After “castration” in Europe and America, the new “G8” has become a new hope for mankind to rise up!

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Author: north wind source: beifengxuelin (id:beifengxuelin)

The BRICs foreign ministers’ meeting presided over by foreign minister Wangyi put forward to the world for the first time an invitation for capacity expansion of BRICs countries.

The expansion of the BRICs is the common demand of the five countries of “China, Russia, India, south Pakistan”. At that time, many readers did not realize what role the “expansion of the BRICs” could play in the struggle against the US empire?


Less than a month later, the chairman of the Russian Duma, Vladimir volokin, publicly proposed that China and Russia should lead the establishment of a new “G8” to deal with the hegemony and destruction of the world’s political economy by European and American hegemony.

The proposal of the new “G8” clearly points out a clear road map for the “BRICs expansion” a month ago.

Can the new “G8” led by China and Russia bring the “G7” led by the United States to the throne?

1. From G7 to G8, Europe and America dominate the world!

In the past decades, the leaders of the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan have met almost every year to hold a “summit”, which is the G7 summit.

In the framework of western public opinion hegemony, it has always been believed that the G7 can determine “world events” and the direction of world economy and politics.

However, few people know that G7 was an “economic emergency organization” in its early days.

In the 1970s, because of the geopolitical conflicts in the Middle East and the U.S. economic crisis, international oil prices soared and inflation exploded in various countries.

In such a harsh economic environment, the seven countries with the largest global GDP decided to establish the “G7” as a consultation platform for governments to deal with the energy crisis and economic crisis.

Therefore, the harsh geographical conflict and economic crisis environment are the basis for the birth of the “new international organization” and the overthrow of the old monarchy.


After more than a decade of development, the G7 summit has begun to intervene in more and more international affairs, which has long gone beyond the scope of “economic coordination”.

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia showed a “strong desire” for rapid political and economic integration into the West.

So in the same year of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia became a dialogue country of the “G7” and became a full member of the “G7” in 1997.

In 1997, the “G7” led by Europe and the United States officially became the “G8” led by the United States.

In 1997, the United States completed the harvest of Russia with “shock therapy” and Japan with “Plaza Agreement” in the 1990s, and has begun to operate the “Southeast Asian currency crash” to prepare for the harvest of Southeast Asian economies.

In 1997, the United States truly realized the “single superpower” after World War II and “hegemonic deterrence” against the world as the only superpower.

The “three shames of diplomacy” that China encountered in the 1990s also occurred in this period.

Therefore, more than ten years after the successful incorporation of Russia, the “G7” led by the United States has indeed achieved its dominance in the international political, economic and military fields.

From the establishment of the G7 in the 1970s to China becoming the main engine of world economic growth, the G8 has indeed played a leading role in international economic development.

II. From G8 to G7, the decline of American hegemony

Many people say that the decline of the G7 began when Russia was kicked out of the “G8 group”, and the actual decline was much earlier.

In 2009, during his first visit to central China after taking office, Obama put forward the initiative of “G2 dominating the world” to China.

Fortunately, China’s decision-makers have not been fooled by the United States, a sugar coated shell that “China and the United States jointly rule the world”. In the “G2 framework” of the United States, it is hoped that China’s industrial chain and the high-tech industry of the United States will be set as a “fence”, so that the United States will always seize the “high-end profits” of the world’s industrial chain, and China will always be a “provider of low-end intensive industries and cheap industrial products”.

Therefore, the “G2” proposed by the United States is a “lock-in” of China’s development ceiling and scientific and technological potential.

As long as China agrees to “incorporate” and abandon industrial upgrading and national income growth, the United States will absorb us into the “G8” group led by him.

With China’s accession, the “G8” group will be able to “say one thing” about the world’s political economy.

After China refused to be incorporated, from the US subprime mortgage crisis in 2008 to the European debt crisis in 2010, as well as the global climate negotiations, the G8 group found that their control over the world economy and contribution to the growth of the world economy could hardly compare with that of China.

Therefore, from 2008 to 2014, the “G8” group maintained its apparent “influence” on major international events.

In 2014, after the Crimean crisis broke out, Russia recovered Crimea, and the Obama administration led the “G8 group” to reform Russia.

From 1997 to 2014, the “G8” group, which has maintained for 17 years, cut off the toughest branches and returned to “G7”.

The G7 group after 2014 was not the “world economic engine” in the 1970s.

Not to mention that China has become the second largest country in the world with a GDP infinitely close to that of the United States. The GDP of India, Indonesia, South Korea and other countries have exceeded that of Italy and Canada in the G7.

Without the “consent” of China and Russia, the international political and economic “measures” discussed at the G7 summit from 2015 to 2014 have changed from decisions to initiatives, and have no “one word” influence on the vast majority of developing countries in the world.

From 2018 to 2020, US President trump has become the “gravedigger of the G7 summit”.

In 2018, US President trump publicly refused to sign the joint statement, showing the tearing of the “G7” and the us out of control over the “G7” to the world.

In 2019, the rift between the United States and Europe continued, and the summit achieved few results. However, all parties compromised and issued a joint statement. However, the “summit leading the world” actually had only one page in the statement. Apart from “diplomatic rhetoric”, there was no dry goods.


In 2020, European leaders rejected Trump’s invitation to the United States for a meeting on the grounds of the COVID-19, and the US offline summit was forced to cancel.

The G7 has lost its role as a “global engine” in economy, and has fallen into a situation of “no consensus, open tearing” in politics. Its “influence” on the world has dropped to an all-time low.

III. establish a new “G8”, a direction of BRICs capacity expansion

In 2021, after the Biden administration took office, it still made painstaking efforts in global diplomacy and “uniting traditional allies”.

At the G7 summit in 2021, the United States showed the world its intention of “possible capacity expansion of the G7” by inviting South Korea, Australia, India and South Africa.

However, this is only the “political stance” of the United States, which does not give any “favorable policies” or “roadmap for capacity expansion” to the four countries.

Except that South Korea has developed into a “goalkeeper of developed countries”, India and South Africa are “emerging economies” and representatives of developing countries. They have inherent conflicts with the interests of the “old aristocrats” such as the G7.


The BRICs countries, from the beginning of this concept, are the abbreviations of the five “emerging economies” of China, Russia, Brazil, South Africa and India.

In recent years, after the economic development of Brazil and Russia stagnated, many people put forward the concept of “fading of the BRICs”.

I think these people hold the view that “the BRICs are fading” because the pattern is not high enough. They only see these five countries.

Foreign Minister Wangyi’s “BRICs expansion” this time shows that the “BRICs countries” are not “exclusive and closed-loop” of the five countries, but an alliance representing the interests of “emerging economies” and the overwhelming majority of developing countries.

The “new G8” proposed by the president of the Russian Duma this time refers to China, Russia, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Iran and Turkey.

Of course, the actual candidates are South Africa, Egypt and Argentina.

These countries have three distinct characteristics.

First, these 11 countries are not members of the “G7” of the old capital aristocracy in the west, but they are members of the “G20” of a wider range. Both the population and the economic size are “heavy”. Not counting the three candidate countries, the total GDP of the “new G8” proposed by the president of the Russian Duma is more than 20% more than that of the “G7” led by the United States.

Second, the new G8 far surpasses the old G7 countries in terms of “the geographical voice of all continents or hot spots”.

In the old G7, the United States and Canada represent Western Europe in North America, Britain, France, Germany and Italy, and Japan represents the extension of East Asia supported by the United States. Such a “seven Nation Alliance” simply does not represent all continents and hot spots in the world.

In the “new G8” led by China and Russia, China, India and Indonesia represent East and South Asia, Iran, Turkey represent the Middle East, Mexico represent North America, Brazil, Argentina represent South America, and South Africa and Egypt represent Africa. These are countries that have a “special voice” in various regions.

Third, whether it is the “G8” cited by Russia, or South Africa, Egypt and Argentina waiting for election, another feature is that they have a certain degree of autonomy in “politics and economy”, and also show dissatisfaction and resistance to the “old imperial hegemony” of Europe and the United States.

Therefore, these countries are not selected because they have “anti American complex”, but because they have “anti American gene”, so that their countries can obtain “more development space” in the “hegemonic system” dominated by Europe and the United States.

After the COVID-19, global geopolitical conflicts occurred frequently, not only the crisis in Ukraine, but also wars in the Middle East and Africa every day.

As the international oil price once again reached the highest level in history, after the inflation in Europe and the United States was unstoppable, the four crises of geography, economy, energy and food were superimposed, reaching the “critical point of reshuffle”.

In the 1970s, under similar international situations and economic and energy crises, the G7 was born and has become the world economic development engine for decades.

However, the “g 7” in the new century has become an old aristocrat who has absorbed the global “development dividend”, and does not want to create, but only wants to harvest and suppress emerging economies, just like the “old eunuch” who has been “castrated” and wants to frame Zhongliang all day.

The “new G8” proposed by Russia this time may have contradictions among countries, and it may not take a day to form an alliance.


However, when the four major crises of global geography, economy, energy and food have “sprouted”, according to the two characteristics of “anti hegemonic gene” and “political and economic independence”, we can look for countries that meet the characteristics of the “new G8” in the world.

Europe and the United States have been “castrated” for a long time, and the development of human economy and society has also fallen into stagnation.

The first thing human beings should do to pursue a happier life and a brighter future is to rise up the “new G8”!

The “new G8” led by China and Russia is a new hope for mankind to rise up!

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