After being hit by the thunder, Taiwan’s fraud groups opened a crazy way to get involved!

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Source: a bad potato (ID: iamhtd)


Over the past year, the anti fraud ability of the mainland has been slowly rising. Taiwan’s fraud syndicates still want to cheat the people of the mainland. It is really difficult.

What should I do?

Will the 100000 working population lose their jobs?

Of course not. How can a living person be suffocated by urine? The Taiwan fraud group soon formulated a new strategy:

Go back to your hometown, go all out to cultivate the Taiwan market and expand local users!

Well, do you know what this means?

In the past, 100000 people wanted to cut 1.4 billion leeks, but now the number of users has shrunk by 95%. The 100000 fraud gangs have been crazy and gathered in Taiwan to cut 23 million leeks

If the Taiwan fraud group still wants to maintain an annual income of 20 billion yuan, it will have to cheat every Taiwanese for 1000 yuan to ensure that the sales volume will not drop. The time is tight and the task is heavy. The Taiwan fraud group has begun to work hard.

So we saw a magical scene:

In 2021, there were only 1073 fraud cases involving fake government agencies in Taiwan, an increase of 37% over the same period of last year. The amount of financial loss was 710 million yuan, an increase of 32% over the same period of last year. Nearly 70% of the elderly over 60 years old.

What about 2022?

Taiwan’s United Daily reported in July that 1330 cases occurred in the first half of the year alone, defrauding the public of 3.1 billion yuan!

The index level has risen, and the half year has exceeded 120% of the whole year. Do you think the bull is breaking off!?!?

Forgive me, seeing this scene, I laughed unkindly and gave a pig cry

I really sympathize with the people of Taiwan, but I remember that when the fraud Gang caught in Kenya was extradited to the mainland, Taiwan’s famous talkers clamored that they would fly fighter planes to rescue them

The following text:

Part 1: powerful “Taiwan fraud group”

The second part: the founder of Telecom fraud, the development and rise of “Taiwan fraud group”;

The third part: there are too many sickles and leeks, and the fraud gangs enter the mainland (2006);

Part IV: the mainland focused on cracking down, and Taiwan’s fraud groups began to fully internationalize (2009);

Part V: why can Taiwan’s fraud industry flourish?

Part VI: black and white are related to each other, and the Taiwan authorities and the underworld are a nest of snakes and mice;

Part 7: the mainland’s thunder strike, anti fraud app came into being, and Taiwan’s fraud groups were forced to get involved;

Part 8: when I thought of being a leek in Southeast Asia, I never thought I was a leek


According to relevant statistics of Taiwan Province, 6400 Taiwanese went to Cambodia from January to June of 2022 alone… Most of them were cheated

Taiwan’s “China Times” published an article on August 2, saying that according to the estimate of the Taiwan puppet police administration from the weekly flight to Cambodia, there are more than 5000 people.

Many of these more than 5000 people originally wanted to engage in the fraud industry and reap leeks with sickles. Unexpectedly:

They are leeks themselves! He was subjected to all kinds of cruel treatment, extortion, beating and sexual assault

And the Taiwan authorities do not care at all

Let’s start this story with the famous Taiwan fraud syndicate.

In addition to semiconductors, Taiwan’s second-largest specialty may be the “Taiwan fraud group,” which has truly realized globalization.

Let’s look at some data first:

According to Taiwan police estimates, there are still 100000 Taiwanese engaged in the fraud industry. That is to say, in Taiwan Province, there is one “fraud worker” for every 234 people… Second only to the 290000 employed population of semiconductors, it is the second largest pillar industry in Taiwan.

The “foreign exchange” created by Taiwan’s fraud syndicates is about NT $140 billion each year, that is, more than 30 billion yuan.

Before 2020, the “main market” of Taiwan’s fraud groups was in the mainland, accounting for 50% of the amount of Telecom fraud with the strength of one province. In 2016, the highest peak, the amount of fraud exceeded 20 billion yuan.

On average, this figure is very frightening. It is equivalent to that every mainlander contributes 837 yuan to every Taiwanese every year.

But it’s almost over

Under the impact of a series of anti fraud thunders in the mainland, Taiwan’s fraud groups have embarked on a road of full-scale internal involvement.


The rise of Taiwan fraud syndicates began in the 1970s and developed in the 1990s. The earliest group was called the golden light party. They used gilded fake gold to throw it on the street. When they saw “honest and kind” Taiwanese people, such as a CAI, who went up to pick it up, they ran over and said that those who wanted to see it had a share. A Cai said, “how can I give you a share? Can I give you half of the gold?”?

The golden party said that you can give me cash. How can this gold bar be worth 50000 yuan? Just give me 5000

A CAI happily gave out 5000 yuan and took the “gold” to the gold store to cash it. He was dumbfounded.

This method is simple and quick, and can be repeated. It became the earliest common method of Taiwan fraud syndicates. After all, Taiwan Province is small, and soon tens of millions of people almost knew about it and learned to “return the money”

However, the Taiwan group soon brought forth new ideas and created dozens of new business models. Fake tax rebates, fake lottery winners, fake police officers and fake bank commissioners have emerged in an endless array. Let’s talk about a few scams that have been popular among the Taiwanese people:

Fake kidnapping, such as calling Ah Ying.

Hello, Hello, I’ll tell you how thick… Did you make it? Your daughter is in our hands. It’s dark purple. I’ll give you an account and call 500000 in 10 minutes. Otherwise, we’ll tear up the ticket right away

Ah… Gan Sen, you are very strange. Let my daughter talk to me. Is she OK?

Doodle doodle

A Ying was so nervous that she couldn’t find her daughter. She quickly gave her account 500000 yuan.

This a-ying is still smart. Some fraud groups are lucky. When they are in a hurry to get angry, they immediately pay money. This scam arose in Taiwan in about 1992. At that time, mobile phones were not popular, and it was not convenient to find people. A group of people were deceived. They were all used up by scammers. After making hundreds of calls, one or two of them were deceived. The key is that the cost is low enough to be ignored

There is also the popular fraud method of pretending to be familiar. This routine also has a name, which is the famous “guess who I am.” this is no stranger.

The original Taiwan version is as follows:

Hello, who did you make me?

Arvin, you are very annoying! I can’t even hear the leader’s voice!

That’s ridiculous. Now I remember? Tomorrow morning at 9 o’clock, come to my office

The mayor came to inspect the work, and he lost a lot. He transferred 200000 yuan to this account. Yes, it was just a pickle.

Ah, otherwise? I’ll pay now. Hurry up.

Not yet? You’re a motorcycle. You’ve beaten me all the time.


Is it too familiar to see these?!?!

Yes, Taiwan can be said to be the ancestor of the fraud methods in the Chinese speaking region. Almost all the new technologies of fraud gangs are developed in Taiwan, and then the market is expanded.

However, the Mark Six lottery scam, which has been popular in Taiwan for more than 10 years, has almost wiped out the whole of Taiwan.

Among the reports received by the Taiwan police, the largest single amount of such a scam reached NT $20 million.

According to the news, things are as follows:

When a Ying, the person in charge of a high-tech manufacturing company, came home, he received a beautiful poster and a lottery cash bag mailed by the fraud group. He was curious to open it and found that he had actually won a Bentley; Trembling with joy, he went online according to the company’s website provided in the poster. As expected, he found the website of the well-known technology company, and immediately made an international call to this Hong Kong based group.

The fraud group said that it was not convenient for cars to be transported to Taiwan. It told a Ying that it could discount 1.2 million yuan, but 15% of the tax must be remitted first. A Ying had no doubt that after remitting 180000 yuan, the group would have to pay 200000 yuan of membership fee, and claimed that part of the membership fee would help him to invest in Hong Kong Mark Six lottery and American lottery.

The next thing is to kill the pig dish, one knife after another… Finally, it was said that the transferred money won 100 million lottery tickets and had to pay taxes.

After the goods were remitted 21 million yuan in succession, it was found that they were still not enough to receive 100 million yuan of bonus. When they were preparing to mortgage the house, they were discovered by their families and reported to the police.

I want to say that I deserve it!

Do you think I’m lying? Can I still play with this thing? Can you be so stupid?

I, NIMA, felt that this story was not true. Let’s take a look at the news on

How popular is the Mark Six lottery scam in Taiwan? It’s just that people of all ages love to see men and women eat together. It can be said that more than 20 million people in Taiwan have been “cleaned” in a carpet like manner. Moreover, the methods have been constantly innovated, and a group of people have been taken in. By 2016, the Taiwan police had also cracked a family style scratch fraud group, involving a total amount of NT $120 million.

There are only two kinds of people left in Taiwan today:

That is, the swindlers who set up the Mark Six lottery scam to cheat money and the people who were cheated by the Mark Six lottery scam, but some people were deceived and others were not deceived


However, there are two stages for Taiwan’s fraud groups to become bigger and stronger. The first stage was in 2000, when all of them were transformed from traditional fraud to telecom fraud groups. They developed at a rocket like speed. Among them, fake police stations, courts and other organs and aid and other fraud means were the most common.

According to the statistics of Taiwan media, in 2006 alone, fraud groups reached the first peak, and the property losses of Taiwan due to telecommunications fraud reached as high as NT $18.59 billion.

But then the problem came. No matter how many people were cheated in Taiwan, there were only 20 million people. There were only so many people cheated and cheated. The market capacity was limited, and an endless stream of fraudsters finally educated the people of Taiwan to become more and more intelligent. Since 2006, the turnover has started to drop

Too many sickles, not enough leeks

Because even if the Taiwanese are stupid and sweet enough to cheat him 10 times, he will not be fooled 11 times.

Even if he wants to be cheated 11 times, the fraud group must think about it. After 10 times, he has not cheated all his money?

Therefore, the Taiwan fraud group made an important decision!

Comrades, do you remember that since 2006, we have often received telephone calls:

Hey, guess who I am

Yes, it was during this period that Taiwan fraud groups began to fully enter the mainland market!

Did you make it? The large market of 1.4 billion people. If I only find 5% of the customers, it will be bigger than winning the whole Taiwan market. Otherwise, I will lose a lot.

In fact, before 2006, Taiwan fraud syndicates took advantage of the lack of mutual legal assistance agreement between the two sides of the Strait to set up communication rooms in Fujian and other regions to cheat Taiwan by telephone. These groups operate in the name of Taiwanese companies in the mainland. Generally, a company recruits more than 40 people, with strict internal management and distinct levels. With the exception of a small number of supervisors, grass-roots personnel have taken military management measures and strictly restricted their going out.

It was not until 2007 that Taiwan’s procuratorial police caught a number of Taiwanese fraudsters. It was only then that Taiwan businessmen in one street in Fujian were secretly engaged in the “telephone making” industry. The lights here are bright every day and night. There are more than 2000 grass-roots employees, and each person works 12 hours a day.

Soon, along with the enhancement of the immunity of the Taiwan people, the Taiwan fraud pioneer force that came to the mainland discovered that the mainland was very rich, and that any special horse that could not afford tea eggs was deceiving, so… The people of the mainland suffered heavy losses.

Beautiful young women pay a lot of money for their children, transfer of Taobao return and exchange, transfer of ticket return and signature, nude photo threat, fraud by impersonating the public security organs and the law, loan fraud, tax refund fraud for purchasing a house and a car, and student aid fraud… Under the leadership of Taiwan fraud groups, all means are used.

After all, at that time, the Taiwanese had been “educated” by the Taiwan fraud syndicates for decades, and had seen them all. But the Mainlanders had never heard of these new tricks

Well, I’m not saying that all the 1.4 billion people in the mainland are white lotus. They are all good people. Many people have seen that Taiwan fraud groups have made money and started to learn. However, in the business of fraud, Taiwan fraud groups are particularly willing to study and have special talents.

According to statistics around 2016, only 20% of the total Telecom fraud cases were committed by telecom fraud criminal gangs with Taiwanese as the backbone

However, the number of Taiwanese is only 1 / 70 of the number of mainlanders, but it accounts for 1 / 5 of the business volume.

The focus is on the latter. In terms of the losses caused to the mainland, Taiwan fraud groups account for more than 50%

Taiwan’s fraud groups have kept pace with the times and achieved good results. Most of the major and important cases with more than 10 million yuan were implemented by Taiwan’s fraud groups. The peak was in 2016, when they pretended to be the procurator general of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and carried out telecommunications fraud through wechat, totally defrauding more than 18 million yuan from a female professor surnamed Huang.

In fact, we are familiar with this routine today. The suspect informed the female professor that the credit card was stolen through the chat software, and then transferred it to the fake criminal police to obtain a series of information such as the ID card number by querying the consumption records.

The female professor has been in the ivory tower all the time. Where did she see this? She was fooled into a daze

After that, the fraud Gang pretended to be the leader of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and talked with the female professor on the phone, telling the victim that he was suspected of money laundering and that he should cooperate with the asset inventory; Then a group of fake staff members applied for fake wechat accounts to add friends to each other, and brainwashed female professors through communication software

Female professors have been teaching at Tsinghua University for many years, but they do not have much money. In order to prove their innocence, they borrow money from relatives and friends everywhere. In July and August, she remitted about 20 million yuan in six times. She didn’t wake up until her family woke her up.

Finally, some of the stolen money was withdrawn in Taiwan. After investigation, only more than 200000 yuan was recovered


In this regard, the mainland has also carried out a series of key crackdown actions. The most obvious one was the inter ministerial Joint Conference on combating and controlling new types of illegal crimes in telecommunications networks in 2009, which focused on 7 items, such as impersonating the boss of the underworld, impersonating the customer service of e-commerce, impersonating the rich woman to ask for a child, extorting money in PS nude photos, guessing who I am and who I am your leader, stealing social software to impersonate relatives, and pretending to be customer service to return and change tickets, And achieved a series of results.

The reason why Taiwan’s fraud groups finally started to internationalize is that the signing of the agreement on mutual legal assistance and joint crackdown on crime across the Taiwan Strait has started to work together to combat telecommunications fraud, which makes Taiwan’s fraud groups feel that they can not survive in the mainland. Therefore, since 2009, Taiwan’s fraud groups have started to actively expand overseas. They have mainly moved to two places, one is Africa and the other is Southeast Asia.

After arriving overseas in a state of almost anarchy, Taiwan’s fraud groups no longer have any worries, because no one cares at all, and their business soars!

Especially in 2010, because a large number of mainland people came to Taiwan for tourism, UnionPay cards opened the ATM in Taiwan to directly withdraw cash. More than 16000 ATMs in Taiwan have opened this function, and a single withdrawal can reach 10000 yuan per day.

This has become a good news for fraudsters, greatly reducing the difficulty of fraud. As long as you can get the data of the UnionPay card, you can immediately send the data back to Taiwan to make a duplicate card, and you can go to the ATM to swipe.

Therefore, since 2011, the average annual growth rate of mainland Telecom fraud cases has been more than 70%; On average, the amount of fraud is 10 billion yuan every year, and in 2015, it increased to more than 20 billion yuan. This shows that Taiwan’s fraud groups are crazy.

Around 2015, the collectivization, industrialization and internationalization of Taiwan’s fraud business reached a high level, and finally reached about 100000 employees

We are in the essay | back stabbing the United States, does India want to de dollarize? The first article in Chinese says that the fraud industry is also very developed in India, creating US $28 billion in foreign exchange every year. But there is one characteristic in India. Generally speaking, Indians do not cheat Indians. First, Indians do not have money, and second, India can speak English. Therefore, they all target the English speaking countries of the five eye alliance. As a result, as many as 56 million people in the United States have been cheated by telephone, most of which are done by Indians.

But what the Taiwanese are good at is speaking… Chinese. In addition, the local people in Taiwan have been cleaned by them, so they focus on the mainland with impunity.


Why can Taiwan’s fraud groups flourish like this?

Because the Taiwan authorities basically do not care, and are completely laissez faire about fraud business!

After the Taiwan fraud Gang is caught, it is not called “extradition” to return to Taiwan, it is called “rescue” to return to Taiwan.

According to Taiwan’s “false penalty” in 2014, the maximum penalty for fraud is five years’ imprisonment. That is to say, even if one billion yuan has been defrauded, and one billion yuan has been spent, if one dies, he will be sentenced to five years’ imprisonment.

Generally, the sentence is not more than five years. The most serious sentence is three years’ imprisonment. Those involving 5 million yuan of fraud are often several months’ imprisonment

In 2016, the well-known fraud case of the four Chen brothers in Taiwan used the “account freeze” as a way to deceive mainlanders. Hundreds of people were victimized, and the amount of money they won was more than 5 million yuan. Finally, the evidence was conclusive and they were arrested. Finally, the Taoyuan District was sentenced to only about five months

This is not bad. In most cases, after the Taiwan authorities “rescue” the fraud Gang back to Taiwan, they immediately release it because of “insufficient evidence”. The fraudsters can hold a celebration banquet in the hotel that night. They really do not think they have committed a crime, but seem to have done something to honor their ancestors.

From 2009 to 2013, when the mainland caught Taiwan fraudsters, they were generally repatriated to Taiwan. As a result, after more than 6000 fraudsters were repatriated to Taiwan, only 500 people were convicted.

If you think about it, Taiwanese who have been poisoned by colonial education for a long time will face the opportunity to earn 5 million a year. Even if they are arrested, they will be imprisoned for several months. Moreover, there is a high probability that nothing will happen. Of course, it is the people of Wuyang who do this.

Then why should the Taiwan authorities connive at fraud gangs?

First of all, Taiwan drug addicts like Cai Ni think that the swindlers are mainland people anyway. They can also export to earn foreign exchange and deepen cross-strait conflicts. Why not?

Secondly, the most powerful fraud syndicates in Taiwan all have triad backgrounds. The Chen brothers we just mentioned are only small-scale private fights. If they were big triad gangs, their relationships would be intertwined. If they had been properly handled, they would not have been imprisoned for five months. They were directly released because of “insufficient evidence.”.

The Taiwan authorities, especially the Democratic Progressive Party, have inextricably intertwined relations with Taiwan’s underworld. In other words, the underworld itself is the most iron political ally of the Democratic Progressive Party.

In 1984, Liu Yiliang, a Chinese American writer who was an informer of the US FBI, was regarded as “insulting the head of state” because he published books describing the inside story of the Taiwan authorities. The Taiwan authorities directly found the triad United Bamboo Gang that had cooperative relations with them, and let the triad go to the United States to shoot Liu Yiliang

After this incident was exposed by the American media, it caused a great stir, because Liu Yiliang’s pen name is Jiangnan, also known as the Jiangnan case.

The Jiangnan case quickly made headlines in the global media, and it was uncovered that the relationship between the Taiwan authorities and the Mafia coexisted.

How close is the relationship between the Taiwan authorities and the underworld?

In 2003, the father of the leader of Taiwan’s Songlian Gang died of illness. At the funeral, Chen Shui Bian, the then puppet governor, personally came to offer his condolences, and in his own name, he sent a token of “Ji Hou Yi Hui.”.

Do you think that the DPP is trying to make money for the underworld?

No, no, no, no, it’s the underworld that is trying to make the DPP look good.

In that year, the leader of the niupu gang in Taiwan died of illness. At the public memorial ceremony, the most conspicuous place to hang is the elegiac couplet sent by Chen Shui Bian and Annette Lu. The main members of the black boss’s “funeral committee” are senior government officials. The first chairman is Wang Jinping, President of Taiwan’s pseudo legislature.

On his obituary, the chairmen of all political parties were listed on the list, and the names of legislators and city councillors in Taipei’s electoral districts were all listed on the list

Well, if someone is missed by the underworld, he will feel that he is not valued by the organization

The relationship between Taiwan’s puppet government and the underworld has a long history. We can’t finish it in a few thousand words. We will talk about it later. Anyway, Liao Zhenghao, Taiwan’s puppet chief justice, once said:

Among the puppet people’s deputies at the provincial and municipal levels in Taiwan, 25% have Mafia background, 20% of the puppet people’s deputies at the central level, and 286 of the more than 850 puppet people’s deputies at the county and municipal levels have a black background.

Only if we can enjoy the freedom of the underworld can we get along well in Taiwan.

Zhou Bolun, a senior leader of the Democratic Progressive Party, said: of the more than 100 legislators in the Legislative Yuan, who does not know the underworld?

Look, all these things


What about Tsai ing Wen?

It goes without saying that they are of course “good friends and best friends” of Taiwan’s gangsters!

In 2021, when investigating a telecommunications fraud case, the Taiwan police found that many drivers who helped the fraud group collect money were part-time drug traffickers. When tracing the source, they found that they were all connected with one person, namely Zhao Jieyou.

Who is Zhao Jieyou? The son of Zhao Yingguang, convener of the jury of the DPP Taipei municipal Party department, this second ancestor not only has been involved in criminal activities and drugs, but also has an identity as Tsai ing Wen’s campaign adviser.

This matter was rapidly fermented, and finally formed the DPP’s involvement in the black storm in 2021. Under the control of Tsai ing Wen’s opposition party, the media started a lot of dirty things.

Many high-level figures of the Democratic Progressive Party were exposed to have close ties with the Zhao family, while Huang Chengguo, who is the backstage of the Zhao family and has a triad background, was placed in an important position by Tsai ing Wen as a member of the Central Standing Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party and an adviser to the Tsai office.

In fact, as early as Cai Ni came to power, the DPP actively developed rumors of triads joining the party at the grass-roots level. In particular, Cai Ni won re-election with the highest vote in history, and the triads were even more fearless. The police and bandits were one family, and the DPP also became the protective umbrella of the triads

You see, with such a group of things, Cai Ni was originally a member of the underworld behind the fraud syndicate. How can we deal with them?

A considerable part of the money swindled by these fraud groups will become Cai Ni’s political contributions

In May 2021, an instructor Yang of the Songshan branch of the Taipei police, who was drunk, fought with members of the four seas gang of the underworld. After being violently beaten by the underworld, he chased him all the way to the Songshan branch and hid.

The underworld ran to the police station and couldn’t find anyone. They openly broke into the Zhonglun police station on the first floor, shouting and wantonly smashing computers and other public facilities. After the incident, the police not only failed to deal with the gangsters, but also deleted the key 96 second surveillance screen. After the incident was exposed, the police station unexpectedly arranged instructor Yang and the four seas gang to shake hands and make peace outside the police station, and openly staged a black and white family in the media.

Therefore, it is impossible to expect them to crack down on fraud syndicates


But since 2016, things have changed.

The Kenyan police found a large number of electronic communication equipment suspected of being used for telecommunication fraud in a local residence, and arrested 28 and 22 Taiwan fraud gangs twice. Because the victims were all mainland people, in April 2017, at the request of the Chinese police, all the criminals were extradited to the mainland.

The Taiwan authorities have again shamelessly protested that they have violated Taiwan’s human rights and tried to rescue the fraud Gang, but no one paid any attention to them.

In 2017, the mainland made a first instance judgment on Zhang Kaimin and other Taiwanese in the extraordinarily large cross-border telecommunications fraud case. Among them, Zhang Kaimin, the main suspect, was sentenced to 15 years of fixed-term imprisonment, while others were sentenced to 14 years of fixed-term imprisonment to 1 year and 9 months, and were deprived of political rights and fined

This time, they finally want to eat in prison in the mainland.

Since 2016, about 300 Taiwan fraud gangs have been extradited from Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia to the mainland to start their own transformation career

Since then, more and more people have been extradited. Because Taiwan’s fraud syndicates have a growing appetite and want to expand the market after they go overseas, they hire local people to cheat locally, leading to a high incidence of fraud cases. After they are arrested and extradited to Taiwan, they all have nothing to settle.

Foreign governments are not stupid either. After a few times, they are not stupid. As long as they catch Taiwan fraud gangs and hand them over to the mainland, they are eager to kill them

This scene makes Taiwan’s fraud gangs heartbreak, that is, they no longer have a protective umbrella. However, in the face of such high profits, there are still a large number of criminal gangs willing to take risks. After all, the mainland market is too big

In 2018, when studying the criminal methods of fraud syndicates, a professor of the Taiwan Police University sighed that the people of the mainland “have been cheated for ten years, but they are still very easy to cheat” and “except for the northwest, almost every province is a big fat sheep”

Moreover, these Taiwan fraud gangs are all overseas. What should we do?


The ultimate solution is to enhance anti fraud means and enhance the people’s awareness of anti fraud.

In 2021, the national anti fraud center app was launched and soon became the first in the list of major app stores.

In order to promote anti fraud app, how hard does the country make it?

Anyway, I attend the parents’ meeting of the children’s school. Every time, there are anti fraud app propaganda pages on the table. The teacher wants to promote the anti fraud app to the parents of the whole class. This publicity is really unprecedented.

In fact, the mobile phone I bought last year has been pre installed from the beginning

In many areas, the tasks are almost assigned. All channel communities and village committees of shopping malls have been repeatedly promoted in the form of carpets, and even the staff went door-to-door to explain. In 2021, the public security organs carried out a total of 15000 thematic publicity, sent 3.62 billion public welfare messages, and the national anti fraud center app has issued 230 million early warnings to the masses, and accepted 11.1 million clues from the masses

This is almost a people’s war against telephone fraud.

What are the results?

The most effective role of the anti fraud app is to intercept overseas fraud calls. In less than one year, it has successfully intercepted 1.95 billion fraud calls, 2.14 billion short messages, and 2.106 million fraudulent domain name websites.

The most direct impact is the exponential decline in the incidence of fraud cases!

That’s it. In a fraud gang of 100000 people, 19500 calls were made by 1.95 billion people

Of course, the achievements of anti fraud are not only the credit of anti fraud app, but also the heavy fist attack of the Ministry of public security on typical fraud in the past four years. Special actions such as Yunjian, the Great Wall, breaking card, breaking flow and 510 have been taken one after another. From June last year to April this year, the anti fraud campaign of cluster type has been carried out 150 times. The public security has made 10 times more efforts to crack down on Taiwan’s fraud gangs

Then in May, operators in Zhejiang, Henan and other regions directly shut down answering international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan calls by default, unless the user really needs to do so again.

This move directly killed the Taiwan fraud syndicate, because they could not make a phone call. How could they still work?

Over the past year, the anti fraud ability of the mainland has been slowly rising. Taiwan’s fraud syndicates still want to cheat the people of the mainland. It is really difficult.

What should I do?

Will the 100000 working population lose their jobs?

Of course not. How can a living person be suffocated by urine? The Taiwan fraud group soon formulated a new strategy:

Counter attack Taiwan, go all out to cultivate the Taiwan market and expand Taiwan users!

Well, do you know what this means?

In the past, 100000 people wanted to cut 1.4 billion leeks, but now the number of users has shrunk by 95%. 100000 people gathered in Taiwan to cut 23 million leeks

If the Taiwan fraud group still wants to maintain an annual income of 20 billion yuan, it will have to cheat every Taiwanese for 1000 yuan to ensure that the sales volume will not drop. The time is tight and the task is heavy. The fraud group has begun to work hard.

However, the advantage of this is that the Taiwan authorities have always connived at fraud syndicates and have not given them light sentences. Although the workload has increased, it is almost a zero risk job.

So we saw a magical scene:

In 2021, there were 1073 fraud cases involving fake government agencies on the island, an increase of 37% over the same period of last year. The amount of financial loss was 710 million yuan, an increase of 32% over the same period of last year. Nearly 70% of the elderly over 60 years old.

What about 2022?

Taiwan’s United Daily reported in July that 1330 cases occurred in the first half of the year alone, defrauding the public of 3.1 billion yuan!

The index level rose, which exceeded 120% of the whole year in half a year. Do you think the bull is breaking off!?!?

In these months:

Ke Wenzhe, the son of the puppet mayor of Taipei, was cheated by 150000;

Weng bozong, vice chairman of jingtv, was defrauded of 3.58 million yuan;

Taiwan actress Lian Jingwen was cheated 6.8 million yuan;

Taiwan star Zhou Yumin and his wife Yu Hongyuan were defrauded of 34.47 million yuan;


Forgive me, seeing this scene, I laughed unkindly and gave a pig cry

I really sympathize with the people of Taiwan, but I remember that when the fraud Gang caught in Kenya was extradited to the mainland, Taiwan’s famous talkers clamored that they would fly fighter planes to rescue them


However, this is only the beginning. What is more interesting is that last year, we did a devastating blow to the fraud syndicates in Southeast Asia, especially Cambodia?

At least ten thousand fraud gangs have returned to China and surrendered themselves. As a result, there are a lot of gaps in the Cambodian market.

Taiwan’s fraud syndicates are smiling. Well, their opportunity has finally come. Therefore, a large number of Taiwanese are encouraged to go to Cambodia for employment. This is the scene we just mentioned. From January to June of 2022 alone, 6400 Taiwanese went to Cambodia

The advertisements issued by the Taiwan fraud group are very tempting and generally realized as follows:

Super high salary, no education, no work experience, no professional skills, and a monthly salary of NT $70000 when you come. If you work overtime, you can get up to NT $100000. If you want us dollars, that’s no problem!

Including three meals a day, snacks, round-trip air ticket reimbursement, absolute two-day rest, paid annual leave, living in high-end communities.

If you can bring one person here, you can give a reward of NT $100000

In fact, as I said before, Taiwan’s fraud syndicates have long reaped a round of leeks in the form of carpets in Taiwan. As long as a person who understands the advertisement, he will understand that this kind of work was done for the fraud syndicate in the past.

But some Taiwanese do not think so. They think:

Wow, I can finally make a sickle. I want to harvest the leeks in the mainland. I want to make a fortune!

They are so naive!

That’s a beautiful thought

Because the mainland’s anti fraud work is steadily developing, how can we cut leeks?

In Southeast Asia, the fraud group told them with a smile:

Want to make leeks? You are leek!

They had a very painful nightmare

The fraud group received the employees from the airport and immediately sent them to the building in the West Port of Cambodia for independent and strict management.

The warm and considerate Taiwanese compatriots became vicious on that day, and were immediately beaten, abused and sexually assaulted… When they wanted to escape, the Taiwanese compatriots would break the knees of the fleeing people, and would ask other people to watch around to make an example.

The fraud syndicate has no money to cheat, and has engaged in kidnapping, organ picking, and murder. The target is this group of people who dream of making a fortune

If you want to return to Taiwan, you must ask your family to pay a ransom of more than US $30000. Otherwise, you will be abused day and night.

Last month, more than a dozen hostages reached a deal with the fraud group to redeem their freedom with us $170000. But another group called five times the price and asked to resell it to them.

Taiwan media further disclosed on the 14th that it was worse than cheating Cambodia. In northern Myanmar, human trafficking groups accelerated the sale of pigs there, directly picked up organs on the ship without being redeemed, and then threw the corpses into the sea

Really, it’s too sad. I won’t write it. I can refer to the blood slave case I wrote.

Thousands of Taiwan compatriots were kidnapped to northern Myanmar. What did the Taiwan authorities do?

Taiwan media reported on the 13th that a person who assisted in the rescue disclosed that when he asked the Foreign Affairs Department of the Democratic Progressive Party authorities for help on the rescue issue, the other party was very perfunctory: please call the local police.

But is it useful to call the police?

A Taiwanese sister was cheated to Cambodia and suspected of being sexually assaulted. After receiving the rescue message, her brother immediately went to the Taiwan police to report to the police. As a result, the Taiwan police who received him said: your sister just goes out to make money and makes too much money. She doesn’t want to come back!

That is to say, no one cares at all. Now the entire DPP is busy defending Lin Zhijian, a former Taoyuan mayor candidate whose master’s thesis has been certified as plagiarized. Tsai ing Wen even issued a so-called mobilization order, asking all DPP members to unite and clarify for Lin Zhijian; Cai Ni didn’t say a word about the fraud because she didn’t care about it at all.

In fact, the backstage of the Taiwan fraud syndicate is its political ally. Why should it manage?

Recently, some of the Taiwanese who were cheated have been rescued by the Chinese embassy. As for whether they will appreciate it… I don’t know.

But I’m really saved. I can’t help it if I don’t

Taiwan’s fraud syndicates have only just begun to get involved. After all, there are 100000 employees in the mainland. They can not find a market in the mainland. They can only concentrate on cutting leeks in Taiwan.

The consequences… It would be quite sour

In the future, Taiwan compatriots will have a large army of 100000 scouts. It is estimated that they will have to endure hardship. It is estimated that it will be very difficult to protect their own money bags…. however, it will not last long, because reunification will be achieved in a few years.

Many friends say that if we want to liberate Taiwan, it is a good strategy to make Taiwan poor and poor. Let’s not say whether this strategy is right or not today. But do you still remember the pineapple incident that made a lot of noise last year?

In 2021, Taiwan’s pineapples to the mainland sold 360 million yuan, while Taiwan’s fraud group earned 20 billion yuan in 2016 alone… Nearly 50 times that of pineapples.

So, be careful about everything. Don’t be fooled by Taiwan’s fraud syndicates

Can Taiwan’s “road of income generation” dry up


Therefore, when you get a call from “guess who I am”, you can tell it in its hometown dialect:

Rabbit is so cute, how can I eat rabbit!!

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