After careful consideration, I am extremely afraid that trump has mastered the details of macron’s private life!

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After the FBI “home theft incident”, the outside world was very interested in how much confidential information trump took away, and what was more interesting was what was unknown in these materials?

Unexpectedly, French President macron was the first to be shot lying down. On August 29, the website of Rolling Stone magazine of the United States published an article saying: according to two sources, trump once boasted to his closest aides that he understood French President macron’s “private details of sexual life”.

Trump also said that he learned about it through a briefing given by the US “intelligence service” to the president.

According to the list of classified documents taken during the “home raiding” at the Haihu manor released by the FBI, one of the documents marked “1A” was described as “information related: the president of France”.

At present, it is impossible to confirm whether Trump’s statement is directly related to the “1A” document, but the French side is quite upset about this matter and is investigating it.

Since macron’s personal privacy is involved, the French Foreign Ministry told rolling stone that they do not ask the Biden administration to provide information related to classified documents found from the Haihu manor.

In addition, Grisham, Trump’s former press secretary, revealed the day before yesterday that when trump once saw the news of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau on TV, he talked to her about Trudeau’s mother’s private life. His words were very rude, which made her extremely embarrassed.

Trudeau’s mother Margaret was only 22 years old when she married old Trudeau, and the husband and wife were 30 years apart (married in 1971 and divorced in 1983). During her marriage, Margaret often lingered in nightclubs all night long, with incessant scandals. The male protagonists included rock stars, Kennedy’s brother, Castro of Cuba

The CIA should have collected a lot of “evidence” about her affair, but these are top secret materials.

The problem is that the old man who knows Wang likes to chat with people as gossip.

Therefore, it is very likely that king Zhiwang will take away some private materials about the leader of the ally.

Whether trump, the “gossip king”, broke the law is a matter within the United States. The question is, why should US intelligence agencies collect the personal privacy of allies?

Since we are rock solid allies, we should trust each other. However, Americans are obviously using this trust to get under the bed of others.

Like macron, even if he takes a big top from his bed, what does it have to do with the United States? Is it not the secret details of macron in his bed that the United States has.

It has not been a year or two for the Americans to do this kind of indiscriminate thing. They just want to hold the “handle” of their allies. When there is a political need, they will take it out to blackmail the other side, and if the other side does not comply, they will expose it.

Why are allies always hurt? Because the “enemy” of the United States will not give the United States the opportunity to steal secrets, and we should guard against it as well as thieves, while our allies are “our door is always open”.

Macron’s case is extremely frightening.

Having sex is just a personal matter, and the French won’t care if macron is cheating or concealing his sexuality.

But what if it involves the grey income of Western politicians, corruption, bribery, drug abuse, power money trading and other problems? The United States has a solid hammer (evidence). Once it offends the United States, the other side will have to peel off its skin if it does not die.

For example, on July 27, 1976, Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka was arrested for taking bribes in the “Lockheed incident”.

Who “fed” Lockheed’s evidence of bribery to Japanese political circles to the media? This is the CIA.

This directly caused the collapse of Tanaka’s cabinet, and the real reason was that he was too close to China, which was not in the interests of the United States.

Lockheed is, after all, an American company, and it is not surprising that it handed over the evidence.

But what is more serious is that intelligence personnel such as the CIA can sit in the computer room to analyze and sort out the “evidence” of the other side.

Because of the progress of communication technology, the United States doesn’t have to be so tired to steal things.

A few days ago, I wrote that Antony Blinken publicly accused the Paraguayan vice president of corruption. The next day, the vice president resigned, which scared other Paraguayan politicians.

Some people say that if the vice president of Paraguay “acts correctly and sits upright”, he will not be afraid of the United States. The problem still lies with him.

What about Lula, the former president of Brazil? He was not afraid of American extortion. As a result, the Brazilian court convicted him based on the “evidence” fed by the United States, which changed the political pattern of Brazil.

To demand political figures in capitalist society by “acting correctly and sitting upright” is too idealistic empty talk divorced from the objective environment.

How did Austrian Chancellor Kurtz step down last year?

Kurtz ended his political career at the age of 35 because the people’s party under his leadership was suspected of buying the media and publishing opinion polls conducive to the election of the people’s party. As the party chairman, he could not have been unaware of this.

Most of the evidence held by the Austrian prosecution, including e-mail exchanges, fund flows, call records and so on, came from the intelligence agencies of a certain country.

In 2019, Austrian Deputy Prime Minister strach was secretly photographed chatting with a blonde woman in a villa on Ibiza, Spain.

Strach (Liberal Party) resigned and the coalition government collapsed, but Kurtz became prime minister after re-election.

Kurtz is not pro China and pro Russia, but he is not anti China and anti Russia. Although his country is small, he has considerable independence in foreign affairs. The United States and the European Union regard him as a thorn in the side.

What is the difference between “details of macron’s sexual life” and the fact that Austrian political figures were secretly photographed, phone records were stolen, and e-mail contents were stolen?

You are young, your support rate is high, and your popularity is exploding? Disobedience, even buying the media to publish favorable opinion polls, is a crime. What Western politician did not bribe the media to conduct opinion polls during the election Hillary Clinton and Biden are not the same.

From these measures of the United States, we can see why British Prime Minister Johnson, Australian Prime Minister Morrison and Lithuanian President nauseda completely ignore the interests of their own people,

Anti China has gone crazy

? If they do not, they will not only step down, but may go to prison.

Finnish Prime Minister Marin not only went to nightclubs every other day, but also brought men and women to the prime minister’s official residence for a passionate night.

She said she didn’t take drugs, but who knows how much black stuff she has in the United States? Her task is to change Finland’s neutral policy that has been adhered to for decades and apply for membership in NATO. Otherwise, I’ll do as I see fit.

At the same time, we can “understand” why US intelligence agencies have to monitor the mobile phones, e-mails, call contents and bed things of the leaders of allies time and again.

Germany is one of the most important targets of US surveillance. Merkel has been in power for 16 years and spent almost every day in surveillance.

After Snowden broke the “prism plan”, Obama came out to pretend to appease Germany.

However, the United States did not stop. In May last year, it was revealed that Danish intelligence agents helped the US National Security Agency (NSA) to monitor Merkel, German President Steinmeier, opposition leader steinbruck (Social Democratic Party) and other political figures, as well as French political figures, through submarine optical cables, computer back doors, mobile phone back doors and other channels.

The monitoring of Merkel in the United States has reached such a stage that it is almost impossible to install a camera on her bed to master her mobile phone calls, short messages, chat software, log in website records, search records, emails and other contents.

Which political figure can withstand such monitoring? Merkel is pretty good. She doesn’t have any problems such as drug abuse, adultery and corruption.

But what about German politicians after Merkel? I’m afraid it will be pinched to death by the United States.

Some people’s abilities do not match their positions at all, and they do not even need work experience, but they can ascend to high positions. This is very strange. What is even more strange is that he has served the interests of the United States from the beginning, and he only uses “defending values” to cover up his abnormality.

Germany or France, if they want to get rid of the CIA’s fierce entanglement, there is only one way: choose Huawei equipment.

Once Western politicians all use the equipment of China’s communication technology enterprises, the tools of old thieves to pry the door will be abandoned, and countries can return to the normal political ecology of serving their own interests.

Huawei will not provide a “back door” for the United States like apple, Cisco and Google, which claim to be “not evil”. In fact, European countries, including the United Kingdom, know Huawei’s security, but they are afraid of the means of the United States.

It is not because Huawei is not safe, but because Huawei is too safe that the United States is willing to kill.

No country can overestimate the moral bottom line of the United States, let alone underestimate its ability to do evil.

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