to negotiate with Kuroda anymore, so he cancels the trip. Sure enough, after Abe’s death, the yen did further plummet from 135 to 137.

The German foreign minister did not cancel his visit to Japan because he would continue to talk with Lin Fangzheng on how to further change and destroy Abe’s Pro Putin Russian Ukrainian foreign policy.

One canceled meeting with Abe’s hard core and the other met with Abe’s Achilles’ heel. Although it seems different on the surface, the logic behind it is the same, both of which are intended to smash Abe’s line economically and diplomatically.

Assuming Abe does not die, Shinzo Abe behind abenomics and the Bank of Japan is not only the head of Japanese politics and future military, but also the head of Japanese finance. Therefore, before his death, Abe has become the biggest stumbling block in the political, military and financial policies of the United States. To complete the financial strategy of the global looting of the United States, Abe must die!

[where is the way to Japan]

With Abe dead, where will Japan go?

This can also refer to Japanese history. On February 26th, 1936, the famous February 26th mutiny broke out in Japan. The young officers of the Imperial Japanese army launched a mutiny to assassinate the “control group” among the senior members of the government and the military under the banner of respecting the king. After the failure of the mutiny, the power of the imperial sect in the Japanese military headquarters was seriously weakened, and the ruling faction was also severely hit. After the coup, the emperor inherited the militaristic expansion route of the imperial sect invading the three provinces of China. At the same time, because the ruling faction was weakened, the emperor’s power was strengthened in the air.

The February 26th mutiny weakened the Mikado faction and the control faction at the same time, and only the emperor of Japan gained the greatest power in the balance. Since then, until Japan was defeated, no faction could threaten the imperial power of Japan. Although the Japanese cabinet and military headquarters changed frequently in the war, no matter how they changed, they could not jump out of the hands of the emperor.

Compared with the February 26th mutiny, Abe’s assassination led to the re fragmentation of Japan’s internal political plate, and the power of the new emperor of the United States has been unprecedentedly strengthened. The Japanese self defense force after the constitutional amendment is similar to the Japanese army after the February 26th mutiny, and has completely become the Japanese sword in the hands of the new emperor of the United States. Japan’s domestic political struggle, no matter how hard it is within a certain period of time, I’m afraid it can’t jump out of the palm of the United States holding the Tokyo local prosecutor’s office. Japan’s goal is directly and dramatically aimed at China as it was in the war of aggression against China!

[who is next after Abe’s death]

Who is the next target? Undoubtedly, it is those who block the global strategy of the United States, including raising interest rates. Raising interest rates requires low oil prices plus a strong dollar, of which low oil prices are the key. At present, there are mainly two countries that benefit from high oil prices, one is non OPEC countries led by Russia, and the other is OPEC countries led by Saudi Arabia. The relationship between the two kinds of countries is getting closer and closer. Naturally, the United States has carried out special assassination care.

At 2 p.m. on July 4, 2022, Yuri Voronov, a 61 year old Russian tycoon, was found “mysteriously dead” in the swimming pool of a luxury villa on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. It is reported that since January this year, at least seven Russian energy executives have “died strangely”.

At 11 p.m. on July 6, 2022, OPEC Secretary General valjindo was killed at the 21st oil and gas conference held in Nigeria. Immediately, the international oil price plummeted, plummeted by more than 10%, and WTI fell below the 100 mark.

Needless to say, the seven senior officials assassinated in Russia are all contractors of the Arctic natural gas project. The North stream line 2 and Yamal natural gas pipeline, which are sanctioned by the United States, originate from the Arctic. Since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the price of natural gas in Russia has increased by more than 29 times, and the strong inflation has made the United States unbearable.

The refusal of OPEC countries led by Saudi Arabia to increase production has also angered Biden. For this reason, the United States has issued a nopec bill to sanction OPEC. However, Saudi Arabia ignored the request of the United States and still flirted with Russia. The United States saw that the bill did not achieve the expected effect, so it began to kill directly. At the critical juncture of Biden’s upcoming visit to OPEC, with the head of OPEC Secretary General valjindo as a stepping stone, I wonder if crown prince Salman will tremble?

On July 9, the day after Abe was killed. Biden published an article entitled “why did I go to Saudi Arabia” in the Washington Post. In the article, Biden said that in order to confront China and Russia, “we must have direct contact with countries that can have an impact on these results. Saudi Arabia is one of them.” Biden meant to let Saudi Arabia suppress oil prices and defeat China and Russia with low oil prices and strong deflation. First, use his head to shock the tiger, and then make a high-profile statement in the article. Biden’s threat to Saudi Arabia led OPEC is no longer covered up! Indeed, the United States did not hesitate to threaten Saudi Arabia to cooperate to suppress oil prices by killing people, which once again confirmed my judgment that the United States launched a low oil price plus a strong US dollar interest rate hike to loot the world!

From the 4th to the 6th to the 9th, the United States has removed three financial stumbling blocks in a row! In the future, whoever dares to stop the United States from suppressing oil prices and who dares to oppose the United States in finance will be the target of assassination.


[endless threats]

As for threats and intimidation, China has also suffered in this regard. On August 11, 2015, China announced its exchange rate reform, changing the past one-way appreciation into two-way fluctuations. Affected by this, the RMB depreciated rapidly and domestic U.S. capital was seriously damaged. The radical exchange rate reform policy effectively prevented the harvest of international capital and almost disrupted the pace of interest rate hike in the United States in December of that year. Soon, revenge came. On August 11, the exchange reform was announced during the day, and a big explosion occurred in Jinmen in the early morning of the night, shocking the world!

Besides China, the leaders of several other countries are also at great risk.

The first is former South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Like Roh moo Hyun, Moon Jae-in, who started in the civil rights movement, is a standard left-wing leader. According to the Korean daily on May 10 this year, the former president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, was reported on the first day of his resignation. About 2600 people and civil society groups jointly reported to the Daejeon District Procuratorate on the same day that Moon Jae-in “abused his power” in promoting the nuclear elimination policy and asked the South Korean prosecutor’s office to investigate. After Moon Jae-in left office, he received more than 1000 reports, and South Korean right-wing groups even chased Moon Jae-in’s private house in the countryside to protest. In those days, it was the US controlled royal guards South Korea prosecutor’s office that killed Roh moo Hyun. Now, Moon Jae-in has received almost the same treatment after leaving office.

The second is former German Chancellor Angela Merkel. On the morning of February 24 local time, Merkel was shopping at a food supermarket in Berlin’s Government District, with her wallet in the bag of the shopping cart. When she wanted to pay, she found her wallet missing. The thief stole Merkel’s wallet under the heavy protection of bodyguards. In other words, if you can steal your wallet, you can stab you silently, which means a strong warning.

In addition to Merkel, Schultz, who belongs to the Social Democratic Party and inherits Merkel’s policy, was exposed to sexual scandals. On July 10, the German media exposed that at least nine women were stunned by “Ecstasy” at a recent summer closed door party held by the ruling Social Democratic Party of Germany. Social Democratic Party Prime Minister Scholz also attended the gathering. At present, the German police are investigating.

Schultz was punished for the simple reason that he bowed to Russia. After the European and American sanctions on Russia, the natural gas pipelines from Russia to European countries are also among the sanctions. Beixi line 1 goes directly from Russia to Germany. Canada, as a pioneer against Russia, has been slow to return the vital gas turbine of the Beixi line 1 natural gas pipeline that Russia sent to Canada for maintenance to Russia. This has led to a 60% reduction in the transmission volume of Beixi line 2 to Germany. Unbearable Germany was forced to come forward and pressure Canada to help Russia get back the gas turbine, so as to increase Russia’s natural gas transmission to Germany again. This in itself is for the national interests of Germany, but it has been criticized by the United States and the West as bowing to Russia.

On May 14 this year, Germany agreed to Russia’s natural gas settlement in rubles, which has offended the shadow government behind the scenes. Now, Schultz actually helped Russia increase its natural gas supply to Europe again, which is a serious political error. Therefore, he will be named. The charges of sexual assault can be large or small in the west, such as Jackson, etc. have been discredited, not to mention the previous experience of German Kahn being plotted. If the shadow government is not willing, it can completely bribe 9 women to turn Schultz’s sexual assault into an iron case and never turn over!

Schultz is a single man with no children and no marriage. He can’t lift his head for a lifetime by giving such a person the name of sexual assault. He not only wants to kill, but also wants to kill, which is extremely vicious!

The United States’ rectification of the Social Democratic Party led by Merkel and Schultz is to ask Germany, like Japan, to change its course, increase military spending, and embark on the road of military expansion and preparation again. Arming Japan is against China, and arming Germany is against Russia. NATO in Europe and the small NATO in Asia, Japan, South Korea and Australia have been gradually connected to the grid. Strangling China and Russia has been an iron order of the shadow government, which is beyond any doubt. Therefore, even if Schultz and Merkel have been trying to balance the relationship between Russia and the United States, they still cannot escape being named.

The leaders of the above two countries were originally allies of the United States, but the United States still won’t let go. For those belonging to the Sino Russian camp, needless to say, they are even more ruthless. There have been many missile and nuclear scientists assassinated by Israel in Iran, so I won’t go into details here. It is hoped that the Chinese and Russian camps will strengthen the protection of their leaders.


[how to deal with]

Understand that the assassination of the United States is to rearm Japan and Germany against China and Russia, then, in the face of Japan about to be nuclear armed, what should China do?

Japan is a nation that does not want to be subordinate to others. For this reason, whenever Japan is in the critical moment of national crisis, the national elite can often unite under the banner of nationalism and re boost Japan’s national strength. For example, after the U.S. fleet arrived in Japan in 1853 and forced the shogunate to sign the Kanagawa treaty the following year, the Japanese national elite quickly launched the Meiji Restoration and finally abolished the unequal treaty between Britain and the United States. Based on the same logic, the Japanese government will want to use China to get rid of the control of the United States, test around and break out of the siege in the 16 years from 2006 to 2022.

The current Japanese politics has been broken, and the U.S. control over Japan will only intensify, but at the same time, Japanese elites are bound to be more and more worried about the future of the country. As the saying goes, the greater the pressure, the greater the rebound. At that time, once the critical point is reached, as long as the opportunity is right, Japan will once again play the flag of respecting the king and bustling the barbarians, launch the new Meiji Restoration, and drive away the United States.

In this process, China must actively win over the anti American forces in Japan. We should adopt a balanced strategy in winning over and guide Japanese politics to develop in a direction conducive to China. At that time, Japan supported the government of the Republic of China headed by Song Jiaoren to unite China and Japan against the British and American powers. Now China is just drawing gourd after gourd.

Although the main enemy of Japanese militarism is the United States at present, its long-term goal has always been China. In the long run, Japan’s far right will become the sharp blade of the United States against China, just like ZELINSKY. In this regard, China must show its bottom line and deter Japan’s far right.

From the battle of baijiangkou in the era of Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty to the Nanjing Massacre, history has repeatedly told China that once China declines, Japan must be the most brutal nation against China. From the Jinan massacre, the Lushun massacre to the Nanjing Massacre, Japan is more brutal than the Western powers. The reason why militarism follows the United States is nothing more than to follow the United States to defeat China, regain control of East Asia and seize huge economic benefits. The rise of Japan’s modernization was appreciated by Britain and the United States by constantly invading the entire territory of Taiwan and Liaodong, and finally got rid of British and American colonialism. Now, China will never allow Japan to repeat the same routine and let the Nanjing Massacre repeat itself.

Japanese militarism gains any political, military and economic benefits based on its own survival. However, if you have life to earn money, you have to have life to spend it. China should clearly tell Japan that if China is defeated, Japan will be the first to be destroyed. Let Japanese militarism understand that China will never give Japan a chance to bully its weak neighbors. Don’t dream of picking up peaches with the United States. As long as Japan dares to follow the United States to attack China, no matter how successful the war between China and the United States and Japan is, Japan must be the first to die.

The whole world knows that China has this ability.

In the early 20th century, China exposed for the first time that it had 30 large equivalent hydrogen bombs. The maximum equivalent of these hydrogen bombs was 15million tons of TNT. At present, countries such as Britain, America, Russia and France are no longer equipped with large equivalent hydrogen bombs, but with 450000 tons of TNT hydrogen warheads that are more convenient for storage and miniaturization. We all know that the larger the hydrogen bomb equivalent, the larger the weight and volume, and the shorter the range. Long range attacks are easy to be intercepted. Why does China still keep large hydrogen bombs with tens of millions of tons of TNT? These hydrogen bombs are “gifts” prepared for the complete revival of Japanese militarism.

There must be a gun if there is a bullet! In order to prevent the revival of Japanese militarism, China specially equipped the 30 10 million ton hydrogen bombs with Dongfeng 21 medium range ballistic missiles in 1989. This kind of missile has a maximum bomb load of nearly 1 ton and is fully capable of carrying large hydrogen bombs. At the same time, with a range of 2000 kilometers, it just covers the whole territory of Japan. After entering the 21st century, this kind of missile has even developed an anti-ship missile system, which is not only more accurate, but also impossible to be intercepted.

In 2007, China used Dongfeng 21d to sink the target ship from Yuanwang 4 to experimental 1 in the Bohai Bay. Yuanwang 4 is only one third of the US aircraft carrier. Capable of sinking an aircraft carrier with a very small target, it can naturally destroy a large city with a population of 10 million like Tokyo. The number of 30 pieces, equally allocated to Japan’s important economic and military goals is just right. Japan’s four major naval bases in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, including 12 large cities with a population of more than one million, add up to exactly 30 targets. At that time, a salvo will directly subjugate Japan!


China prepares a big gift bag for Japan to tell Japan that as long as China is defeated, Japan will undoubtedly die. On the contrary, if China wins, Japan still has the chance to survive and even rise again. To make a figurative analogy, the United States instigated Japan to murder China, with great interests. It said that even if it was maimed by China, the United States would rebuild Japan. At this time, the proceeds of crime far exceed the costs of crime, and Japan is very likely to choose to be eager to try. However, if China tells Japan, no matter whether your murder is successful or not, I will take your head. Then, the cost of Japanese crime is far greater than the income, which can not only curb Japan’s war impulse against China, but also promote Japan to maintain a distance from the United States. In this way, China has the foundation to win over and balance Japan.

Of course, if the United States instigates Japan to attack China, it will be regarded as an instigator and accomplice. It must use the Oriental Series for complete self-defense, and directly hit the United States without the ability to commit a recidivism.

For a long time, the Asia Pacific region has been troubled. From the Far East of Russia to the Korean Peninsula, to the Diaoyu Islands, and then to the East and South China seas. When analyzing current politics, we often think about how we should fight a war in a certain region. However, when the United States assassinates Abe, extracts the results of Japan’s constitutional amendment, and releases militarist zombies, we will find that the U.S. war strategy against China is likely to be the simplest Tianji horse race.

American Tianji horse racing has been played in Ukraine. According to the original plan, NATO plans to enter Ukraine in June this year and carry out nuclear armed operations. Later, after the Nazis provoked the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which consumed Russia extremely, NATO rushed to solve Russia. This is the consumption strategy of getting off the horse to deal with getting on the horse in Tianji horse racing. When getting on the horse is exhausted, the United States will unite with China, Malaysia and Europe to solve Russia at one time.

The United States now supports Japanese militarism by cultivating a new Ukraine in East Asia. Unlike Ukraine, Japan’s nuclear armed forces will no longer be dismounted, but will be upgraded by the United States to China and Malaysia. China and Malaysia with nuclear armed forces and those on the other side will dismount to exhaust China. Then, the United States will join forces with Asian NATO to solve China. It can be said that the old technique is repeated.

This trick is actually very low-level. The best way to break this strategy is to establish an overall war ideology. Strategically, China will respond as an overall strategy to the war in Baodao, Japan and even North Korea. The core idea is that if the United States dares to support Japan, South Korea and other countries to invade China’s sphere of influence, it will immediately make efforts on all fronts at the same time, unite North Korea and Russia, and conduct an overall war with the United States, Japan and Australia in the Asia Pacific region.

On July 4, the “feitian-1” rocket ram combined power developed under the leadership of Northwestern Polytechnic University was successfully launched from a shooting range in Northwest China. This technology proves that China has made a major breakthrough in hypersonic missiles, successfully upgrading China’s two-hour global strike capability to one hour. This breakthrough will inject fresh blood into China’s overall war.


After the breakthrough of hypersonic fuel technology, China’s hypersonic missiles will become the backbone of China’s overall war. Whether there are wars on the Korean Peninsula, Japan, the East China Sea or across the mainland, the US military must use the Japanese Archipelago as a transit point for supplies. In the overall war thinking, we take the lead in attacking all US and Japanese military bases in Japan, which can delay the United States from using Japan as a springboard to reinforce the three battlefields. China’s hypersonic weapons, including Dongfeng 17, have made patriot and sea based standard missiles deployed by Japan useless. At that time, under the iron rain of missiles, Japan’s main military targets will be destroyed first.

After the relevant military targets are destroyed, the U.S. military must reinforce the Asia Pacific region from the west coast of the mainland. At this time, the Chinese made hypersonic glider intercontinental ballistic missile that can hit the world in two hours can directly hit the U.S. military’s Pacific supply line. At the same time, China, Russia and North Korea, which have been fully mobilized, will break through at the same time under the unified command of the China Russia joint command center, launch a comprehensive attack on the goals of the United States, Japan and South Korea in the first and second island chains, quickly capture Japan, South Korea, the Ryukyu Islands and other strategic goals, and then reverse the construction of the front line positions against the United States with the first and second island chains. After taking control of the Asia Pacific region, we deployed strategic weapons to suppress the United States to the west coast.

History has repeatedly proved that only by preparing for the worst can we meet the best results! In order to meet the war that may be brought about by the overall war, China has expanded the main roads in counties, cities and even towns into two-way eight Lane roads in recent years, in order to facilitate the takeoff and landing of warplanes in extreme cases while developing the economy. This shows that China’s overall war thinking has fully taken into account the worst situation.

Great powers compete for hegemony, fighting wits and courage! The United States used assassination to kill Abe and other national leaders in order to influence the Allied policy, but this assassination technique is too inferior, it is not a sinister means on the table, and it is easy to be backfired. No country can be strong forever. When the United States and Israel decline, other countries will start crazy assassination retaliation. These two countries must not complain. There are sad moments when they shout that every day is not working and that they should not.

Conspiracy must be ruled by Yang! Yang is just and bright!

For Japan. In another 14 days, on July 25th, 128 years ago, on July 25th, 1894, the Sino Japanese War of 1894 broke out. This battle is a turning point in the Sino Japanese national movement, and it is also the beginning of the Chinese nation falling into the pool of blood of Japanese militarism. On the morning of July 25th, 2014, a Japanese drug dealer suspected of drug trafficking was sentenced to death in Dalian prison. The execution of Japanese drug traffickers on the 120th anniversary of the Sino Japanese naval battle is of great significance to China, which means that China has never forgotten the shame of Sino Japanese war in the past 120 years.

In the naval battle 128 years ago, China’s Beiyang Navy had jurisdiction over 15 warships, including seven towns and eight yuan, including Zhenyuan, Dingyuan and Zhenbei Tiejia giant ships. On April 26th, 2017, China’s first aircraft carrier, the Shandong, was launched, and the carrier side number was 16. It was obvious that it was the serial number of 15 ships in Beiyang Navy’s Qizhen bayuan that year, which represented that China would inherit history and be ashamed before a snow!

The aircraft carrier No. 16 was named Shandong to commemorate the Beiyang Navy, which was based on Liugong Island in Shandong and was completely destroyed in the Weihai naval battle in Shandong!

The 17th was named Liaoning to commemorate the Lushun massacre made by the Japanese Navy and army!

The aircraft carrier No. 18 was named Fujian to commemorate the annihilation of the Fujian Navy on August 22, 1884!


The Chinese people’s army, which has endured humiliation, has never forgotten history! In the future, the new China Navy, composed of Guangdong, Jiangsu and Guangdong ships, such as the 19, 20 and 21 ships, will inevitably march towards the blue sea, and will again aim at Nagasaki, Japan, with giant cannons like the Beiyang Navy in 1886, forcing Japanese militarism to sign a new letter of surrender! Only in this way can 180 years of humiliation and national hatred be truly washed away!

Never forget the past, the teacher of the future! Many people think that Japan’s peace constitution is to prevent Japan from invading China again, but when the peace constitution exists, is it not to prevent China from taking revenge on the militarists? Don’t tell me that the Japanese are innocent! Wasn’t it the so-called Japanese who personally sent their children to the war and contributed economic and spiritual strength to Japanese aggression?

China is going to tell Japanese militarists that the peace constitution is to protect Japan, not China! As long as the Japanese army dares to invade again, China will surely tell the world with historical anger that without Japan, the earth will still operate and the sun will still rise from the northeast! Japanese militarists, the enemies of the Jinan massacre, Lushun massacre and Nanjing Massacre, will greet you with daoshan oil pot at the gate of hell.

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